Politicians Affected with 'Gabbar singh' Mania

Politicians Affected with 'GS' Mania

'Gabbar Singh' mania is prevailing everywhere and politicians are no more an exception to have got affected with this mania. Off late, it has been noticed that many politicians are incorporating the topic of 'Gabbar Singh' in their speeches.Also, it is heard that some of the political parties are making use of 'Gabbar Singh' songs liberally, during their campaigning for the by-elections.Today, the Congress M.P. Lagadapati Rajagopal said that CBI JD Mr.Lakshmi Narayana is arresting the corrupted people like the sincere police officer 'Gabbar Singh', who arrested the corrupted in the movie. Some days ago, the TDP MLA, Revanth Reddy and the YSR Congress Party's anchor Roja also mentioned the names of 'Gabbar Singh' movie and its dialogues.
Meanwhile, 'Gabbar Singh' movie has entered its fourth week run and is registering rock steady collections in every center of the state. It is a known thing that the movie collected a share of Rs.56.92 crores at the end of its three weeks run and stood at second position in the list of all time top grossers of the Telugu movies. No wonder if the movie breaks the full run share of 'Magadheera' in its long run.

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Charan's rare feat stuns Tollywood Biggiesrach

Charan's rare feat stuns Tollywood Biggies
Ram Charan is just a 5-year old in the Industry and had four releases till date, but these factors hadn't stopped him from setting new records and making a mark of his own.

Ever since Charan's magnum opus Magadheera got released, it became a benchmark for each and every film of big heroes and several records including 'Highest Grosser' still remains untouched. This graphical wonder had also collected a record share of minimum Rs 3 crores in each of the 10 Territories.  Coming to Cherry's recent hit 'Racha', this mass entertainer has recorded a share of minimum Rs 2 crores in all the 10 Territories. Even Gabbarsingh might not reach 3cr share in Nellore

Ram Charan is the only hero in Tollywood to have two films, one with Rs 3 crores share and the other with Rs 2 crores share in all the areas. This is a rare feat by any means and the Tollywood big wigs are stunned hearing the phenomenal achievement of the young hero. Great going Mega Powerstar!

Govt's Strict Rules For Jagan's Family

Govt's Strict Rules For Jagan's Family
It is not only Jagan, but his family members are also facing a strict code of conduct from the authorities. The other day Jagan's wife Bharati had tough time with Police to break the regular rules. 

A prisoner inside Chanchalguda will be allowed only to meet two times in a week through 'mulaqat'. An additional third time will be allowed under special provision from Jail superintendent. Jagan's family has availed the option for three times and requested a fourth one the other day. However, Jail authorities said a strict no to Bharathi even after she has waited for around one hour outside Chanchalguda prison. 

YSR Congress leaders are saying that MPs and MLAs are an excuse from such rules, but government is not imposing an iron foot to irk the family of Jagan. Law experts confirmed that there is no such provision for any VIP to meet his family more than three times a week as per our laws. YS Bharati will be allowed to meet her husband only on Monday again.

Sister Shobha Cheated Me: Chiru

For megastar-turned-Congress MP Chiranjeevi, winning Allagadda assembly seat is said to be more important than the Tirupati seat.
That is why he is trying to play a sentimental card in attracting voters in Allagadda constituency. Addressing election rallies in the constituency, Chiranjeevi criticised YSR Congress party candidate Shobha Nagi Reddy in strong words. “I treated Shobha like my sister. When she came to my residence along with her husband, I honoured them by presenting clothes as per the Telugu tradition. But the couple had cheated me and jumped into the YSR Congress party,” he said.
He appealed to the people of Allagadda to forgive him for believing Shobha and her husband. “Any vote for Shobha amounts to voting for corruption,” he said, adding that the Congress party was sincerely implementing the schemes introduced during the Y S Rajasekhara Reddy regime.

Press Note: GabbarSingh Beats Dookudu (Officially) Occupies No:2 Slot!!

