'Hitler' Sentiment To 'Rachcha'

 'Hitler' Sentiment To 'Rachcha'

Mega Star Chiranjeevi's 'Hitler' movie was released for Pongal,1997, and proved to be a blockbuster at the box office then. This movie ran 100 days in 42 direct centers, an all time record then. After a series of flops, this movie got a big success and made Chiranjeevi never turn back in his entire career. That's why this movie can be regarded as a comeback movie for Chiranjeevi. If we observe carefully the title logo of this movie, it is understood that the name of the movie is 'Chiranjeevi Hitler' but not 'Hitler'. The designer of this logo must be appreciated for the nice incorporation of Chiranjeevi's name in the title.
mega power star Ram Charan's 'Racha' title logo has been released recently. Co-incidentally, like 'Chiranjeevi Hitler', we can see the name of 'Ram Charan' in the title. The designer came up with more innovative idea, as he showed movie's title in the name of 'Ram Charan' by putting brightness shade of the letters, 'Ra' and 'Cha'. As per Mega fans, Ram Charan is coming up with a powerful movie, after an utter flop movie, 'Orange', as Chiranjeevi's 'Hitler' came after some failures to Chiranjeevi. Based on all these sentiments, Ram Charan's fans confidently say, 'Ram Charan Racha' will also be a blockbuster like 'Chiranjeevi Hitler'. Let us hope so.

Why One Crore For 'Rachcha' Audio?

We have seen the audios of many movies of recent times, including the audios of some of the top heroes have been sold out just for a maximum of  around 50 lakhs. Surprisingly, Ram Charan's 'Rachcha' movie's audio rights were bagged by Aditya Music by paying Rs. 1 crore. How this feat has been possible? As per the trade sources and cine analysts, following reasons responsible for this huge audio business of the movie.
* Ram Charan's previous three movies were proved to be musical hits like, 'Chirutha', 'Magadheera' and 'Orange'.
* If the heroes are good dancers, naturally, more number of audio sales are expected than the audios of other heroes. 
* 'Rachcha' title song has been a massive hit.
* Manisharma has composed the music. 
* The music company is of the opinion that even if the movie couldn't do well with the audience, their investments would be back as the similar thing was done to 'Orange' movie.

Rachha Firstlook Stills

Ram Charan Tej's latest movie Rachha Firstlook Posters are released
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Ramcharan Risky Stunts for Tamanna

Ram Charan Tej Rachha Updates
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Gabbar Singh First look release date

Gabbar Singh First look will released on 23rd

Panjaa' upper hand Over Businessman

'Panjaa' upper hand Over BM!
Power Star Pawan Kalyan's 'Panjaa's flop result at the box office is known to all of us. On the contrary, Prince Mahesh Babu's 'Businessman' was released for this Pongal and registered 'success' result at the box office. As per the latest reports, it is heard that Pawan Kalyan's 'Panjaa' is being dubbed as 'Kuri' in Tamil for this summer. Currently, the makers of Panjaa are said to be busy in dubbing work of the movie. 

However, Mahesh Babu's 'Businessman', earlier, was supposed to have released in Tamil and Malayalam languages for Pongal itself. The audios of the three versions of the movie were released on the same dais. Unfortunately, the movie has not been released yet in other languages. According to Pawan Kalyan's fans, Pawan Kalyan is having some sort of following in Tamil Nadu while Mahesh Babu is still a stranger to Tamil Tambis and that's why his movie is not getting released. Condemning Pawan fans versions, Mahesh fans are saying that 'Panjaa's Tamil version is releasing only because of director Vishnu Vardhan as he is a popular director of Tamil Nadu state and Pawan's fans for the huge release of the Tamil and Malayalam versions of their hero's movie.

Ram Charan Racha First Look Poster

Ram Charan Racha First Look Poster || Wall Papers

'Who cares when Pawan is Here'

'Who cares when Pawan is Here'
‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu’ is the new title for pawan kalyan’s film to be directed by Puri Jagannath. Apparently this monarchic director fresh from the success of ‘Businessman’ has got this peculiar movie name revealed for teaming with Power Star. Being honest for the efficient platform provided by Pawan for Puri with ‘Badri,’ it’s time for him to give something in return and this could be the project.
On the other side, when title matters the most in present day filmy world…pawan kalyan playing Photo Journalist in title role as Ram Babu is great to hear. Nevertheless there is some sort of criticism flamed up on how Pawan agreed to take up this kind of a funny title. Absolute, acceptable truth behind is that, when pawan kalyan is the hero…who cares about title and nothing is the matter.

Balakrishna's sudden shift is utter comedy !

