Nitin's bad luck changes Allu Arjun fate

Nitin's bad luck changes Allu Arjun fate

We all know that Allu Arjun has become overnight star with the film Arya. Despite scoring a hit with Gangothri, Allu Arjun had received criticism for his looks and acting in it. Arya changed everything for him in one day and he was given the name 'stylish star' with that film. Do you know that Allu Arjun wasn't the first choice hero of that film?

When Sukumar narrated Arya script to Dil Raju during the under production days of Dil, Raju asked him to narrate it to Nitin. But Nitin feared that it wouldn't work as there is so much negativity in hero's characterization. After that Sukumar narrated the same script to various young heroes but no one dared to play Arya role.

Allu Arjun was given a narration later and he liked it instantly. But Allu Aravind had doubts over it as Telugu audiences are not used to watch hero in a negative role. After so much thought being put into it, finally Arya was made with Allu Arjun and what happened next is known to everybody. Nitin did Sambaram after Dil and that bombed. After Sye he lost track for eight long years and in the meanwhile Allu Arjun scaled new heights and turned into a bankable star. One man's missed opportunity is other man's fortune, as they say!

Reason behind Balayya's Absence at Mega Wedding

Reason behind Balayya's Absence at Mega Wedding

The marriage of mega powerstar Ram Charan happened in a grand style and the couple was blessed by some of the biggest known names in the country. While all that is fine, one name was quite obvious with his absence. He is none other than Nandamuri Balakrishna.

From the Nandamuri side, the presence of young tiger Junior NTR was seen as a welcome gesture but Balayya's absence raised many eyebrows. Some also recalled the verbal war between Chiranjeevi and Balayya at one point of time. However, here is the main reason why Balayya could not make it.

It is heard that Balayya was absent because he was at Switzerland shooting for his film 'Srimannarayana'. Due to the hectic schedules planned, he could not take a day or two off and be at the wedding. However, sources say Balayya has already conveyed his wishes and he would be meeting the couple once he returns to India.

Gabbar Singh 4th week Power Full Collections

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Gabbar Singh 4th week Power Full Collections For All Area Vise…….
Nizam- 20.55cr
Ceded- 9.04cr
Vizag- 5.25cr
East- 4.15cr
West- 3.60cr
Krishna- 3.21cr
Guntur- 5.25cr
Nellore- 2.10cr
Karnataka – 5.05cr
Rest of India – 3.70cr
Overseas – 12.00cr
Total        – Rs 73.90Cr

This is Cherry's 'Cock-Tail' Movie

This is Cherry's 'Cock-Tail' Movie

Mega Power Star ram charan and director V.V.Vinayak's combo movie had its shooting done to some extent. Earlier, we reported that Cherry is doing double roles in this movie and the subject of the movie will be on the lines of Chiranjeevi's super hit movie 'Rowdy Alludu,' Here is an update to above report. As per the inside sources, there will be faction backdrop in this movie. However, it will be treated in a hilarious manner rather than giving serious impact to the subject. Learning this matter, observers are saying that this movie is going to be cock-tail of 'Indra' and 'Rowdy Alludu.' 
Voluptuous beauty Kajal Agarwal and cute girl Amala Paul are doing opposite to ram charan in this flick. S.S.Thaman is scoring the music of this crazy project. The title of this movie is considered as 'Cherry'. This film is likely to release in the month of September. D.V.V.Danayya is producing this film.

No Gifts, Only Charity at Charan's wedding

No Gifts, Only Charity at Charan's wedding

This may sound strange, but the same thing will be happening at the wedding. The big fat wedding of Ram Charan and Upasana is going to be held at Temple Tree Farms in Gandipet on June 14 at 7.30 am. Surprisingly, the guests mayn't be bringing any gifts for the newly wed couple. If you still can't believe, read the story below...

As part of their philanthropic work, both Charan and Upasana requested all the guests not to bring any gifts for them, instead asked them to donate for a cause. All these donations will go for Upasana's NGO 'Save A Child's Heart'. Charan and Upasana should be commended for their efforts towards charity.

The fans of Ram Charan has brought a special gift (coconuts with names of the couple on it) from Bhadrachalam on Wednesday and handed it over to Mega brother Nagababu. Already, Cherry's marriage is being talked as the biggest wedding ceremony ever in the history of South. Let's see how big it would be! 

Mega Marriage is a Trendsetter

Mega Marriage is a Trendsetter

Megastar Chiranjeevi has done various trendsetters in his filmy career. Chiru proves his trendsetting nature not only as an actor but also as a father. Ram Charan's marriage is undoubtedly one of the biggest events ever in our country. When everyone's attention is focused on a marriage, the families tend to make it as richer and grander as they could.

