Mahesh follows only Chiru's follower

Mahesh follows only Chiru's follower

For all those who look frequently into Mahesh Babu’s Twitter account will easily know who the one person Prince is following from long time? Yes, he is industrialist and one of the best entrepreneurs jaydev galla of Amararaja Batteries. He is also the son of senior Congress minister Galla Aruna Kumari. Now, reports have been coming official that Aruna Kumari started lobbying her son’s name for Tirupati Assembly by polls.
‘There are others in the party trying to get the ticket for Tirupathi but I am open and my son will definitely get it. Even though, party chooses any other person we will give our support. I will take the support of Chiranjeevi as soon as he resigns as Tirupathi MLA. Once Chiru cleared the air that none of his family members will be fielded in his place, now I can seek his support fro my son,’ said Galla Aruna Kumari to media.

Golden Legs: Pawan to Ishq; Bunny to Ee Rojullo

Golden Legs: Pawan to Ishq; Bunny to Ee Rojullo

power star pawan kalyan is being regarded as the golden leg for the team of 'Ishq', as he attended the Chief Guest of the audio release of 'Ishq' movie, and subsequently the movie has ended the thirst for the success to the young hero Nitin. The movie became a cool winner of this season. 
It is a known news that Stylish Star Allu Arjun attended as the Chief Guest of the youthful movie, 'Ee Rojullo'. The movie has made with very less budget and all new hero and heroines. This movie was released on 23rd March on Ugadi day. Leaving a big surprise to many trade experts, the movie received huge openings and super positive response from the youth audience. As per the current trends, the movie is going to be 'safe' in just two or three days. The team of 'Ee Rojullo' are said to be very happy with Allu Arjun, who released the audio of their movie and gave moral support to them. The director of this movie, Maruthi, has expressed his gratitude towards Allu Arjun, in the titles of the movie. 

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Almanacs Say 'Rajayogam' to Chiru

'Nandana Nama Samvatsaram' has entered the Telugu land today. Everybody, is busy listening to his horoscope in new Telugu almanacs. Obviously, many people who are interested in politics are eager to know the fate of our politicians for this Telugu new year. Interestingly, almost all the almanacs say that chiranjeevi is having the Rajayogam' for this year.It is a known news that chiranjeevi has recently nominated for Rajyasabha by the Congress Party. As per the status of his horoscope this year, he is likely to be taken as a deputy minister or cabinet minister for the center, which is equal to the cadre of state CM.

As far as the other observations are concerned, the Congress Party will rule the party without any disturbances this year. Even though, having a big threat from some of the cabinet ministers, the CM will continue to rule the state uninterrupted for this year. The opposition leader Mr.N.Chandrababu Naidu gets no loss and no gain for this year. Interestingly, the YSR Party head Mr.Y.S.Jaganmohan Reddy and the TRS head Mr.KCR will have to face hardships this year, despite their victories in recent by-polls. One of the leading newspapers of Telugu has also revealed the horoscopes of our leaders today.


AR Rahman literally cheated Rajinikanth. The Oscar winner called Rajini to attend the song recording session and then insisted that he should render the song himself. Though Rajini was not at all prepared for this, Rahman and lyricist Vairamuthu convinced him to do it.
Once it was confirmed that only the Superstar should render the song, he immediately had Vairamuthu teach him the right pronunciations. Rajini wanted to get the pronunciation right and hence had Vairamuthu by his side throughout, say sources.

Is Daruvu Sequel Of Yamuduki Mogudu ?

Mass Maharaj Raviteja upcomming movie ‘Darrvu’ is sequel of Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Superduper hit Film ‘ Yamuduki Mogudu’, this news has been airing in media circle and krishnanagar, Shiva was directed the film, and Burugupalli shivaramakrishna is produced, Thaman is scored music, coming to the movie concept is Yamadhramraju(Kaikalasathyanarayana) and Chithragupthudu(Brahmanandam) has been staying for many years, there is t igo problem between them, chithraguptha did his job irregulary because of that raviteja lost his life, he came to Narakam then he has known his death matter, he demands to get back his life, yama and chithra also in dailama  rest of the story is very funniest. let us watch on silver screen..

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Ramcharan and priyanka Chopra in zanjeer remake

Mega Power Star Ramcharan tej and Bollywood top heroine Priyanka Chopra are together acts in Zanjeer Remake

Chiru: The Golden Leg of the State

Chiru: The Golden Leg of the State
Although some of the politicians from opposition political parties and some of the haters of Chiranjeevi are slamming Chiranjeevi to the maximum extent for merging his PRP into the Congress, the opinions of most of the Mega fans seem to be different.

