Has Pawan got addicted to MM?

Has Pawan got addicted to MM?
Perhaps, the main moto for any star hero would be to give thorough entertainment for their Fans and public. End of the day, what matters more is any film delivered is either a hit or a super hit or a flop? Going by the conventional formula, no cross examinations required to give a singular judgment thatGabbar Singh has become one such film which showcased for the first time pawan kalyan in a full length energy packed Mass Masala role. All credits to director Harish Shankar.

As Pawan is known to be a steersman who loves to experiment on divergent ideas giving more of the chances to new-coming directors and those older ones who have a peculiar school of thought in film making. Has Pawan got addicted to Mass Masala flavor with Gabbar Singh? Will he continue to assay on this alone odor or will Pawan remain distinctive from other mass heroes? Forget about Ram Babu with Puri Jagannath or the unnamed flick with Trivikram Srinivas, need of the hour is everyone wants Power Star to be totally at variance. In simple, what people demand is the Pawan Mark or some might call it Pawanism.

Life Ban on Shahrukh at Wankhede Stadium!

Life Ban on Shahrukh at Wankhede Stadium!
Bollywood superstar and IPL franchise Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) owner Shahrukh Khan could face a life ban from entering the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai after he got into a heated argument with security personnels and Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) officials.

Shahrukh, who wasn't present at the stadium during Kolkata-Mumbai match, came to the venue after the post-match presentation ceremony with around 40 kids. When the security objected, he lost his cool and started abusing the BCCI, MCA and Stadium staff. "F**k you BCCI, MCA and the Security," shouted angry SRK.

MCA officials had already filed a complaint against Shahrukh at the Marine Drive police station. They are also planning to lodge an official complaint to the BCCI seeking the life ban of Star from entering the Stadium.  

In the past, SRK was in bad books for allegedly smoking in public places. Now, the latest controversy will do no good for him. Handling the fame is not at all easy!

Chiru's Hand In Choking Sakshi's Freedom?

Chiru's Hand In Choking Sakshi's Freedom?
Politicians leave no single clue or idea that strikes their mind to attack the opposition to get power and to stay in power. After those IT raid accusations, Congress MP Chiranjeevi is now facing accusations that he is the one playing a major role in choking the freedom of Sakshi paper and TV.

If sources of Sakshi paper and TV are claiming that supressing the 'freedom of press' is unlawful, government is saying that media-houses established with fraud money comes under illegal activities. However, the scene took a new turn with CBI requesting the government to attach those assets of Jagan, which prevent further transactions of the media house. There are all possible chances that the publishing of paper and airing of TV to come to a staggering halt. 

Analysts are saying that Sonia Gandhi has taken the complaint of Chiru seriously regarding the airing of fake-stories by Sakshi Media about those IT raids. Fearing further image damaging acts for Congress by Sakshi TV, Centre has forced CBI to put a full stop to the activities of the media-houses, says a YSR party worker. Is this really a revenge act, Mr.Chiru?

Self-Criticism Missing In Tollywood!

Self-Criticism Missing In Tollywood!
Without criticising oneself for their poor show, no director or hero or any other celebrity could do wonders in the tinsel town. But analysts say that the percentages of people who are ready to criticize themselves are very low in this sparkling industry.

It is not just making movies and releasing them, the whole process involves a lot of other activities and businesses. But the persons involving in these trades are slowly turning towards illicit means to make quick money. In film industry, it has become a notion for everyone to attach the tags like 'hard work' and 'honesty' to their words, even though they lack it. The other day, producers, both C.Kalyan and Natti Kumar are busy imparting these adjectives to their names with their baseless and illiterate talks. One can easily understand from their allegations that both have taken fraudulent path to add 'power' to their identity. If both of them can criticize themselves about the works they have done, it takes no time to realize what they have done for this industry.

