'Rachcha' audio venue details

'Rachcha' audio venue details

mega power star ram charan's 'Rachcha' movie's audio release date has been confirmed as 26th February. This is going to be the public function. The venue has also been confirmed as 'S.T.B.B.C. College Grounds' of Kurnool city. As per the sources, the function will be started at 5pm at the venue on the day of celebration. 
Earlier, Mega Star Chiranjeevi's 'Gang Leader' movie's 100 days function was held in the year, 1991 in this city. After a huge gap of 21 years, one more function from Mega Compound is going to be held in this city. In connection with this joyful occasion, Mega fans of Kurnool city are expressing their happiness. The movie is slated for 29th March release.

Businessman fake at its peak

"All areas, all centers, all time industry record, in 81 years of Telugu Film History'. These words have been noticed in the fifth week wall posters of 'businessman'. Having seen these words on the posters, trade and the fans of all heroes including Mahesh Babu, are getting wondered with the kind of publicity the makers are following.

As per the fans of other heroes, the movie is already running deficit of almost all the centers of A.P. and there is no way of collecting much more. Moreover, they say the closing share of this movie is going to be somewhere around 36 to 38 crores and no question of beating any movie's records including 'Magadheera' 'Dookudu' and 'Robo'. Further, they say, at the time of 'Dookudu', looking these kind of statements on the wall posters, made other heroes fans getting frustrated, but now, they make fun of these posters. Finally, they expressed their suspicion that, Super Star Krishna might have advised the makers to go for this kind of publicity, as he is fond of the figures of shares and grosses very much

Samantha new movie 'Mallepoolu and Parikini' !!

'Mallepoolu and Parikini' is not the title of any dubbed Tamil flick that got Samantha in the lead. The hot chocolate beauty is turning 'mass' day-by-day and is excited about it.
They are the key items of Samantha's look in an upcoming movie. After scoring high with DOOKUDU, Samantha is pairing up with NagaChaitanya for AUTONAGAR SURYA. For this Deva Katta directed movie, Sam is donning a mass-getup to showcase her potential as an actress as she has done enough with glamour these days. 

The character always features her with white jasmine flowers pinned to her braided hair and a half-saree wardrobe. After working in a couple of day and night schedules for this energetic mass-role, Sam got tired and hence the dull look, say insiders.
 Well, AUTONAGAR SURYA is a very important movie for Samantha to prove her stamina as an actress in mass-girl role.

PowerStar @ 'Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu'

PowerStar @ 'Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu'
The excitement had a blast in the evening, with ace director Puri Jagannadh revealing the title of his latest movie with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. Read on to feel the punch of Powerstar-Puri Jagan combo.

Titled as 'Cameraman Gangatho Ramababu', the name itself has generated huge sparks in Film Nagar. According to reports, Pawan Kalyan gave an immediate consent to this title and as expected, Pawan Kalyan is Journalist Rambabu in the film. What needs to be known is whether the other character, ie., cameraman Ganga is a male or a female. If it is another male, then there is no doubt the film will become a multi-starrer as Puri generally casts sparkling actors for such roles. 

If it is female, then the movie may get the color of Tamil movie RANGAM, is the talk of Film Nagar now. 'We cannot describe the excitement in words. A big 'ooooooo' for Puri Jagan is what we can say and this is our dream to see our heartthrob actor in the direction of Puri...', stated a Pawan Kalyan fan with overwhelmed joy

RamCharan @ Should Stop Playing it!!!

Ram Charan, fondly known as Mega Power Star has been looking glum in the recent times for reasons best known to him. Earlier he used to be smiling and seen enjoying the little things around. Interestingly, he has gone serious after he got engaged to his longtime love Upasana.
Did you notice Charan at the recent awards function where he hardly smiled? He was sitting there like he was not there. The uneasiness is visible as he couldn't hide his feelings. What might be the exact reason for Charan to wear serious look on his face all the time?
His ardent followers from Twitter jocularly said that Charan playing Angry Birds might be the reason for it. Charan recently twitted that he got addicted to Angry Birds game. He also said that he is getting as angrier as he plays it. So his twitter fans say that Angry birds are the root cause for sudden glumness. They suggest him to stop playing that silly game as they want to see him smiling all the time. Charan, are you listening?

