Gabbar Singh teaser gets 5lakh clicks in two days

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Gabbar Singh Teaser gets 5lakh clicks only in 2 days ALL INDIA Record

This is Power of Pawan Kalyan

For all those Fans groups and general public who have doubts on pawan kalyans waning craze…here is an answer in the form of Gabbar Singh.How short may be the teaser or how small may be the dialogue uttered by him, Pawans mere appearance all along the trailer is enough to create tremors in Tollywood and of course on Youtube too.

Nobody can question his un-arguable star charisma. With a below average film like Panjaa delivered some time ago, who can expect such tremendous response for pawan kalyans new avatar as Gabbar Singh? This shows the fortitude of his dedicated Fan base spread across various states and countries. Flops and Hits dont matter for them. Looks as if, Pawans following goes higher and higher with each day, said one of the Power Star Fans. 

Disturbing 50 Day Centers of 'Businessman'

Disturbing 50 Day Stats of 'Businessman'
When you are unable to please with transparency, at the least confuse the opposition to rake some debate. This seems to be the formula RR Movie Makers are following with their flick businessmannearing to 50 days. Yes, one of the posters released into media circles enumerating the 50 days records of film has some sort of confused, disturbing statistics. 

While trade analysts say 50 days centers ofbusinessman are going to be less than 70, the above poster speaks of 350. Nevertheless, read the first line in poster properly. It announces of movie amassing Record Collections in 350 Centers and no where did producers affirm of film being ran for 50 days in that many number of theatres. If such is the case, one might question as why are makers diverting the attention on collections when the poster is actually meant to officially announce their half century. Any how, businessman although reaching 50 days mark still successfully continues to give shocks to audience and trade pundits with its variety of proof-less records.

Businessman 50 days Centers

Prince Mahesh Babu's Businessman Posters Creates new fake records
Producers announced 50 days in 350 centers but the film actually run in lessthan 70 centers

Two Reasons for Kurnool Rachcha

Two Reasons for Kurnool Rachcha
Many people raised their eye brows when they came to know the news that ram charan's 'Rachcha' audio release function would be held in the town of Kurnool. Off late,  it has been a common practice that the audio release functions are held in Hyderabad. But why is this change of venue for the audio release function of 'Rachcha'? Is there any strategy involved in it? According to the sources, two reasons are responsible for 'Rachcha's' function at Kurnool. One of the reasons is said to be cine reason while the other one is political reason. Their details are as follows.
CINEMA REASON: ram charan's 'Magadheera' movie had a marathon run of more than two years in Kurnool city. It is said to be an all time long run record for any Telugu movie in 81 years of Telugu film history. In token of expressing his gratitude to the people of Kurnool, ram charan is known to have recommended this venue to the makers. 
POLITICAL REASON: It is a known thing that Allagadda MLA, Sobha Nagireddy is supporting YSR Congress Party. Chiranjeevi has reportedly felt that she has back stabbed him. He is said to have taken a decision to teach her a lesson by showing his power in Kurnool Parliamentary constituency and also to prove his craze among the people is unbreakable. So, he recommended the makers to arrange the audio release function in Kurnool city.

Nitin's Ishq Movie Review

Release date: 24 Feb 2012
Director : Vikram K Ku
Producer : M Vikram Gaudmar
Music Director : Anoop Rubens
Starring: Nitin , Nithya Menon