According to Mega fans, Chiranjeevi has turned out to be the golden leg for merging his party into the Congress Party. They say that if Chiranjeevi had not merged his party into the Congress party, definitely there would have been a chance of mid term elections to be taken place. As per the present inflation rate, a total of Rs.20,000 crores would have been wasted through different political parties for election campaigning. Further, these expenses are to be born by the people in the form of price raise of daily commodities. Chiranjeevi is said to have broken the conspiracies of some of the selfish people of the state, who severely tried to bring mid term elections to the state.

Finally, Mega fans are saying that Chiranjeevi might be an iron leg for some of the ardent supporters of PRP and some of the opposition political parties. However, he has been emerged as a golden leg for 8 crores of the people of Andhra Pradesh.

GS Dialogue Hilarious Parodies

GS Dialogue Hilarious Parodies

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's 'Gabbar Singh' movie's teaser was released some days ago and received amazing response from his fans as well as cine lovers, as one dialogue uttered by Pawan Kalyan went on viral as it appeared to be a one liner powerful dialogue. The dialogue goes on like this;

Some of the netigens created parodies on the above dialogue on some of the celebrities of tollywood. Those celebrities and the dialogues on them are as follows.

Not 'Dabangg,' this is Pawan's 'Gabbar Singh'

For all those Bollywood lovers in Tollywood who watched Salman Khans Dabangg numerous times are here to get their doubts cleared. All those queries targeted on how can Pawan balance the act of Salman in the form of Gabbar Singh are slow finding some answers. Yes, director Harish Shankar has manipulated the entire script of Dabangg to suit better for the tastes of Telugu audience and match the towering image of Pawan.

Accordingly, climax action episodes recently canned with nearly 20 Tata Sumo vehicles involved in big chases is going to be one of the highlights in film. Even hero introduction action scenes filled with lots of power are presently to be shot in Gujarat, exactly in those areas where Magadheera horse chasing scenes were shot by SS Rajamouli. More than this, even from songs and story narration point of view…more than Salmans Dabangg it will be Pawans one man show here in Telugu. So, get ready folks…Harish is ready to deliver a blockbuster and end the winning drought of Power Star Fans.

NTR-Charan @ Redefines Star-Friendship!!

Clashes are the only thing heard between the fans of these star heroes and even the actors are taking a dig at each other whenever they get chance. But, Young Tiger NTR and Megapowerstar Ramcharan are redefining the meaning of a 'star' and 'star-friendship'.
Big stars generally feel like not attending the functions or events of their counterparts. This is what we call 'attitude'. They generally move friendly with another actor who is less of his stardom, but not with an equivalent. But, Junior shocked everyone by gracing the engagement function of Charan. More than his attendance, his close moving with Powerstar opened the eyes of many cynics who never want these two big scions (the Mega and the Nandamuri) to meet.
Today, Charan took his chance to show the value he gives for friendship. Junior's prestigious movie 'Baadshah' under the direction of Sreenu Vytla is launched today and none other than Ramcharan clapped the muhurat shot. More than this, after the event got over, NTR has left the venue in Ramcharan's car and the two alone. While the 'engagement' thing is a private party, this is a very public function where these two crowned heroes have defined that good stars can be good friends two. A good sign for Telugu industry folks! What do you say?

APRIL: Full of Festivals to Mega Fans

Mega fans are eagerly waiting for the month of April. As per them, April is filled with full of celebration time for Mega heroes. Every hero of their family is expected to make a good move.Their details are as follows.

chiranjeevi: If the reports from political sources are to be believed, chiranjeevi has been chosen by the Congress high command, as one of the members of Rajyasabha. The elections will be held on 31st of this month. So, it is going to be a cake walk for Chiru getting elected as the M.P.of Rajyasabha and hence April is considered to be the celebration time for the Mega Star.

PAWAN KALYAN: Pawan Kalyan's highly anticipated movie 'Gabbar Singh's audio will be launched on 7th April in a 'never ever' manner. As per Power Star's fans, this movie is going to be a comeback movie for Pawan Kalyan.

RAM CHARAN: The hot topic of this season every where across the state is 'Rachcha'. As per our reliable sources, the tentative release date of this movie is 6th April. As per the film unit sources, this movie is going to be the full-fledged mass entertainer for Ram Charan for the first time in his career.