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s “ Gabbar Singh” is on the anvil of becoming the 2nd highest grosser ( next to Magadheera)  in 81 years of Telugu film industry, according to the latest reports. Ever since the movie released, “Gabbar Singh” has managed to create new records at the ticket window and is still ruling the roost at the marquee.
The buzz is that “Gabbar Singh” has shattered the box office collections records and has created history by raking around Rs 63 crores in its third week. It was also reported that Salman Khan was keen on taking some scenes from “Gabbar Singh” and incorporating them in his sequel. The film is still running to packed houses and producer Ganesh Bandla Ganesh is now planning to hold the platinum disk function of the film shortly in Hyderabad. (TOI)

Will Ramcharan Accept Gabbarsingh As No:1 ?!!

Movie collections should not be a competition among fans to bring differences, rather it should acknowledge the facts.  As Mahesh Babu  commented ‘I heard from some one’, ”Its official: I am No. 1. My Film is No. 1?  looked foolish. Infact Media should report it after observing public response. Other wise producer/director/hero of previous top film should announce in media as Puri said in a live show that Magadheera crossed Pokiri records.
There is uncontrolable priacy going on every where, According to information provided to us from our reliable sources.  In many places people are travelling 30/40 kms to watch Gabbarsingh movie as tickets were unavailable in its 3rd weekend in USA. In India even after big releases Gabbarsingh  theatres are not reduced and public at theatres also not reduced this shows the craze of the movie.
Pawan Kalyan never cares about collections , taking advantage producer Ganesh babu stopped speaking about collections. Lets hope Ram charan will come out openly and  congratulate Gabbar Singh atleast on the day when Gabbar Singh tops Magadheera.

Gabbar Singh & Camera Gangatho Rambabu on Par with Indra & Tagore!

Mega Star Chiranjeevi gave two back to back blockbusters ‘Indra’ and ‘Tagore’ in the years 2002 and 2003 respectively. If ‘Indra’ proved to be the commercial mass entertainer, ‘Tagore’ was made as message oriented movie. Both the movies created all time run records those days. Besides, ‘Indra’ got the status of industry hit. Finally, both the movie brought very good fame to Chiranjeevi, especially, ‘Tagore’ was portrayed in such a way Chiranjeevi’s ideology and morale were revealed.
Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Gabbar Singh’ has been proved to be the commercial mass entertainer like Chiru’s ‘Indra’. This movie has already got the status of blockbuster. Pawan Kalyan has accepted to do the movie ‘Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu’ in the direction of Puri Jagannadh. This is going to be a message oriented commercial movie like Chiru’s ‘Tagore’. Will this movie be a blockbuster at the box office like Chiru’s ‘Tagore’? Can Pawan Kalyan give two back to back blockbusters like ‘Indra’ and ‘Tagore’? Let’s wait for the result of ‘CGR’ to know the answers.

Cherry Crossing Ntr & Bunny's Record

Cherry Crossing Ntr & Bunny's Records
Sorry! We are not talking about movie records.This is all just about marriages of three young heroes of tollywood.We have seen Stylish Star Allu Arjun's marriage and the kind of richness of the venues and the sets designed for the marriage. Besides, he celebrated the traditional 'Aidu rojula pelli'. Later, Young Tiger NTR's marriage has turned out to be a memorable event. Rich sets were erected for his marriage, which mesmerized the invitees who attended the marriage.

And now, it is the turn of Mega Power Star Ram Charan. As per the available reports, it is learnt that Ram Charan is going to cross all the previous records set by Jr.NTR and Bunny. Art director Anand Sai has been endorsed the task of designing different sets for the marriage, sangeet and reception programs. The marriage of Cherry and Upasana will be held on 14th June. Let's hope, Cherry's marriage records will be beaten by Young Rebel Star Prabhas and Energetic Star Ram, as they are considered to be the eligible bachelors of tollywood now.

Jagan Should Follow Jr.NTR's Way

Jagan Should Follow Jr.NTR's Way
With many scenes turning reverse for Courts, CBI is surely getting an upper hand with their arguments. If Jagan's bail too happens that way, then he might use the way Jr.NTR followed to satisfy his followers and admirers.