Its been more than 35 years Balakrishna has made his debut into Telugu Film Industry.Starting from his first movie to latest movie Sri Rama Rajyam, he always relied on formula movie making.He never really believed in the word experimentation, that carries a social message intent.Infact there were very few experiments in his entire career, namely Aditya 369 Bhairava dweepam(leaving out socio fantasy movies).After facing a series of flops after Bobbili Yudham, he got a huge break with faction story Samarasimha Reddy and then again continued his flop streak untill Narasimha Naidu.The story repeated untill recent hit Simha.
If you carefully analyse all his hits and flop through out his career, it is very clear that Balakrishna never had any conscious attempt to make movies, that can carry a proper social message.He accepts whatever subject comes his way.
When asked about the quality in Balakrishna movies, an analyst quipped "First thing to note is Balakrishna is pure director's hero.In recent times Mahesh might have said this many number of times, but the term 'Directors Hero' can be properly inferred from the Balakrishna's movies.He will not question any nonsensical dialogues, mindless graphics in the stunts and illogical sequences are always part of Balakrishna movies.Even with more than 30 years of acting experience, he never goes against any director and result is pure mockery of Telugu movies.Those who support director's hero argument, he can be a best counter argument. "
With not so great movies under kitty, Balakrishna understood that it is right time to take up 'sensible social responsibility' related roles in the wake of upcoming general elections in 2014.In a mad rush he announced his Kalki, which is later changed to Srimannarayana, under Samanyudu fame Ravikumar Chavali and CM(Common Man) under Krishna Vamsi.Even a child will tell you that this shift has got to do with Balakrishna's political 'arangetram'.
"Chiranjeevi  on the other hand has definitely made some very good roles such as Rudraveena, Swayam Krushi, ShankarDada MBBS, Tagore even  before he was concrete on entering politics.But Balakrishna's deliberate moves to impress people for upcoming election is utter comedy.Actor who relied on nonsensical movies through out his career, the actor who bagged Nandi awards for most ridiculous roles ever, is making big fool of himself with this more than obvious shift. " added the critic.
Critical arguments aside, there are few sensible movies such as Lakshmi Narasimha from Balakrishna's career basket.But it would have been lot better, had Balakrishna planned his transition very smooth rather than making it look so desperate for vote banks.

Mahesh Movies Producers Facing Troubles!

Maybe co-incidentally or sentimentally, the producers of Mahesh Babu's recent flicks 'Dookudu' and 'Businessman' are facing some problems for strange reasons. We have reportedly heard that the producers of 'Dookudu' movie had to face I.T.raids in connection with the shares announced by them publicly. 

Now it seems it is going to be the turn of 'Businessman'. As per the story, Central Board of Film Certification(CBFC) gave the clearance to the title, 'The Businessman' but not 'Businessman'. Also, the Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce(APFCC) cleared the registration of the film which titled as 'The Businessman', on 1st January, 2011. Since it has been confirmed that the producers have intentionally avoided the word, 'The' from 'The Businessman', the producers may be sent to jail, as per the laws. 

Mega Celebrations This Month

mega family seems to be in a celebration moment this month. As far as this family is concerned, three occasions are noticed from this family in this month to be celebrated. They are as follows.

* RAM CHARAN-VINAYAK'S MOVIE FIRST LOOK: The first look stills of Ram Charan V.V.Vinayak's movie were released on 13th of this month and received positive response all over the state. 

* GABBAR SINGH TEASER: Power Star Pawan Kalyan's highly anticipated movie, 'Gabbar Singh's' teaser will be released on 20th, the Shivaratri of this month. 

* RACHCHA AUDIO RELEASE FUNCTION: As mentioned earlier, 'Rachcha' movie's audio release function will be held on 26th of this month in Kurnool city as a public function. This is going to be the best occasion for mega family recent times

Pawan makes Puri...a Neighbor's Envy

pawan kalyan is treated as penultimate peak of stardom in South film industry. It will be a dream for every star director to deal him at least once and Puri Jagannath is lucky that not once as he has got second chance with Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu. Though in weak form before the winning run of Businessman, director Puri is enough confident to have got the nod from Pawan to bind up the script of this flick.

Firstly he directed Mahesh twice…then Amitabh, Junior NTR, Ramcharan, Prabhas once. Now, its pawan kalyan for the second time. Only few directors show this consistency of doing business only and only with star heroes. Other neighboring directors had a downright reason to feel envious about this gifted director bagging very big offers even in his slump period, said a noted director. 

Pawan Kalyan &, Aishwarya Rai To Act Join Together

Power Star Pawan Kalyan Miss World Aishwarya rai are cted together in a film
 For More details watch this video

Ramcharan V.V Vinayak's Movie Stills

Businessman @ Makers to face 3 Years Jail term!!