Tollydownload Rating ::: 3/5
Nitin and Nithya teamed up for the movie ‘Ishq’. The film has been directed by Vikram Kumar and Shreshta Movies has produced the film. The movie has the legendary P.C.Sriram as the cinematographer. Ishq released worldwide today, so let us see how the movie is.
Story :
Rahul (Nitin) is a very jovial and friendly guy who likes to have fun and play practical jokes. He comes across a beautiful and lively girl Priya (Nithya) while flying to Hyderabad and he falls for her. Unexpected circumstances force the aircraft to land at Goa and they are forced to stay there for a day. Rahul slowly wins Priya over with his jovial and good nature. By the time they get to Hyderabad, they are deeply in love with each other.
But that is where the story takes a twist. Priya’s brother Shiva (Ajay) enters the scene and it so happens that Shiva and Rahul have a past. What is the issue that links them together? Will Shiva accept the relationship between Priya and Rahul? That forms the rest of the story.
Plus Points :
Nitin and Nithya Menon have delivered superb performances. They share good screen chemistry and they make a lovely pair. This is undoubtedly one of Nitin’s best performances. He is cool and his characterization is very fresh. Nithya looks cute and beautiful. She is gorgeous in sarees and she delivers a neat performance.
The movie looks great visually and P.C. Sriram is the biggest asset for the film (More on this in technical section). The romantic track between Nitin and Nithya has been handled in a very classy and mature fashion.
Nagineedu is ok as Nithya’s father. Ajay is good in the role of Shiva. He shows fine variations as man with multiple shades – a devoted son, psychotic lover, caring husband and angry brother. Ali is good in his brief role. Srinivas Reddy and Thagubothu Ramesh entertain in cameo appearances. Rohini is alright as Jaya aunty from Goa.
There is subtle humour throughout and some scenes have come out really well, especially the scenes in Goa and Nitin’s scenes with Ajay. Songs have been shot outstandingly well – especially ‘ Oh Priya’.
Minus Points :
There are some highly illogical sequences in the movie. Will the Hyderabad Airport be closed for almost 2 days because of rains? Will a 1940 vintage Jeep keep up with a modern and powerful car on Hyderabad’s Outer Ring Road? Such simple issues should have been taken care of.
The movie turns extremely predictable at times in the second half and pace slows down. Satya Krishna, Sindhu Tolani and Supreet are wasted in insignificant roles.
The all important ‘commercial elements’, which are turning out to be crucial these days, are few and far between.
Technical Aspects :
P.C.Sriram shows once again why he is held in such high esteem. Cinematography is outstanding and every frame is beautiful. His brilliance is even more evident when it comes to picturization of songs. Dialogues by Hari Samala are decent and they are pretty humorous at times.
Editing is neat. Choreography of songs is good. Background score provided by Anoop Rubens and Aravind Shankar is good.
Verdict :
Ishq is a classy and beautiful love story. The chemistry between Nitin and Nithya Menon is a treat to watch. Beautiful cinematography, good dialogues and some very nice scenes are major assets. The movie is let down in places by some illogical sequences, predictable narration and slow pace. The lack of mass commercial elements might also hamper the movie in B and C centers. You will love Ishq if you like urbane romantic comedies. For me, its a good watch

Gabbar Singh Movie Teaser new Records

Pawan Kalyan's upcoming film Gabbar Singh Creates new records in Youtube

Allu Arjun changes his mindset for Success

Allu Arjun changes his mindset for Success
Stylish Star Allu Arjun teamed up with acclaimed filmmaker Selvaraghavan ('Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule', '7/G Brundavan Colony' fame) for a tri-lingual film (Telugu/Tamil/Malayalam), which will go to the floors soon.

After the disastrous result of Varudu and Badrinath, Allu Arjun is very cautious while signing films and is preferring good scripts, than star directors. In the past, he used to bank heavily on hotshot directors as they were a safe bet. But his recent failures forced him to think otherwise. Now, the actor has no reservations about working with debutant/flop/tamil directors, if the script narrated by them is good enough.

Selvaraghavan's script is one of those rare ones, which is a perfect blend of content and commercial elements. Bunny is all set romance Shruti Hassan for the first time in this film. The regular shooting of this big budget extravenga which costs around Rs 45 crores, will start by the end of 2012.

Ram Charan's Rachha Story leaked

Ram Charan's Rachha Story leaked

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Gabbar Singh Official Teaser

Check Out Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Latest Sensational First Look Teaser of Gabbar Singh

TV Channel Targeting Mega & Rebel Fans

As usually mega fans are getting embarrassed with the discussion program titled Who is going to be the Number One Hero? that is likely to be telecasted on 23rd February (today) from 6.30 PM onwards in a reputed News channel. As per the details, that channel has reportedly invited Fans of different heroes to participate in the discussion. Here lies the cause of their worry.

As per them, candidates selected by the channel on behalf of other heroes might be good at giving the data of shares and records of their heroes. On the other hand, they are suspecting that participants to be selected on behalf of Mega compound might not be a capable person as the same thing was witnessed in previous discussion programs.

Also, Power Star Pawan Kalyan Fans are worrying that this channel is definitely going to be humiliated them as they have done earlier. Moreover, Rebel Star Prabhas Fans also hating these kinds of programs because their heros name was never mentioned by this particular channel in the list of contenders to Number One position. Now, dont you know this channel folks

Nandamuri fans angry with Balakrishna

Nandamuri Fans, who gave the status of demi-god to top-hero Balakrishna are feeling jerky with the decisions of their star. A film and film's heroines are irking them, according to reports.

With no big happenings for them for both on Sankranthi and Sivarathri, N-fans are worried a lot. Balayya's no interference strategy in ADHINAYAKUDU release is sending negative vibes across fan base. On the other hand, the presence of Parvathi Melton and Isha Chawla in a latest film of their demi-god is making them furious. They are saying that the makers have casted someone who are an exact mismatch alongside Balayya. Parvathi looks sleazy and in-expressive, while Isha is more of bulk in skin and very short in performance, says a fan.

