Chiranjeevi’s Hopes Pinned On Gabbar Singh

The movie Gabbar Singh has been creating turmoil in the industry with its mind-blowing dialogues, trailers and songs.
The movie has Actor Pawan Kalyan and Shruti Hassan in the lead. The movie is directed by Harish Shankar and produced by Ganesh Babu. The musichas been composed by the super hit music director Devi Sri Prasad.
The movie also has senior actor Suhasini as a part of this film. This movie which has made many happy has unfortunately left this actress sad and fuming. She is reportedly not happy with her role in the movie.
The director had roped her in, promising that she will be getting a meaty role and then stepped back on his words. She feels that her role is not very significant and has not been outlined and sketched the way it should have been.
Guess, expectations and disappointments are all a part and parcel a big movie and one just has to cope up with it.
On the other hand Actor Chiranjeevi is waiting for this movie to release. He is reportedly spending anxious moments and is crossing fingers expecting this movie to be a massive hit. It is said that the actor has pinned all his hopes on this movie and is very, very excited about this movie which will be ready to walkdown on the red carpet for its release in a few days.
Well, it is not only Chiranjeevi who is expecting so much from Gabbar Singh. There are immense amount of people waiting in the baited breath for the release of this movie, to watch their favorite hero in an action oriented role and deliver the fiery and feisty dialogues with style inimitable

Chiranjeevi’s Dream Project

It’s a story of the past which has now made its way to the present. ActorChiranjeevi in his hay days carried a dream in his eyes of making it toHollywood. He then decided to make a film in Hollywood style in our very own tollywood.
At the same time he was busy with his movie called Kodama Simham. Latter on as he completed this movie he came up with a movie titled as Abu Baghdad Gajadonga. This was the movie which he wanted to make inHollywood style.
The movie script dealt with a sensitive topic on Muslims. Apparently a scene in the movie required the tearing of a page from the Holy Koran. As the news spread it made the Muslim community angry as it was a disrespect shown. They raised a protest which in turn shelved this project.
Now, nearly 15 to 20 years latter actor Ram Charan Teja wants to full fill his father’s dream. He will be reviving this project with Chiranjeevi as the main lead and he himself will be producing it.
This project may see the fulfilling of two dreams, one of Chiranjeevi making aHollywood style movie and two of Ram Charan Teja wanting to produceChiranjeevi’s 150th film. We sure hope that this adorable pair of a father and son succeed in their ventures and fulfill their dreams, because if you have a strong will power Dreams do come true!!!!

Pawan Kalyan Fan Reach 10 Crore Mark

Power Star Pawan Kalyan Fan reaches 10cr first time

Pawan Kalyan Fan Reach 10 Crore Mark


Pawan Kalyan Noble Gesture for Actress
One thing every body talk about Power Star Pawan Kalyan is his simplicity and his dedication towards work. This might be one of the reasons why he has got huge following among youth. Here, we are neither talking about his films nor his political aspirations! We are referring to an incident which took place few days ago while Pawan Kalyan was busy shooting for his new movie ‘Gabbar Singh’. Character artist ‘Pavala’ Shyamala has approached him to help her daughter who is suffering from some ailment. Without any second thought , Pawan immediately gave her a cheque of Rs 75,000, called Apollo Hospital authorities personally and informed them to admit the girl immediately for treatment.

That’s not all, Pawan also took care of all the medical expenses during the treatment period. Responding to this noble gesture by Pawan, his fans says that Pawan Kalyan is the driving force for youth and these kind of things will only inspire them to do more for the needy. This incident came into the light through production hands of Pawan Kalyan‘s Gabbar Singh . What more can we say about such a wonderful human being. Kudos Power Star, you are not only a reel hero, but also a real life hero. Isn’t it guys?

Biggest Hit in Pawan's Career!

Biggest Hit in Pawan's Career!

As Dammu fever is gradually to get down in coming days, the new virus to attack entire Andhra Pradesh will be of gabbar singh.Without wasting a single moment in making his product ready for release by May second week, producer Bandla Ganesh Babu has proudly announced today that gabbar singh has wrapped up the total shooting by today.

Entire shoot is completed. Post production works are going on at lightening speed. We will send the movie for censor by May first week and release on grand scale world wide in second week. Super duper hit audio has further raised the expectations on gabbar singh. Our movie will reach the expectations of each and every one. The out put is just extra ordinary.gabbar singh will be the biggest hit in Pawan Kalyns career, said Ganesh Babu.
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