Racha 5 days collections AP

Star Ram Charan Teja’s Racha is doing stunning business at the box-office setting out new records. Due to the holiday season, and youngsters thronging to theaters Racha is earning good figures. The film directed by Sampath Nandi and produced by NV Prasad, Paras Jain under Mega Super Good Films banner has Tamanna as the leading lady. Here is the areawise Racha share for the first days.

Area 5 Days Share Crores)

Nizam 6.40

Ceded 4.80

Nellore 1.01

Krishna 1.40

Guntur 2.50

Vizag 1.89

East Godavari 1.56

West Godavari 1.36

5 Days Share for AP 20.92

Mega Clarification on Those Dialogues

Mega Clarification on Those Dialogues


Above dialogues from the movie, 'rachcha' are getting huge response from the audience, wherever, the movie is screened. However, most of the Nandamuri fans are of the opinion that Ram Charan has targeted their heroes in uttering those dialogues. Meanwhile, Mega fans are clarifying that their hero is one of the good friends of Jr.NTR and recently he attended to Young Tiger's 'Baadshah' movie launch and wished the movie's success. Also, they suggest them, not to believe in the gossips created by the media on this issue. Now, the million dollar question is that, if Jr.NTR is not the target of Ram Charan, whom did he target? "None", say mega fans.

Charan should follow - Chiru or Pawan?

Charan should follow - Chiru or Pawan?
For any actor to have a long life and everlasting recognition, he or she needs to develop a style of own. For the young breed of actors coming from celebrity families, achieving stardom hasnt become a big bother. They are rendering super duper/industry hits just with in the early stages. But, how long will they sustain this speed and what is the mantra to always be a heart throb for Fans.

On a case study, we can take the name of Junior NTR who for most of the time tried to follow the paths of either Babai Balakrishna or Grand Pa NTR, both in selection of films and emulation of their mannerisms. Some how, this formula was just a partial success. On the other side, if we take Pawan Kalyan…he never put up a show of imitating Mega Star chiranjeevi. In fact, Pawan has dug his own passage to reach stardom. That is in fact the major reason why he is still in demand even with very bad track record from last few years.

Coming to the core point, Ramcharan for most of time copying the actions of his dad chiranjeevi inRachcha isnt liked by many. For one or two mannerisms, it can be reasoned on hereditary traits but trying to become a ditto copy of Chiru isnt appreciable. So, a kind suggestion from Fans for Charan is better to follow the course of his Babai and strive for originality which will develop individuality

Racha @ 3rd Days Box-office Collection Reports!!

Mega power star Ram Charan’s Racha released on a  grand scale and has impressed everyone. The celebrations has began which got rave reviews and scored all side positive talk also headed a new Box-office record.
Racha Collections Report [ World Wide ]
First Day Box Office Collections : 8.7 Crores Approx
Second Day Box Office Collections : 7.3 Crores Approx
3rd Day Box Office Collections : 7.0 Crores Approx
Total Collectionis 23.0 Crores

No Fake-Business For Racha!!

Ram Charan’s Racha has put an end to unhealthy trend of announcing fake figures. There were few films in the recent past that bloated up the actual collections which created dirty atmosphere in Tollywood. When Racha officially broke the actual first day record, few expressed doubts that this film may tread in the same trend and announce fake numbers.
But the producers of Racha simply announced the official figure (8.5 crores share) which was very close to reality (8 crores +) and also declared that their movie has set a new record for the opening day. So there won’t be any need for the following up biggies to fake the actual figures as there is a genuine record to break.
Producers of Racha are very seniors in the film industry and they know that they don’t gain any respect by announcing fake collections. Hence, they stuck to the facts and won the fans hearts. New producers are trying to draw the attention of industry by announcing fake records. That may get them instant popularity, but will never earn them respect. Harsh, but true!

Director using Bunny to forget Mahesh

Director using Bunny to forget Mahesh

More than ‘Dookudu’ or ‘Businessman,’ the capacity of Mahesh Babu is proven with ‘Khaleja.’ Keeping away the commercial accounting packages and morphed collection figures, ‘Khaleja’ was a far decent flick with new content and new projection of Mahesh. Basic reason why film suffered in domestic market is due to high time of nearly two to three years wasted in completion of final product which has killed excitement of audience significantly. Meanwhile director trivikram srinivas is also tagged as a sluggard. To erase the mighty label before his name, Trivikram came up with ‘Julaayi’ starring Allu Arjun and Ileana.
Current reports say Trivikram completed the total talkie part of ‘Julaayi’ as per schedule or a bit early. By the time post production and songs shoot will be wrapped up, Trivikram will come out with a winner product of top quality to restore his brand. So, get ready to forget ‘Khaleja’ Trivikram and see his other face in ‘Julaayi.

Ramcharan gives him Big Life!

Ramcharan gives him Big Life!

It will be a good memory test for viewers to remember the big list of star cast present in ‘Rachcha.’ There were many wonderful artists in the flick and unfortunately none of them were offered recognition building scenes. Away from this list would be handsome guy ajmal in the character of James who sacrifices his life, revealing the crucial flashback. Post the success of ‘Rangam,’ he could have easily got decent offers in Telugu but ‘Rachcha’ was his pick. 
ajmal’s performance in the film is winning good appreciations from Telugu audience. Even his presence in ‘Ragalai’ helped a lot for opening grandly in Tamil Nadu. After this brief role in ‘Rachcha,’ now there is every reason forajmal to grab big offers in Telugu and make his mark as a versatile artist. Surely, Ramcharan has given big life for Ajamal with this hit film.

Mega Gap Maintained is One Month

Mega Gap Maintained is One Month

With each of the celebrity families in Tollywood having two to three generation of heroes fighting in middle, obviously Fans would expect no BO wars between their own heroes. So, a safe gap of minimum 30 to 50 days is recommendable between the releases of each of star hero’s flicks. Looks like Mega family is strictly following this, as first in the list we have ‘Rachcha’ released on Friday (5th April) and the next film to be followed from same Mega camp will be Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Gabbar Singh’ that is dated to hit the screens on 9th May which means a safe gap of 34 days is maintained.
Third and last in summer season coming from same compound will be allu arjun’s ‘Julaayi.’ As per the available reports, entire talkie part of the movie is completed by Trivikram and only four songs are left for shooting. By any means, ‘Julaayi’ will have a safe release in June second or third weeks which is again a gap of 35 to 40 days between Pawan and Bunny. One ahs to wait and see…how many days will be left between ‘Adhinayakudu’ and ‘Dammu’ because both the heroes have enough stamina to rock the BO.
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