With these kinds of allegations and illegal-activities, Tollywood is no doubt losing faith among the common people, as there is a belief already that film-industry is a 'fort of dacoits' in disguise. These dacoits rob not just money, but power, flesh and pride too!

Balayya takes up media job

Balayya takes up media jobNandamuri Balakrishna is one actor who made a mark of his own when it comes to commercial potboilers. Given his image and legacy, one can expect to see him in power packed roles which has strong mass impact and larger than life characterization which drives the Nandamuri fans crazy.

But now it is heard that Balayya has taken up a media job, that of a journalist. Well, all this is happening in his new movie 'Srimannarayana'. It is heard that Balayya would be essaying the role to convey a message as to how a pen can change the society and lives of people. The film is directed by Ravi Chavali.

This is produced by Puppala Ramesh and the endearing smile beauty Isha Chawla along with the red wine beauty Parvathi Melton is the leading ladies. The music is by Chakri and already the talk that the film has six villains has become a major highlight in the discussions at filmnagar.

Mega heroes take over the Tollywood throne

Mega heroes take over the Tollywood throne
Megastar Chiranjeevi ruled Telugu cinema for more than two decades and he was the number one hero until his last film was released. Later his son Ram Charan showed his stamina with Magadheera and mega fans felt that Tollywood throne will be their hero's for another two decades. To their shock, mega heroes started losing all the sheen and shine post Magadheera.

Not just Pawan Kalyan or Ram Charan, every one of them including ever reliable Allu Arjun started delivering flops. In the meantime Nandamuri heroes proved their might in 2010 with Simha, Adurs and Brindavanam. In 2011, it was Mahesh Babu who has hit the form of his life and registered back to back super hits. Mega fans started to feel the heat until Racha was released early this summer.

With Racha, Ram Charan has proved his critics wrong by making an ordinary film into a blockbuster. When mega fans are still enjoying the records set by Racha, in came Gabbar Singh with full power. Pawan Kalyan took box office by storm and has been sweeping all the records in matter of days. With back to back super hit films, mega heroes took over the throne and have thrown a serious challenge to their close competitors

At last, Ram Charan breaks his silence

At last, Ram Charan breaks his silencePutting an end to the speculation that he is feeling insecure with the growing popularity of his 'Babai' Pawan Kalyan, Ram Charan shared his happiness over the stupendous success of 'Gabbar Singh'.

The Mega fans who expected Charan's reaction on 'Gabbar Singh' success were highly disappointed, as the star was busy with his own work all these days and has no time appreciate the good work done by his family members. After facing criticism from fans, at last he broke his silence and announced that he is dying to see the film. The young actor expressed his joy for the record breaking collections and also congratulated the whole team of Gabbar Singh. He will be watching the special screening of the film after his return to India on May 18th.

If Charan is happy with his Babai's success, then what's the reason for delay in responding? It's nothing but, unnecessarily giving a chance for rumormongers. Even Chiru has the habit of not taking the issues seriously till the situation turns worse. Seems like Charan inherited the same quality from his father. Like father, like son!

Gabbar Singh Movie Lost 6 Crore Collections

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Gabbar Singh might be running with well packed theaters but the movie had lost atleast 6 crore collection. And that too due to the producer Bandla Ganesh. Ganesh had reportedly failed to hire a good anti piracy team and had gone for an anti piracy team for a cheapprice. The team failed miserably in controlling the piracy of the movie. Due to which, High quality print of the movie is available online in all the torrent sites on web. This will close down the overseas business of the movie. Trade analysts predict that the movie might have lost atleast 6 crore collection from overseas due to this.

Daruvu Escapes From Gabbar Singh

Ravi Teja's upcoming film Daruvu was supposed to release on this weekend, i.e, 18th May, but looking at the kind of collections Gabbar Singh is getting, Daruvu has been postponed for a week. The makers of Daruvu were earlier planning to release the film even if Gabbar Singh gets average talk. But later they realized that releasing Daruvu at this moment is going to cause a great damage to their film and they are releasing it now on 25th May.