Superstar Mahesh Babu's recent outing Businessman has been always in the news for good/bad reasons. But this time the makers of the film has run into some serious problems for violating the norms of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) and Cinematograph Act (certification of films for exhibition).
Reportedly, the makers applied for the clearance of the title 'The Businessman' from CBFC, and the board has approved it. The Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce (APFCC) even cleared the registration of the film title as 'The Businessman' on January 1, 2011. But the word 'The' was intentionally avoided in the publicity posters, teasers and other marketing material of the film.
As per the sources, the makers had submitted a sample of publicity posters with full title to the CBFC for certification. The change in title is a case of misleading the officials for their personal benefits and will be treated as an offence. If found guilty, the makers will be punishable up to three years of imprisonment along with a hefty fine.
After claiming that Businessman broke all the existing records to become the biggest grosser in 81-year-old history of Tollywood, now the makers might break another record if they face the imprisonment for violating the norms. Mahesh has already done his job and now his producers (RR Movie Makers - Venkat, Achi Reddy) are gearing up for the battle. Records are meant to be broken, Right!!!

Golden Chance for Ramcharan

Golden Chance for Ramcharan
Magadheera brought Ramcharan all of the sudden into Number Game. Thanks to SS Rajamouli for up-to-date presentation of Mega Power Star. Contrary to this master piece work, Orange could not fulfill the hype and was a dud declared. Then on, Cherry boy stumbled for a perfect storyline until he met young director Sampat Nandi. Rest is rigorous work put into making of rachcha which is getting ready for release very soon.

An inner source committed saying, this will be a big boon for Charan to come back strongly competing with other heroes of his eon. He took a big gap and that should be better utilized.rachcha is a golden chance to throw a strong challenge because movie has enough commercial ingredients to strike a chord with audience in general and Fans in particular. Wish that audio release function planned in coming days will give a further boost to film.

Gabbar Singh first teaser titled, Arakshanam lo arachakam !

Gabbar Singh teaserGabbar Singh movie director Harish Shankar has named the first teaser of his movie asArakshanam lo Arachakam.
The first cut of the trailer is ready and he’s making all preparations to give it right sounds and release it for fans on the eve of Mahasivaratri, 20th february.
Gabbar Singh’s present schedule will continue till 26th of this month at RFC and then the unit will move to paris for picturising a romantic duet on the lead pair Pawan Kalyan and Shruti Haasan.
Gabbar Singh music is composed by Devi Sri Prasad and audio will be released after ugadi this year and movie on 27 april 2012.

Nag's Romantic Song for Samanta!

Nag's Romantic Song for Samanta!
There are several memorable hit songs in the super hit film ‘Ninne Pelladathaa’ starring Nagarjuna and Tabu with music composed by Sandeep Chowtha. One of them which will be often played on music channels is ‘Yeto Velli Poyindi Manasu…Ila Ontarayyindi Vayasu.’ With the latest trend of super hit songs becoming the titles for new movies continued, here comes one more. Director Gautam Vasudev Menon named his new project on sets starring nani and Samanta as ‘Yeto Velli Poyindi Manasu.’
This is a tri-lingual film in which nani will be the hero of Telugu version while Samanta is heroine of all three. Nevertheless Gautham is known for beautiful romantic tales like recent ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ is planning to release ‘Yeto Velli Poyindi Manasu’ in summer season of this year.

Mahesh Babu's DOOKUDU for 20 years (!?)

Mahesh Babu's DOOKUDU for 20 years (!?)
The question of 'No.1 Hero' of Tollywood surfaced once again and it has kept a unique challenge before our star-heroes this time. The first one to be questioned is Superstar Maheshbabu.

Ultimately, Mahesh is looking like the next big hero of Tollywood with two back to back successes in the form of DOOKUDU and MAHESH BABU. Is it just this, which gives the throne of 'MegaStar' to anyone, so simply, is the million dollar question. No, it's not, say critics with an opinion that a couple of quick successions will not make any hero an industry King. Till now, it is Megastar Chiranjeevi who ruled the roast and his sudden exit from the mainstream created the space. But, Chiru is a numero-uno for 20 successful years in Telugu Film Industry.

One needs to have lot of consistency, patience and perseverance to stay atop for longer times. So far, Mahesh, Pawan and Jr.NTR had their struggling 10 year run in Film Industry but not a successful 10 years run. This indeed is hard to achieve these days, as many people are becoming stars these days and even producers are not depending on a single-star to make movies. If Mahesh wants to get crowned as next 'Megastar' then he has to continue his DOOKUDU for next 20 years, which started just now. Else, Tollywood will see a new 'No.1 Hero' each year, by bidding a legendary farewell to Megastar Chiranjeevi!

Pawan In The Market

Pawan In The Market
power star pawan kalyan's 'Gabbar Singh' is being canned at Ramoji Film City now. It is reportedly learnt that a big market set has been erected in the film city to get the movie's shoot done. Pawan Kalyan is known to have participated in some interesting scenes in this set. The shooting will be progressing in the same place till 26th of this month.

Shruthi Haasan is pairing up with Pawan Kalyan in this mass entertainer. Devi Sri Prasad is rendering the music. As per the sources, the title song of this movie came out extremely well in the composition of Devi. The audio release of the movie is expected to be in the last week of March while the tentative release date of this movie so far is 27th April.
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