Resentment is growing among them with no one from N-camp giving them happiness. The presence of Tarakaratna's NANDEESWARUDU in Sankranthi race left only tears, says another fan. Well, it is time for Nandamuri heroes to deliver something 'sweet' to cool them up and at least, a first look of a movie like DAMMU can satisfy them, it looks.

Heroine is Not a Big Deal for Pawan Kalyan!

After Panjaa miserable failure, Pawan fans started a rigorous introspection of what exactly went wrong with the movie.Interestingly, there were few strange discussions that are making rounds in the internet.They quote that the choice of Pawan's heroines as one of the reason behind Pawan's straight failures.So what is the effect of heroines in Pawan movies? Is heroine a big deal for top hero like Pawan Kalyan? His success and failure graphs provide us required answers.
All through his career, Pawan Kalyan mostly worked with either new or less popular heroines.Be it Devayani, Keerthi Reddy, Renu Deshai, Ameesha Patel,Preethi Jinganiya;In most of the successful movies, he romanced with low profile heroines, who are not capable of adding any extra zing.It is just Pawan Kalyan's dynamism that fetched him the powerstar status.For that matter not only Pawan Kalyan, lately all in big heroes movies heroine role is mostly restricted to songs and few namesake scenes.Even we think a top heroine with a meaty role will have significant positive effect in Pawan movies, chemistry between Trisha and Pawan Kalyan worked really well in Theenmar and it did not a ensure any hit.
The choice of heroine is again into limelight with the selection of Kajal in 'Cameraman...Rambabu'.So even if it is Kajal Agarwal, we cannot take anything for granted because only a sensible story and powerful narration will be soul for the movie.

First Response on 'Rey' Trailer

First Response on 'Rey' Trailer

The heatless ‘Nippu’ has also got a special package of ‘rey’ trailer screened in all it’s theatres at interval. Although this show from Raviteja is disappointing, film maker cum director YVS Chowdary seems to have taken care in projecting Sai Dharam Teja as his hero for ‘rey.’ Yes, the first response is not totally satisfactory but majority are definitely to consider Dharam as a Stylish Hero for the kind of costumes and hair styles he maintained.  
Apparently the trailer has no big surprises because it does not contain any motion clippings but is just an assembly of all wallpapers or what some call it a digital trailer. Anyways, YVS confirmed of ‘rey’ hitting the screens in June which is Happy News for Mega Fans.

Fans Talk: Ready to Crash Mahesh Babu

Fans Talk: Ready to Crash Mahesh Babu

The main strength of Mahesh Babu’s recent ‘Businessman’ is director Puri Jagannath and his razor sharp punch dialogues. The way, Puri outlined Mahesh’s character with high energetic action backdrop of Mumbai made the flick to stand as one more mile stone in Prince’s career. As usually the expectations are building high now on Puri’s new flick to start in May with pawan kalyan titled as ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Ram Babu.’
Sources say Puri is determined to pen still more powerful punches suiting exactly to the caliber and actual potential of Pawan. However none of the directors who dealt Pawan till this day failed to utilize his peak stamina which Puri is going to touch now. Fans who very well know the sweet timing of Power Star are confident that ‘Ram babu’ is going to crash every new record created by Mahesh in last one year or so. Let us hope so.

Rachcha audio release postponed

Rachcha audio releaseRamcharan, Tamanna starrer Rachcha movie’s audio release is postponed to 4th march, but the venue is the same at S.T.B.B.C. College Grounds in Kurnool.
Charan’s close friend RANA has requested to give his movie Naa Ishtam, atleast two weeks gap in march last week.
So charan postponed both movie and audio function by a week.
Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and tamil director Shankar are expected as chief guests for this function and producers are already making preparations.
Rachcha’s first teaser will also be released along with music composed by mani sharma.
Rachcha also starrs Mukesh Rishi, Ravi Babu and Aamir Ajmal as villains.
Rachcha is slated for 5th April 2012 release

Gabber Singh - Leaked Scenes, Trailer (Pavan Kalyan)

Gabbar Singh Leaked Trailer Watch Now

Sherlyn Chopra Hot Pics

Sherlyn Chopra is an Indian model, singer and actress. Sherlyn Chopra was born in Hyderabad in 1984 to George/Amitabh Chopra and Susan Chopra. She has a brother and a sister, DJ Sharon. She did her schooling from Stanley Girls High School. Gradually losing interest in her studies, Sherlyn Chopra relocated herself to Hindi films.

Sherlyn Chopra Wallpapers 2010

Sherlyn Chopra Wallpapers 2010

Sherlyn Chopra Wallpapers 2010

Sherlyn Chopra Wallpapers 2010
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