Money will be spent like water in such famous marriages. Traditions and family customs usually take the back seat or completely get ignored in big fat weddings. But Ram Charan - Upasana marriage is an exception to it. The marriage festivities are definitely being done in a rich and contemporary fashion. At the same time they are giving high value to the ancestral traditions.

Right from the venue (Domakonda fort) to the ambience everything looks traditional. Using handloom saris as the red carpet to the bride and groom, the traditional music and atmosphere has been blowing off all minds away. One couldn't resist themselves from appreciating and saluting the Mega and Apollo families for giving such an importance to the traditional customs. We have seen many big marriages in the past, but this mega marriage will be remembered forever as one of the best for the importance given to Indian values. This sets an example and will be a trendsetter for the popular weddings to come. 

If Cong loses, YSR-C will be in trouble

If Cong loses, YSR-C will be in trouble
Politics is all about winning, losing and taking revenges. Right now, it is pretty clear as per exit poll survey that YSR Congress is going to top the show in by-polls. But, is this is a good sign for them if the ruling party loses miserably?    

Political Analysts say, it is not a good sign for YSRC! If the Congress loses this by-polls, then their leaders will not sit idle and there are chances for the Centre to intensify their investigation on Jagan's disproportionate assets from now. CM Kiran might cancel all the deals that are doled out to help investors of Jagathi with his pen power. If that happens, some investors will turn 'approvers' in the CBI investigation as they have already lost government deals and will lose their money pushed into Jagan's companies. So, before quitting the state, Congress government will try to push YSR-Congress into neck deep troubles. Off late, more than the corruption done by Cong ministers and MLAs, trouble created by Jagan will be considered as a big blow by the high command.   

Even though if most number of MLAs migrate to YSR Congress, they may tumble within an year or so as their driving force will be forced to sit in jail for years. Already, Enforcement Directorate is put in place to move Jagan out of Hyderabad. Sources say that Cong will not just focus on Jagan, but will look into the matters of other YSR-C leaders too. Let us see what happens.

Pawan in Trouble with Chiru’s Position

Chiranjeevi has a long way to go in order to establish as a seasoned Politician. Coming from soft and straight spoken film industry, it actually took more time than what was expected for Mega Star to understand the ground scenario of our State Politics. Of course, he is at the loss of precious time and also the Number One chair in Tollywood. Around this crucial juncture, pawan kalyan’s ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Ram Babu’ is to begin in the direction of Puri Jagannath and sources say, there will be enough political punches and satires as a part of the story.
As Pawan is meant for Honesty, Fans on one side and audience on other side are eager to know whether Puri will target any Political dialogues towards Congress or not? Given the kind of abstruse Chiru’s position in Congress, surely Pawan cannot go to an extent of direct attack on either Congress or its party leaders. So, Puri should decrease the intensity of his Pen when writing dialogues for ‘Ram Babu.’

Why Tammu attended ‘Julaayi’ Audio?

Ever since, tamanna made a second entry into Tollywood by signing ‘100% Love’ and ‘Badrinath,’ the milk white beauty is stamped as a ‘Mega Camp’ girl. Fulfilling the words, she romanced Ramcharan in ‘Rachcha’ and is heading to join Pawan Kalyan for ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Ram Babu.’ This will complete the list of Top Mega Heroes and Tammu should again go back for Bunny.
In the mean time, while Ileana who is the actual heroine of ‘Julaayi’ skipped the audio release, presence of tamanna proved the fact on how strong her bond with Mega Camp is continuing. Tammu may not entertain any other leading lady to acquire a dominant position in Mega Camp. She wants to be a fore-runner for all the projects coming from these Mega Heroes. Maintaining cordial relations with Heroes forms the fundamental duty and this bubbly girl has digested the principle. Definitely, tamanna’s presence at ‘Julaayi’ audio scored 100% more over Ileana’s absence

Rachcha Closing Business

Rachcha Closing Business

Mega Power Star Ram Charan's 'rachcha' collected a share of Rs.50.24 crores world wide at the end of its full run. Area wise full run shares are given below.
AREA                                             FULL RUN SHARE( IN CRORES)
----------------------                  -----------------------------------------------
NIZAM                                                          12.60
CEDED                                                            8.48
NELLORE                                                         2.03
KRISHNA                                                         2.60
GUNTUR                                                          4.37
VIZAG                                                             4.47
EAST GODAVARI                                               2.87
WEST GODAVARI                                              2.52
A.P. FULL RUN SHARE                                        39.94
KARNATAKA                                                        4.80
REST OF INDIA                                                    1.50
OVERSEAS                                                          4.00
WORLD WIDE  FULL RUN SHARE                           50.24
* RAGALAI FULL RUN( TAMIL VERSION)                   4.90

Gabbar Singh 32nd Day Rocking coleciton!!