On the other hand, Raja Mouli's Eega is releasing on May 30th and Ram's Endukante Premanta is releasing on June 1st, making things difficult for Daruvu.

Gabbar Singh set for All Time 1st Week Record

Pawan Kalyan is back with a bang!!. Gabbar Singh which has already created a new record for Day 1 is now all set to repeat the same for 1st Week in AP, India & Worldwide. Day 1 India 1st week record belongs to Racha with 25.75Cr and GS will cross this with over 1Cr. In AP, Racha had a 23.1Cr opening week and GS will be close to 25Cr. On the whole, GS is expected to earn more than 32 Crores in its 1st Week which will be An All Time 1st Week Record. It is for the 1st time that a Telugu film crossed the 30Cr mark in just a week.

Meanwhile, Pawan crossed his career best full run share of Jalsa with in 6days of GS.

Pawan-Puri film starts from June 9th

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s movie with Puri Jagan, ‘Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu’, will start rolling from June 9th. Regular shooting will go on at a rapid pace and the film will be released on Oct 18th worldwide. Tamanna will be seen as the heroine in this movie.
D.V.V. Danayya is producing this film and Devi Sri is scoring the music. The film is expected to be an action entertainer with satires on the media industry as a backdrop. Expectations on this project are huge as Pawan and Puri are teaming up after a very long time. Their last film together was the blockbuster movie ‘Badri’.
Directors like Puri Jagannath are above the ranking system and they dont fit into common sayings like, out of form or in the form. Every film Puri works will be very special in its own way. After the racy Businessman and commercially well worked out Bbuddah, now Puri will be working for second time with Pawan Kalyan for cameraman ganga tho ram babu.

Salman Khan Surprised with Pawan Craze

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s latest unanimous blockbuster GabbarSingh is the most talked and most impacted film this year. Bollywood star Salman Khan is shocked with the collections of Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh movie. His 2010 superhit movie Dabangg was remade in telugu as Gabbar Singh and now its collections are on par with any good hindi cinema. Especially in abroad, gabbar singh is almost beating hindi movies at boxoffice.

Already this story was remade in tamil as Osthi with simbhu, but it failed to generate much response there.

Looking at the craze pawan’s telugu version is generating, Salman Khan wished him and said that “I knew that heroes are worshipped as gods in south, but never imagined a hero to have this much fan following and craze. After seeing this mania, even i feel like doing a movie in telugu.“

Now, Gabbar Singh is the most discussed telugu movie, even on national media.

Jeevitha's Jhalak to 'Pawan'

Jeevitha's Jhalak to 'Pawan'
'antyakshari' scene has turned out to be the most hilarious scene in Power Star Pawan Kalyan's 'Gabbar Singh' movie. We can see some of the heroes dialogues or expressions were imitated in this episodeby the artists. When one of the artists sings Rajasekhar's 'Rose Rose rojaa puvvaa' song, Pawan Kalyan imitates the dialogues of Rajasekhar as, 'Emi seththiri emi seththiri' and the dialogue goes on. Pawan imitated the expressions of Rajasekhar as well while uttering that dialogue. 
However, Jeevitha Rajasekhar responded about that scene before the media. She said, "We heard mimicry  artist, Sivareddy imitated the voice of Rajasekhar and earned money. Learning that matter, we felt very happy. Now, we are hearing that Pawan Kalyan too, imitated Rajasekhar in 'Gabbar Singh'. Since he has given a hit after a series of flops, we are feeling happy for Pawan's success." In such a way, she mocked at Pawan Kalyan indirectly.

Pawan on Mahesh Babu's Advantage!

Pawan on Mahesh Babu's Advantage!