Times of India Confirms Magadheera as NO 1

TOI Confirms Magadheera as Number 1

One of the leading English newspapers of India, 'times of india' revealed the list of top grosser movies of India. Mega Power Star Ram Charan's 'Magadheera' was positioned with no.6 in the list. Despite being a regional movie, 'Magadheera' occupied no.6th in the list is definitely a great feat achieved by the movie. Top six grossers of India are as follows.


--------------------- --------------------------


3 IDIOTS 275

ROBO 250




Based on the particulars of the above list, Ram Charan's fans are advising Mahesh Babu's fans to stop arguing about 'Dookudu' as number one grosser of tollywood as the list clearly indicates 'Magadheera' competes with even bollywood movies also, in collecting big shares.

Racha Fans Hoping Mixed C Reports

Rachcha Fans Hoping Mixed C Reports
As we reported earlier, some of the Ram Charan's fans are following a different strategy for making their hero's 'racha' movie, a grand success. Earlier, they wished 'racha' should get mixed pre release reports and they got success in achieving that task. Now, they are strongly hoping that the movie should get mixed talk or poor talk in censor reports.

Why are those fans thinking strangely about the talks of their hero's movie? When we contacted some of the fans about this view, they came out with their opinions. As per them, Ram Charan's previous movie, 'Orange' got positive buzz everywhere before its release. Even songs also created such an impact that the movie would be a musical blockbuster. Subsequently, lot of expectations were generated on the movie. Unfortunately, all the fans were said to have shocked after watching the movie on its first day. The movie went on with a very slow narration and finally it bit the dust at the box office. "Under any circumstances, 'rachcha' should not get positive buzz before its release. If we go with less expectations to watch the movie, we might wonder with the performance of Ram Charan in the movie and definitely the movie will be registered as a blockbuster at the box office." says one of the Mega fans.

Pawan Kalyan to expose the dark secrets

Pawan Kalyan to expose the dark secrets 

If Power Star fans are expecting a commercial entertainer out of Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu, then get ready to be surprised with the film. Why because the buzz from film nagar says that CGR is a controversial film laced with Puri's trademark entertainment. This film is going to expose the dark truths behind news media.

Puri Jagan has been toying with the idea of making a film which focuses on the inside scoop of news media. He narrated the idea to many heroes but none have really dared to be a part of it. Prabhas is one among those heroes who backed out of this film fearing the controversies. Prabhas chose to do Ek Niranjan over this script. Even Pawan Kalyan heard this script long back, but didn't respond positively as he had few questions over the concept.

Puri worked on those and rewritten the script and this time Power star didn't find any reason to reject it. However, the buzz says that the controversial aspect is still intact and once CGR hits the marquee we could expect a major controversy to hit the headlines. If this buzz has to be believed the sensation it could create with the name Pawan Kalyan attached to it will be unimaginable, isn't it?  

Young hero crying on Nitin's success

Nitin back on track means a lot of equations will be changed among the young heroes slot. Nitin's failures along with the downfall of heroes like Tarun and Uday Kiran opened gates to others like Siddharth and Varun Sandesh. These are the heroes who were benefitted with the flop streak of Nitin and co.

But now Nitin has registered a decent hit with Ishq and also have realized where his strength lies. Nitin tried to fit in to the shoes of an action hero and has bought flops in that process. Finally his eyes were opened with Ishq's success and he is staying grounded. Nitin is now ready to do soft romantic entertainers.

Nitin's success and the change of his game plan are sending shock waves to Varun Sandesh, who has been out of form for a while. Nitin is a better hero than Varun on any day. Nitin attracts family audiences as well as young audiences better than Varun and also has a slight following among the masses. So the producers obvious choice in his league would be Nitin now and that means Varun has serious problems to counter with.  

Rana settles with an aunty!

Rana settles with an aunty!

                Daggubati Rana has been in search of finding a proper Jodi for his film Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum that is being directed by Krish. Rana has been saying that Krish is in search of a tall heroine and he is finding it tough to find one that perfectly matches him. Interestingly, Krish has signed up Nayanthara for this role, says the buzz.

Nayanthara opposite Rana doesn't sound right because the actress is mostly cast opposite senior actors. Although Nayan paired up with actors like Jr. NTR, she is mostly preferred by the age bar heroes. Of late she has been doing films with fifty plus heroes like Balakrishna and Nagarjuna. So pairing up with twenty five year old Rana will look as well as sound odd.

Krish tried his best to rope in his 'Saroja' Anushka for this role, but she has been extremely busy in Tamil to consider his request. So the director has reportedly settled for Nayanthara, who is not at all a 'tall heroine'. Agree Rana? 
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