Mega Fan Counter to ABN | ABN proves anti mega channel

N Tv lo CHIRANJEEVI gaari gurinchi POSITIVE gaa VIJETHA Program vachhesariki bhayapadina ABN Channel ee roju LIVE PROGRAM Chesimdi " CHIRANJEEVI AMTARANGAM" Ani NARASIMHARAO vishleshanatho..... POORTHIGAA CHIRANJEEVI ni vimarshimchadame aa PROGRAM lakshyamgaa jarigimdi
Narasimharao matlaadthoo...... CHIRANJEEVI cm kavaalani vachhaadu , thaane CM ani feel ayyaadu , cm thappa ye lakshyamoo ledu , prajaa kaamkshe ledu , edutivaarini thana kante thakkuva ani feel avthaadu, chiranjeevi ki svaartham ekkuva annaaru

maximum callers vanni cheelchi chendaarankomdi......... okadaithe ye narasimharao neekemee pani lekumte aa tdpLO join kaa amthe kaanee chiranjeevini vimarshimchadame pani pettukokannaadu... vaani call cut chesaaru ABN

CALLS Chesina vaarilo JANAKIRAN Eastgodavari , Satish Kakinada , Shankargoud Hyd , Shyam Vijayawada , Gopi Guntur , Ramesh Nalgonda unnaaaru

Hyderabad numchi chesina SHANKER GOUD " narasimharao" ni oka prashna vesaadu.... AYYAA PROGRAM BAAGUNDI , CHIRANJEEVI GAARI AMTARAMGAM GURIMCHI CHALAA BAANE CHEPTHUNNAARU.... Sare sir narasimharao gaaru MEERU CHIRANJEEVI gaarini enni times kalisaaro teluskovachhaa ? aayana amtaramgaanni vishlesimchina meeru AAYANANI enni times kalisaaro koodaa prajalaki cheppamdi sir ani adigaadu
Daaniki NARASIMHARAO reply isthooo.... Nenu Chiranjeevi gaarini imthavarakoo kalavaledu , aayana gurimchi TV lo vachhe programs , Aticles , MEDIAlo vachhe vishleshanalu follow ayyi chepthunnaanu AAYANA AMTARAMGAM gurimchi annaadu...... So CHIRANJEEVI GAARI GURIMCHI VISHELSIMCHINA AAYANA GAARU CHIRANJEEVI GAARINI imthavarakoo kalavaledata ....

Oka VYAKTI GURIMCHI , ADeee aayana behaviour gurimchi chepthunnanna CHANNEL kaneesam AA VISHLESHAKUDU AAYANA tho saanihityam umdaa ledaa teluskokumdaa kevalam CHIRANJEEI IMAGEni debba teeyaalane CONCEPT tho adda daarlu thokkuthumdi... JOURNALSIM VALUES ni teesestunnaaree channel

Mega Unity can keep them No.1

Mega Unity can keep them No.1
Is rachcha success going to be the happy moment to prove Mega Familys unity? While rumors are making rounds on rift between Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi from a very long time, Gabbar Singh audio has been treated like an occasion to guarantee Fans on unity with in their family. In fact, a win always gives new energy and similar is the happy atmosphere seen in Mega Fans associations.

We are enjoying the massive success of rachcha.This has been long awaited and fruits are obviously to taste much sweeter. In this joyous occasion, we wanted to see both Chiru and Pawan come together and share a single stage. Dont know whether it can be Gabbar Singh audio launch orrachcha success meet…exactly what we crave for is this family to stay as single entity. If they are one, incontestably Tollywood Number One Chair will always be with in their ambit, an opinion shared by Mega Fans.

Ram charan became new icon in Industry

tollywood new megastar

When Ram Charan created history with Magadheera, most of the film analysts and other heroes fans gave credit to Rajamouli. They didn't even consider the fact that Rajamouli has done films with other heroes in the past and has never broken industry record even once. When Orange flopped, critics again said that Magadheera's credit solely goes to Rajamouli.

But a real mass hero's stamina can't be estimated with a film like Orange. When Racha was announced with a relatively new director, who directed a B grade film as his debut, then the same critics and analysts again said that this film will be the litmus test for Ram Charan's stamina as a star. First three movies of Charan were directed by proved directors. Racha was directed by Sampath Nandi, whose name is not known to many of the regular filmgoers even.

