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'Hitler' Sentiment To 'Rachcha'

 'Hitler' Sentiment To 'Rachcha'

Mega Star Chiranjeevi's 'Hitler' movie was released for Pongal,1997, and proved to be a blockbuster at the box office then. This movie ran 100 days in 42 direct centers, an all time record then. After a series of flops, this movie got a big success and made Chiranjeevi never turn back in his entire career. That's why this movie can be regarded as a comeback movie for Chiranjeevi. If we observe carefully the title logo of this movie, it is understood that the name of the movie is 'Chiranjeevi Hitler' but not 'Hitler'. The designer of this logo must be appreciated for the nice incorporation of Chiranjeevi's name in the title.
mega power star Ram Charan's 'Racha' title logo has been released recently. Co-incidentally, like 'Chiranjeevi Hitler', we can see the name of 'Ram Charan' in the title. The designer came up with more innovative idea, as he showed movie's title in the name of 'Ram Charan' by putting brightness shade of the letters, 'Ra' and 'Cha'. As per Mega fans, Ram Charan is coming up with a powerful movie, after an utter flop movie, 'Orange', as Chiranjeevi's 'Hitler' came after some failures to Chiranjeevi. Based on all these sentiments, Ram Charan's fans confidently say, 'Ram Charan Racha' will also be a blockbuster like 'Chiranjeevi Hitler'. Let us hope so.


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