Alexander Skarsgard
Gabbar Singh Movie

1st Day Collections - 12.5 Crores

2nd Day Collections - 10.9 Crores

3rd Day Collections - 10.7 Crores

4th Day Collections - 10.2 Crores

5th Day Collections - 8.9 Crores

6th Day Collections - 8.0 Crores

7th Day Collections - 7.1 Crores

8th Day Collections - 6.1 Crores

9th Day Collections - 5.8 Crores

10th Day Collections - 4.8 - Crores

11th Day Collections - 4.5 - Crores

12th Day Collections - 4.1 Crores

13th Day Collections - 3.8 Crores

14th Day Collections - 3.5 Crores

15th Day Collections - 3.2 Crores

16th Day Collections - 2.9 Crores

17th Day Collections - 2.5 Crores

18th Day Collections - 2.2 Crores

19th Day Collections - 1.9 Crores

20th Day Collections - 1.7 Crores

21st Day Collections - 1.5 Crores

22nd Day Collections - 1.3 Crores

23rd Day Collections - 1.0 Crores

24th Day Collections - 0.9 Crores

25th Day Collections - 0.8 - Crores

26th Day Collections - 0.7 - Crores

27th Day Collections - 0.8 - Crores

28th Day Collections - 0.7 - Crores

29th Day Collections - 0.6 - Crores

30th Day Collections - 0.6 - Crores

31st Day Collections - 0.5 - Crores

32nd Day Collections - 0.5 - Crores

Salman Khan meets Pawan Kalyan

Bollywood Super Star Salman Khan visits Chiranjeevi house yesterday late night (sunday). He was personally invited by Ram charan who became very close friend to Salman. Chiranjeevi along with his wife personally received him. Salman who was shocked about Gabbar Singh success had finally met the GabbarSingh of South (Pawan Kalyan ) today.
Pawan Kalyan directly went to Chiru’s house after Allu Arjun’s  Julayi Audio Launch along with Nagababu where Salman  was very eargerly waiting to meet the Power star. Seeing Pawan, Salman hugged him and both had some personal chat with each other followed by a grand dinner for which Ram Charan also joined.
This dinner party was arranged by Charan for his bollywood colleagues ,which was attend by Zanjeer team including director. Charan is busy with pre marriage dinners.While Salman Khan will stay here  till Ramcharan’s marriage on 14th june 

Bunny Also Targeted Nandamuri Heroes?

Bunny Also Targeted Nandamuri Heroes?

Some comments always take wrong turn though they are not made in that sense. With Bunny going aggressive about the egos of heroes, once again this is raising curtains about a new clash.

'Dancing, acting or delivering lengthy dialogues are not just enough talents to say that person is a star hero. Pawan Kalyan is a real star because of his non-ego nature that always wishes even competitors a best success', says an excited Arjun in the most humble way. However, some funny guys who like to create a burn between heroes are now linking these words to Jr.NTR and other Nandamuri heroes. 

But at the end of his speech, Bunny stated that he is also a bit egoistic in nature and used to pray for the flop show of other heroes' films. This means that he has bundled all the heroes of Tollywood on one side and Pawan on the other side. So there is no reason to justify the comment that Bunny too targeted Nandamuri heroes like some dialogues in 'Racha'.

'Amrita Rao' Hot stills on FHM India magazine

Amrita Rao Hot Stills on FHM magazine

HarishShankar's strange comparison fearing NTR fans?

Director Harish Shankar sure seems to know a thing or two about handling fan bases of the heroes he works with. A self proclaimed fan of Pawan Kalyan, the director made no secret of his admiration for Pawan Kalyan and never lost an opportunity to flaunt it either. Well it sure worked well for him as Gabbar Singh has struck gold at the BO.
In a recent interview he stated that though he was a fan of Pawan Kalyan he admired NTR also. "I just want to clarify the fans that my being a fan of Pawan Kalyan doesn't imply that I hate every other star. NTR is the first actor I approached with a script. He loved it but we never got around to doing it. I will work even harder than I did for Gabbar SIngh. The movie will be a cracking entertainer, I can assure you that," he said.
Director found him in a state which VV Vinayak previously experienced. He mentioned that VV directing Samba with NTR after scoring a blockbuster Tagore with Chiranjeevi. Director may have ignored the result of Samba but NTR fans are little bit worried about the comparison. "Absurd comparison..We hope Harish Shankar's movie with NTR will not be another Samba" said, Raj Kumar. a NTR fan. Let us hope this movie will be better than GabbarSingh
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