Now Charan has shut all the mouths of his critics with Racha by breaking the first day collection record by a huge margin. He has done this with a new director, weak audio and with a film which did not have any pre release buzz whatsoever. A star's stamina is estimated when he can get this sort of collections irrespective of the director. In that case, Ram Charan is as big as Megastar in terms of crowd pulling capabilities. Keep it up Cherry.

Ramcharan Shocks Mahesh Babu With Overseas Collections!!

Mega Power Star Ramcharan shocks Super Star Mahesh Babu at overseas with Racha record breaking collections breaking all the previous records of Dookudu and Businessman creating a All Time Record by collecting $650k(rentrak) and $400k(non-rentrak) total 1.05mill dollars for the first day of release .
Racha is the first movie to cross $ 1 million on the first day itself ….with this record Ramcharan snached the tag of ” Baadshah of Overseas ” from Mahesh Babu.
Maga fans are proudly saying that  ” Maa vadu vachindhe records baddalu kottadaniki”.

Racha Two Days AP Shares

Mega Power Star Ram Charan's 'rachcha' movie collected an all time record share of 12.90 crores for two days in A.P. Area wise break up shares is as follows.


------------ ----------------------------------------

NIZAM 3.80

CEDED 3.10




VIZAG 1.27




Most Controversial dialogues in Racha

Mega Power Star RACHA releases yesterday and got super Hit Talk in B and C centers and Positive talk in A centers. In this movie Cherry Targets anti camp heroes The most punch dailogues are

"Edo chusukuni thodalu kottukune type kadura nenu" A punch dialogue for NTR family heroes

"Charitra rayadaniki vayasutho paniledu Prajala anda vunte chalu " which counter for balakrishna's simha dialogue and balayya comments on cherry on sriramarajyam function

at starting seen Ajmal says "Naa TRACK RECORD telusukuni bett kattu"
then Venumadhav replies " Maa Vaadu Vachindhe RECORDS baddalu kottadaniki " as reply o Mahesh babu's dookudu dialogue.

these dialogus gets tremendous response in Theaters

Racha First day industry records | First day Collections

As what is expected by Fans and anticipated by trade pundits, Mega Power Star has begun his record breaking stunt with first day collections of rachcha. As per a report from inner sources close to Mega Camp, the (un)official figure came out is Rs.8.54 Crores as the first day share forrachcha. This is an all time Telugu film industry record which will be cherished by Cherry Fans. In most of centers across Rayalaseema, East and West...definitely 'rachcha' is set to go on a rampage.

Producers are planning to make the number official in minimum time while strong mouth talk from B & C center audiences might keep rachcha in business for long time. Let us see, how Cherry will set the new benchmarks for Tollywoods upcoming summer releases. This is what Fans are calling as 'Mega Power' of 'Mega Power Star.'

Racha Movie First Day Collections

Racha Movie First Day Collections
Racha Movie First Day Collections

Ram Charan has surprised everybody with Racha. The film has opened to positive trade reports all over the state. Public response & openings were especially good in massy Ceeded where Racha is headed for an all time record Day1. The film has also opened to promising reports in Andhra districts especially in Guntur. In Nizam too it is doing equally well but not as solid as Ceeded though. Public talk on the whole is ranging from average to good but openings were superb.

Meanwhile, early estimates indicate that Racha is headed for a 8Cr+ AP Day1 with all the possibility of creating a new record by beating Oosaravelli`s 7.3 Cr.

Mega Punch with 'Rachcha'

Mega Punch with 'Rachcha'

Lot of noise is being made by the Mega fans everywhere across the state, as their favourite hero's 'rachcha' has been released with record number of prints in the state. In 'Bheemavarm' town of West Godavari District, the movie is being screened 59 shows in 14 theaters on its first day of release and it is an all time record for the town.Furthermore, the initial reports are turned out to be in favour of Charan's fans. In this scenario, one of the Mega fans is caught with uttering a punch dialogue. That goes on the following way.