Superb Response to Pawan's new Movie Title

power star pawan kalyan's new movie's title in the direction of Puri Jagannadh has been confirmed as 'Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu'. As soon as this title was out, it went on viral among the fans of Pawan Kalyan and the response is said to be amazing.

It is a known thing that, the news of Pawan Kalyan acting as a reporter in Puri's film, was out some days ago. However, some of the fans of Pawan Kalyan suspected that Pawan Kalyan would be acting in another serious role in Puri''s movie. It is also a known thing that Pawan Kalyan's recent movies, 'Komaram Puli' and 'Panjaa' proved as duds at the box office due to the serious roles played by Pawan Kalyan in those movies.

Putting full stop to all the gossips, which are prevailing among the fans of Pawan Kalyan, Puri selected an excellent title for Pawan's movie. The title reflects that the movie is going to be a satirical, funny and a message oriented flick like Chiranjeevi's 'Tagore'. However, the fulfledged details of the movie are still awaited.

Thaman is out from Prabhas Rebel

Here another shocking news for Young Rebel Star Prabhas latest Flick ‘Rebel’ team. Previously, Anushka backed out from this film and now its music director turn. Thaman has finally announced this statement through Twitter. “My best wishes to music director Raghava Lawrence Gaaru  for REBEL I wish the entire te@m good luck  And I thank Lawrence master for giving me KANCHANA which was a very big hit in both the languages:) but I am officially out of REBEL , Tweeted Thaman.

Raghava Lawrence is directing this mass entertainer. Now he would to compose the tunes for this movie. This is the second time Lawrence handling music after Nagarjuna’s Don. And Tamanna is heroine in it.

Pawan Kalyan's son's superb Dances

Power Star pawan kalyan's son 'Akira Nandan' is said to be child prodigy in some of the aspects. According to close sources from pawan kalyan, 'Akira' is a superb dancer and he has been practicing dances for five years. Earlier, we have seen his dances for the song, 'Raa..Raa..Bangaram' in an audio function. He is eight years old now. It is a known thing that the boy has been named after pawan kalyan's favourite director Akira Kurosawa. 
Some of the sources from the film unit of 'Gabbar Singh' are revealing that whenever, Akira is brought to the film's shooting spot, he is dancing for the title song of 'Gabbar Singh'. Meanwhile, some of the fans of pawan kalyan are wishing that Akhira's screen presence soon. Will pawan kalyan accepts their wish? Let us wait and watch.

Chiranjeevi special dance with Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh ?

Pawan Kalyan made special appearances in Chiranjeevi’s Shankar Dada series earlier.He was seen in a song for Shankar Dada MBBSand in climax scene of Shankar Dada Zindabad.Now the talk of filmnagar is that Megastar Chiranjeevi is appearing in a song with Powerstar Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh movie and also will dance for couple of steps with him.Though this news is not yet confirmed officially, director Harish Shankar is claiming to his close associates that he met Chiranjeevi and got his approval for this cameo appearance.This is planned in the hot raunchy number , which is telugu version of Munni Badnaam and will be shot within 4 weeks from now.
Devi Sri Prasad becomes the only distinguished musician who composed for all movies so far in which megabrothers appeared together.Ganesh Babu is planning to bring together the entire megafamily on dias for Gabbar Singh audio release, planned in last week of march 2012.
Jr.NTR has requested Pawan Kalyan to postpone his movie as his Dammu is releasing in april and he needs theatres.Pawan Kalyan has asked his producer Ganesh Babu to consider postponing Gabbar Singh to May 9th 2012.
But Ganesh wants to release on Khushi release date (27th april) as planned earlier

Gabbar Singh Leaked Dialogues..!

Gabbar Singh Leaked Dialogues..!
Evadura Nuvvu..? Gabbar Singh! Em ra peru chepthe mata ravatle ? Chal Sale

Life lo rendu vishyalo jagartha ga undali-okati na tho mataladetappudu, rendu na tho potladetappudu..
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