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RamCharan @ Should Stop Playing it!!!

Ram Charan, fondly known as Mega Power Star has been looking glum in the recent times for reasons best known to him. Earlier he used to be smiling and seen enjoying the little things around. Interestingly, he has gone serious after he got engaged to his longtime love Upasana.
Did you notice Charan at the recent awards function where he hardly smiled? He was sitting there like he was not there. The uneasiness is visible as he couldn't hide his feelings. What might be the exact reason for Charan to wear serious look on his face all the time?
His ardent followers from Twitter jocularly said that Charan playing Angry Birds might be the reason for it. Charan recently twitted that he got addicted to Angry Birds game. He also said that he is getting as angrier as he plays it. So his twitter fans say that Angry birds are the root cause for sudden glumness. They suggest him to stop playing that silly game as they want to see him smiling all the time. Charan, are you listening?


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