Mega Fans Blaming Nandamuri Heroes

Mega Fans Blaming Nandamuri Heroes

Writers desperately need to pen a few controversial dialogues and heroes have to play the same for mass audience. In the current trend, new release of ‘Rachcha’ where in ramcharan indirectly attacked Balakrishna and Junior NTR with sharp dialogues of Paruchuri Brothers is highly debated in film circles. Couple of dialogues which go like, ‘Vayasu Ayipoyina Musalodivi…Chatitra Tiraga Rayadam Neekemi Telusu’ and ‘Edo Choosukuni Thodalu Kotte Type Kaaduraa Nenu’ can provide enough clues on whom ramcharan has targeted these. 
When few of the Mega Fans are questioned on why ramcharan took such drastic step to attack on opposite camp, they said ‘initially such verbal attacks were started only by Nandamuri Heroes in films like ‘Simha’ and ‘Ashok.’ They will still continue the same in upcoming movies. May be, ramcharan is forced to understand the sentiments of Fans and Paruchuri Brothers reacted as per the situational demand. We hope to see an end for this kind of assaults in future.’

Rachcha' is Morale Booster for Big Summer

'Rachcha' is Morale Booster for Big Summer

Super hit talk for any star hero, high budget film will be a morale boost up for entire film industry because of low success rates witnessed in Tollywood. Like wise, positive buzz for ‘rachcha’ primarily from B & C centers is received happily by each and every one in film circles. In fact, this well beginning of ‘rachcha’ will work as tremendous push for the current summer season.     
In no time Rajamouli tweeted, ‘CONGRATULATIONS CHARAN!!! Racha took a mind boggling opening Good start4 d summer season Charan&tamanna onscreen chemistry worked infavour.’ This is how, upcoming summer releases like ‘Dammu, Adhinayakudu, Eega and Gabbar Singh’ will have their confidence levels rise high. In such case, the hit talk for ‘rachcha’ is not only to offer a respite for Mega Fans but also for Fans of all the heroes. That is good gesture indeed. Let us wish all the best for all big ticket releases

Racha Review Rating 3.5/5

Cast: Ram Charam Tej, Tamanna, Ajmal, Mukesh Rushi, Dev Gill, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Nassar, Parthiban, Venu Madhav, Ravi Babu, Srinivasa Reddy, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Thagubothu Ramesh, Ali, Brahmanandam, Dharmavarapu, LB Sriram, Krishna Bhagawan, Fish Venkat, Geetha, Sudha, Geetu Singh, Satya Krishnan, Jhansi, Hema, Pragati, etc
Music: Mani Sharma 
 Sameer Reddy
 Paruchuri Brothers
Art: Anand Sai
Editing: Gowtam Raju
Story - screenplay - direction: Sampath Nandi
Producers: NV Prasad & Paras Jain
Release date
: 5 April 2012

Rating 3.5/5


rachaRaj (Ram Charan Tej) is called as betting Raj because of his obsession for betting. James (Ajmal) is his betting enemy. Raj wants 10 lacs for the surgery of his adopted father. James is ready to offer 10 lacs as betting amount if Raj woos and wins over Chaitra (Tamanna). Chaitra is the daughter of a billionaire Bellary (Mukesh Rishi) The rest of the story is all about how Raj makes Chaitra fall for him and the troubles that follow.
Artists Performance
rachaRam Charan Tej: Ram Charan has proved himself as a terrific man for the masses with his first two films. He has chosen a safe and time-tested mass script this time. He is excellent with dialogues, dances, fights and mannerisms. You can find a lot of references to Gharana Mogudu in his mannerisms.
rachaOthers: Tamanna has a weighty role in this movie and does justice. She has danced with amazing fluidity. Ajmal (Rangam fame) plays an important role and he is good. Mukesh Rushi is routine. Brahmanandam’s comedy is partly okay. Ali’s cameo is nice. Parthiban is very good as the father of hero. MS Narayana is a miscast for the role of hero’s adopted father. The sympathy factor will not work out if you cast a comedian for role of a patient with critical illness. Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao did an important role.
Technical departments
rachaStory - screenplay - direction: Story of the film is in an old-format. There are a couple of interesting screenplay twists in the second half. Director Sampath Nandi chose this film to be a tribute to Chiranjeevi’s early 90’s films (Gharana Mogudu, Gang Leader etc). If you look at hero’s entrance scene, he gives away winning money to friend sister’s studies. In Gharana Mogudu, hero gives away winning money to hero friend sister’s marriage (chelli nikka pakka). When the purpose is to make a film as a tribute 90’s films, you can’t expect the direction to be fresh and new. Sampath made sure that there are fun elements in the first half and surprise elements in the second half.
rachaOther departments: Dialogues written by Paruchuri brothers are powerful as well as funny at times. They came out of their trade mark lengthy dialogue pattern and penned short/smart dialogues. There is a controversial dialogue - “Edo choosukuni thodalu kotte type kaadura nenu”. Cinematography by Sameer Reddy is mostly good. Cinematography for a few scenes in the first half is inconsistent. Music scored by Mani Sharma is good - Dilak Dilak and Vaana Vaana being the best in terms of visuals. Editing should have been crisp. Fights are well composed. Production values are grand.
rachaAnalysis: First half has a bit of fun. Second half has story and twists. Plus points of the film are Ram Charan Tej and dialogues. On the flip side, freshness in story and better handling of the film would have made this film connect with the contemporary audiences. Racha film is made for fans and masses. This is the first big star film of summer 2012 and it has garnered terrific openings. The success of the film will depend on how masses embrace it.