Director Puri Jagannath has the knack of utilizing a hero’s charisma. He has done the same for Mahesh Babu. The superb commercial success of ‘Businessman’ has its reasons linked to the new found image of Mahesh Babu with blockbuster ‘Dookudu.’ Many agree that, Mahesh’s ‘Dookudu’ mania continued to ‘Businessman’ which got earth shattering opening collections yet failed to sustain for a minimum of 50 days run.
Now, Pawan stands on same platform like where Mahesh Babu stood post ‘Dookudu.’ With ‘Gabbar Singh’ proved as a voluminous hit all over, it’s quite interesting to see how Puri Jagannath deals Pawan’s new image for forthcoming ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Ram Babu.’  Obviously, Puri will be on big advantage because madness of ‘Gabbar Singh’ can easily drive ‘Ram Babu’ to hit shores. Of course, we do know about Puri’s jet speed taking and strict schedules with disciplinary production costs would keep the budget of ‘Ram Babu’ with in the prescribed limits. But, let us hope…content wise ‘Ram Babu’ will not be as weak as ‘Businessman.

Pawan Kalyan Gabbar Singh Success Analysis

Pawan Kalyan Shruti Hassan,Gabbar Singh,Power Star Pawan Kalyan,Gabbar Singh Analysis,bujjigadu.com
It has been 5 days since Pawan Kalyan Shruti Hassan Starrer Gabbar Singh has hit the theaters and from the day one it has been generating a completely positive talk and has been declared a blockbuster at the box office. It has been decade since the Power Star Pawan Kalyan has had such a huge hit. The only question that arises is what it that went right with this film and not with others?

  • A complete Power Star performance. Unlike his previous movies released in the past decade (except for Jalsa), Pawan Kalyan was able to be himself in this movie. He gave the audience what they wanted and turned it into an absolute extravaganza with his awesome punch dialogues and trademark Pawan Kalyan histrionics.
  • Music was definitely one of the strong points of this film. Devi Sri Prasad is composing music for Pawan Kalyan the second time after Jalsa and yet again he has proven his mettle. He has given some awesome dancing tracks for the movie which were translated into masterpieces on screen by Pawan Kalyan moves
  • Director Harish Shankar was definitely an added advantage for the Power Star for bringing to him the correct story at the correct point of time. Though it was a remake of the famous Hindi film Dabangg, Harish made sure that the story was changed adequately to match the Telugu audience and bring out the power from the power star.
  • Comedy. When it comes to comic timing, Pawan Kalyan is one of the lead actors with the finest comic timing in the Telugu film industry and many directors in the past failed to utilize this factor whereas, Director Harish Shankar being an ardent fan of Pawan Kalyan noticed this immediately and had ample amount of comic instances in the movie to bring out the comic side of power star and to keep the audiences entertained.
  • Cast of the movie was also justified (except for one or two). Everyone had their part to play on screen and no artiste in the movie seemed a waste of screen space. The director seemed to have researched thoroughly on the strengths of the artiste and stuck to it to produce a beauty on screen.
  • Marketing. For any movie to be a hit, as much as the story is good, the marketing of the movie has to be innovative and adequate for it to reach the masses. Full points to the producer on this. He seems to have learned his lesson post the disaster of Teen Maar. Innovative Marketing strategies like going to different places in the state on the day of audio release and correct utilization of social media platforms like Youtube to release the promos of the songs and the trailers just at the right time and creating a hype among the audience both online and offline, paid off and translated into a success for the movie.