Why GS Release on 25th May?

Why GS Release on 25th May?

power star pawan kalyan's mass masala entertainer 'Gabbar Singh' movie was earlier expected to be released on 9th May. However, the movie is now expected to be released on 25th May for sure. But why this postponement of the movie? Read the following story.
Mega Power Star Ram Charan's 'Rachcha' movie is releasing on 5th April. The movie completes its 50 days run on 24th May. As per the inside sources, the makers are confident enough on the output of the movie. Obviously, the movie is expected to run 50 days in good number of centers. If Pawan Kalyan's 'Gabbar Singh' is released on 9th May as per the schedule, 'Rachcha' has to be shifted from its main theaters despite being run with good shares. Having predicted this problem, the makers of 'Gabbar Singh' decided to release their movie immediately after completion of 'Rachcha' movie's 50 days.

Eagerly waiting @ for Rajamouli's downfall!

Have you heard of the old adage? - 'A Tree Bearing Fruit Gets Pelted With Stones'. The same thing is happening in the case of ace filmmaker S (sure-shot). S (success). Rajamouli. It's a fact that a considerable number of people are eagerly waiting to witness his downfall. The reason behind this is Rajamouli's growing popularity and brand value, which is more than that of some of the big stars in the Industry.
"With just one flop, this so called successful director will go back to the position from where he has come from/started. Even, Dasari ruled the roost when he was in his prime. But now, there are no takers for him and he is spending the time catching the flies. History will repeat!," said a fan of a star hero, who is unhappy with Jakkanna's domination.
However, Critics says Rajamouli remains unaffected by his detractors. "Life is like a game of snakes and ladders...people will try to pull your legs when you are on top. Only the strong will survive/rule in this cruel world. And Rajamouli is one such person who is capable of delivering the best, despite all odds," said a film critic.

'Rachcha' doing 'Rachcha...Rachcha'

'Rachcha' doing 'Rachcha...Rachcha'

With less than 24 hours remaining for the release ofRachcha, makers have all of the sudden augmented the promotional standards. The best way being Electronic Media, all of the regional TV channels are populated with Rachcharelease advertisements. Never to mention, MAA TV will be again the front runner with re-telecasting ofRachcha audio launch n-no. of times.

With all new clippings of songs, fights, comedy bits and more mass punches added to existing teasers,Rachcha is doingRachcha…Rachcha on TV channels. As per the available reports from trade sources and sources close to Mega camp, there are capacious reasons forRachcha to create new wonders at BO. Especially, it is going to be Ramcharan and his mass mannerisms that are to remind Chiranjeevi for sure. Good to see, even Rachchaproducers are keeping their heart and soul to give answers for all the criticism faced by Mega Heroes in last two to three years.

Rajamouli waiting for 'Vaana Vaana...'

Rajamouli waiting for 'Vaana Vaana...'

Entire Indian film industry is awaited for one big summer release in Tollywood and that happens to be ‘Eega.’ Made as a sci-fi entertainer with revenge drama, visual graphics are going to be of core importance in drawing the National attention. As a reaction to the first trailer, obviously rajamouli’s twitter account is flooded with wishes from Ramcharan, Mahesh Babu and other celebrities.
rajamouli responded to each of them in personal. When Charan tweeted, ‘Just saw Eega movie trailer. Its superb!!! Hats off to rajamouli and his team. I guess its time now to be nice to the Eegas around us. If not..,’ as a reply Jakkanna re-tweeted ‘Glad u liked the trailer @alwayscharan. and all the best for tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the response for vaana vaana in theatre...:)’ Like rajamouli, many are waiting to see how ‘Rachcha’ is shaped up for the big screen shows.

Rachcha' Fever Catches Entire India

'Rachcha' Fever Catches Entire India

rachcha’ happens to be the first high budget release of this season after a big lull at Telugu BO. For the moment, not just in Andhra Pradesh or South India, in fact ‘rachcha’ fever has caught the entire India for its own reasons. While the name of Cherry is more recognized by National media for his awesome ‘Magadheera,’ now everything is ready even for his B-town launch with costly ‘Zanjeer.’ Obviously, North Indian audience will be inclined to see what is happening in South with ‘rachcha.’
In South, makers have made all necessary arrangements to release both Tamil and Malayalam dubbed versions of ‘rachcha’ on April 6th as ‘Ragalai’ and ‘Raksha.’ In Karnataka, as mentioned earlier it is the original Telugu version to have a massive screen count. So, this weekend is going to be unconditionally on Ramcharan’s name.

Charan To Settle As Number One!

Charan To Settle As Number One!
'Rachcha's never ever release on 5th of this month is raising many hot discussion topics among the fans of different heroes. It is an unforgettable fact that 'Magadheera' still holds the number one position in terms of its collections as well as its long run. As per the trade sources, if any hero gives an industry hit movie, he can be considered number one hero at least for a short while, till his movie's records are to be broken by another hero. Although, 'Magadheera's records have not been broken by any hero so far, Prince Mahesh Babu made lot of hulchal at the box office by giving a blockbuster (Dookudu) and a hit ( Businessman) and stands as one of the strong contenders for number one position of tollywood. 
In this scenario, 'Rachcha' is releasing with a big hype and hoopla. What if the movie breaks 'Magadheera's records or stands at least second position after 'Magadheera' ? Many trade sources and fans of Ram Charan are saying that undoubtedly Ram Charan will be considered the number one hero of tollywood even though the media and some of the people won't accept him as number one hero. Will it be possible? Let's wait for just 48 hours.

Chiranjeevi And Pawan Kalyan Comes Together!!

Mega fans have been eagerly waiting to see Megastar and Power star on one stage. Chiru and Pawan didn’t share a public dais after elections. Three of Pawan Kalyan movies were released during this time and Chiranjeevi didn’t appear at any of the audio launch ceremonies of these three movies. Even Pawan Kalyan didn’t attend Charan’s Orange and Racha audio launch.
Rumors have been rife that Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan have parted ways after the disastrous performance of Praja Rajyam and the consequences after that. However, the latest buzz from film nagar say that the mega brothers have solved the differences between them and Pawan Kalyan is happy with Chiranjeevi’s newly achieved position in Congress party.
Pawan respects the decision of his brother and has put the political differences aside, claim rumor mills. If the buzz is to be believed, Chiranjeevi will attend Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh audio launch on April 15. Charan is also expected to grace this event. If that happens, the talk about the mega family split will be put to rest.

'Rachcha' Censor Completed

Not to get into any sort of last minute hurries, makers have gone for early Censor of rachcha and the film is awarded U/A certificate. This Ramcharan, Tamanna starring action mass masala flick in the direction of Sampat Nandi has completed all the censor formalities paving the way fro grand release on April 5. We also know that audio composed by Mani Sharma has got stunning response especially for two songs. Dev Gill and Ajmal are playing villain roles while Charan will continue to show his high energetic performance yet again. Let us wait for further updates on dubbed Tamil (Ragalai) and Malayalam versions.

Chiru Directed 'Rachcha'?!

Till the last two days, everything about Rachcha is purposefully kept subdued. Dont mind even there was good amount of negative talk and neglecting approach shown towards this film. Basically, reason for this is director Sampat Nandi and he happens to be just one film old. However Charans career as a hero was also showing a declining graph post Magadheera added more to the woes of Rachcha.

Well, inner reports say that this is what Chiranjeevi wanted for Rachcha. The decision of Sampat being selected as director or flick being kept in lowest of promotional levels…everything happened as per the directions of Mega Star. Keeping the result ofOrange in view and Charan being burdened with high expectations every time, Chiru wanted to maintain low profile for Rachcha from the day one. Unfortunately, today with less than three days before release Rachcha is traveling towards positive shores. Let us see, how far Chirus decision of going with Sampat will bear the fruits?