Gabbar Singh Five Days Collections

'GS' Five days Shares

power star power kalyan's  'Gabbar Singh' movie collected a share of Rs.22.21 crores at the end of its  five days run in A.P.only. Check out the area wise break up of shares. 
AREA                                            FIVE DAYS SHARE(IN CRORES)
----------------------------                       ----------------------- 
 NIZAM                                                    7.90
CEDED                                                    4.55
NELLORE                                                 0.88
KRISHNA                                                 1.57
GUNTUR                                                  2.32
VIZAG                                                     1.75
EAST GODAVARI                                       1.76
WEST GODAVARI                                      1.48
A.P.FIVE DAYS SHARE                               22.21

Sridevi's Shocking decision on Jahnavi's future

From a long time, a lot has been happening over the comeback of Sridevi and above that, the arrival of her daughter Jahnavi into films. In between, there were also speculations that Jahnavi would be pairing up with one of the star kids in the remake of blockbuster hit 'Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari'.
With pressure building up from all sides, Sridevi has finally come into the open and let the truth out. Well, the pretty lady has made it clear that Jahnavi is only 15 and her total focusright now is on her education. Sridevi recalled how she lost out on education as shestarted work at an early age.
Not stopping at that, Sridevi reportedly stated that she doesn't want Jahnavi to become an actress. Instead, she quipped that when Jahnavi is of the right age, she would be waitingeagerly to get her married. Many are wondering why Sridevi has taken such a decision. Maybe her experiences in film industry made her do that.

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Gabbar Singh - Tollywood’s First 100cr Film?

It is not the first Tollywood film to be made with 100 crores but if it happens, it will be the first film in Tollywood to have collected 100 crores. With record opening collections and steady full house at the theaters, Gabbar Singh so far has been going really strong at the box office all thanks to the Power Star.
Because of the strong position of Gabbar Singh at the BO, many major releases which were due this month were postponed to the next, thereby giving the movie ample amount of time to reach this mark.
Will the movie make 100crores and create history. Will Pawan Kalyan rule the roost in Tollywood Again? All we can do is to wait and watch

When we call it a day at the end of every year, film critics, in
general, opine that the particular year has been a big failure for
tollywood with a poor success rate. We have been hearing the same
analyses from the critics every year without any change in their

Perhaps, the analysts might change their views this year as it seems
this year is going to register many solid hits. As far as the movies
so far released are concerned, 'gabbar singh' appears to be the new
industry hit of tollywood based on its collection trend. 'Rachcha' and
'Businessman' were proved to be the blockbuster and super hit statuses
respectively. Young Tiger NTR's 'Dammu', despite its divided talk on
its the first day of its release, the movie managed to earn average
collections at the box office. Venkatesh's 'Bodyguard' has also done
average business. Coming to the small budget movies, 'Ee Rojullo' did
a miracle of earning Rs.10 crores with a shoestring budget of Rs.60
lakhs. Nitin has got a new life through his super hit movie, 'Ishq'.
Let's hope, all the forthcoming movies will also do well at the box
office and should prove year, 2012, is the golden year of tollywood.

Deepika Padukone Hot Photos


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deepika Padukone hot stills

GabbarSingh Original records

Just now announced by TFI ...kevvvvvvv..:)
The break-up for Gabbar Singh 1st day collections in crores (SHARE).

Nizam - 2.25Cr
Vizag - 0.65,Cr
East godavari- 82lakhs
West godavari- 65lakhs
Krishna - 65lakhs
Guntur - 1.09Cr
Nellore - 37lakhs
Ceeded - 1.95Cr
Total Collections (AP) : 8.43Crores
Karnataka - 75lakhs
USA - 3.70Cr

Eega' Vs 'Gabbar Singh'- Is There Any Competition?

Summer 2012 has got many promising big ticket movies and already two of them 'Racha' and 'Dammu' have arrived and the results have been declared. But two other films were having the maximum expectations. They are 'Gabbar Singh' starring Pawan Kalyan and 'Eega' directed by S S Rajamouli.

At one point, many felt that both films could be a competition to each other but the experts differ on that. They state that 'Gabbar Singh' and 'Eega' are of two completely different genres and they would expect the same response from the audience. While Gabbar is more commercial, Eega is more technical.

Moreover, there is enough window between both the films to have their share of collections so the element of competition is ruled out. Of course, there could be some competition expected in terms of the total gross collections. Well, if both films work then it is even better for the Tollywood economics.
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