Indian skipper Dhoni announces retirement from Test cricket

It’s finally happened. The day that Indian cricket had dreaded has finally arrived.
At around 7:30 this morning, an email from the BCCI arrived in our inbox and in a very matter-of-fact manner, informed us that Mahendra Singh Dhoni – India’s most successful skipper – had decided to quit from Test cricket, in order to concentrate on ODIs, T20s and theIndian Premier League.
“Well, I suppose, the demands of Test cricket have taken a big toll on my body. And I have decided that the best way to serve my country is to play the shorter formats. Test cricket has always been a great challenge and I enjoyed the ride while it lasted. I hope the next captain enjoys captaincy as I did,” said Dhoni.
This news hasn’t exactly come out of the blue. There had been talk of Dhoni informing BCCI president N Srinivasan about his decision even when he was in Australia. The BCCI statement is as follows:
Ever since he made his international debut in December 2004, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has strode cricketing arenas the world over, like a colossus. He has broken old records and set new benchmarks. He has been an inspiration to billions, and an ornament to the sport.
But his true achievements for India came while he was captain. He led India to the T20 crown, got the team to become world number one in Tests and even won the World Cup at home. His calm composure under pressure made him special.
For now, however, with his back injuries acting up, Dhoni has decided to quit Test cricket and concentrate on the shorter formats – namely ODIs and T20s.
The BCCI would like to thank Dhoni for his efforts and wish him continued success in the shorter formats. A decision on the next Test captain will be taken as soon as possible.
The timing of Dhoni’s decision, just before the start of the IPL season means that the BCCI will have enough time to find a replacement. Indeed, they should have seen this coming.
Dhoni has bid goodbye to Tests. AFP
Dhoni has bid goodbye to Tests. AFP
In January, during the tour of Australia, Dhoni had said: “It (captaincy) doesn’t belong to anyone. It’s a position I hold, and it’s an added responsibility. I always like to do well till I am in job but it’s not something I want to stick to. If there is a better replacement, he can come in.”
But now it seems as if Dhoni has decided that putting the ball in the BCCI’s court gets no results. Anil Kumble had quit the position of NCA chairman for the same reason. He would throw up ideas, the BCCI officials would nod their heads and nothing would happen. Nothing indeed.
But BCCI’s officials will now be forced to react and not just react but also contemplate whether the IPL is a monster that they can no longer tame.
A few years back when Chris Gayle announced that he isn’t too bothered about captaincy or Test cricket, everyone dismissed it as a one-off. But with Dhoni also going down the same road, the BCCI and the ICC should be very worried.
For now though, Indian cricket stands poorer. The same can be said for Test cricket too.

Rachcha Pre-Release Buzz: Hit / Super Hit

Rachcha Pre-Release Buzz: Hit / Super Hit
Entire Andhra Pradesh is waiting for the day of 5th April to arrive as that is going to be the day of Mega Power Stars rachcha release. Publicized as a mass action entertainer with Cherry presented altogether in a new focus from the vision of director Sampat Nandi and what to say the sensational hit talk for audio further raised the expectations. As per the talk with key unit members of rachcha,here is the pre-release inner buzz:

1. Ramcharans Aggressive, Rugged and Full of Life characterization will be the driving force.

2. Tamannas beauty is projected in never seen angles and she is just amazing.

3. There will be two villains and each has got their own significance in story narration.

4. Second Half 45 Minutes is going to be the best part and highlight of total movie.

5. Interval Bang will be highly exciting.

6. Enough Comedy in first half with big crew of all top comedians present in movie.

7. Specially canned action scenes in China and Car Chase shot in Goa will be breathtaking.

8. Script, Direction and Writing skills (in assistance with Paruchuri Bros) of Sampat Nandi are to create a big impact.

9. Picturization of Tees Maar Khan rachcha… and Vaana Vaana Velluvaye… will be one of the top features.

10. The rapid paced narration and no lagging moments are to help rachcha evolve out as an action packed entertainer.

So, folks…get ready for a mass treat from Mega Camp after a very long time. rachcha can either be a Hit or Super Hit or Industry Hit.

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