Responding to Jagan's petition that he should be granted an interim bail for the sake of campaigning, Judge said that he can do it via TV and there is no need to attend the poll region in person. If you could remember, Jr.NTR followed the same route when he is struck with an accident during 2009 election campaign. He has successfully conducted live speeches on TV to enthral TDP cadres. Looks like now Jagan should follow the same route to get close to his voters, if at all court permits him.

Though Jagan plans to do such stunts, he may not go live on Television channels, says a law expert. This is because of the short time that will be provided by Jail authorities to record his message. All this depends on the judgement that will be passed today about his bail.

Gabbar Singh collects 63+ crores in 3 weeks

gabbar singh 3 weeks collections

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh hawa is ruling the boxoffice this summer.
Even when the movie entered 4th week today, collections are still steady in almost all centers.
With not much competition even in next 2 weeks, Gabbar is all set to break much more records before it completes 50 days run.
Already it has taken 2nd position in alltime top grosses among telugu movies and is right after Magadheera.
The 3 week Break up collections of Gabbar Singh are as follows:
Nizam – 16.5 Cr
Ceded – 8.4Cr
Vizag – 4.23 Cr
East – 3.75 Cr
West – 3.09 Cr
Krishna – 3.01 Cr
Guntur – 4.3 Cr
Nellore – 2.03 Cr
Andhra Ppradesh Total 3 weeks Share is – 45.31 Crores
Karnataka – Rs 4.9 Cr
Rest of India – Rs 2.9 Cr
Overseas – Rs 11.8 Cr
World Wide Total 3 weeks Share is – Rs 63.40 Crores (All time Telugu Industry Record)

Judge Row: Chiru's Maturity Shocks All

All of our politicians in the state are busy from today morning in giving various directions and making satires on judicial system in the state. But, one leader has spoken something different and is winning the hearts of people.

Apparently, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Chiranjeevi is choosing different set of words and expressions to knock opponents. But, he is not connecting every happening in the country and state to YS Jagan, like all other politicians. Unlike slamming the judicial system and corrupt law protectors, Chiru appealed to them that people are living with confidence only because of their faith on judicial system before asking the judges to not hit on people's beliefs. 'I personally want to see all those accusations on that Judge are just accusations. Otherwise it is very much insulting for our country', Chiru said.

The Congress party leader never connected this issue to Jagan or turned it in favour of the ruling party. Indeed, he has drawn a thin line between his campaign and this happening. Analysts say that Chiru has developed a bit of sensibility while slamming issues and in fact, this maturity is shocking everyone

Adhinayakudu 2012 Telugu Film Review

Adhinayakudu Review – Adhinayakudu Movie Review, Rating, Adhinayakudu Telugu Film Review: Balakrishna’s latest film Adhinayakudu is finally out in theaters. Balakrishna has done triple roles in this film as son, father and grandfather. Let’s see how the movie fared…

Rama Krishna Prasad (Balakrishna) is a powerful leader in Rayalaseema. Politicians and police plan to kill him to get grip over seema politics. They try to hire a professional killer Kittu (Balakrishna) for the job. But he comes to know that Rama Krishna is his father and goes to protect him. Rama Krishna is the son of Harischandra Prasad (Balakrishna), who was a legend in Seema politics. Kittu who was unaware of his family kills Harischandra Prasad and Rama Krishna disowns him. What follows next is a family drama mixed with political touch.

Banner: Sree Keerthi Creations
Cast: Nandamuri Balakrishna, Lakshmi Rai, Saloni
Music: Kalyani Malik
Director: Parachuri Murali
Producer: ML Padma Kumar Chowdhary
Movie Rating: 2.0/5

Adhinayakudu has a decent storyline, but the screenplay is dead weak. The director doesn’t have any clue about where to start and where to end it. First half starts on an ordinary note and moves ahead with unnecessary scenes in the name of mass entertainment. Opening scene on Brahmanandam is funny but they have dragged it too much.

So much time is wasted on Lakshmi Rai trying to find the bullet mark on Balakrishna’s bottom! Those scenes are a total waste of time. Only lively scene in entire first half is the intro scene of Rama Krishna Prasad character. His punch dialogues directed at few politicians will be liked by the fans.

Despite starting off well, second half falters with some badly conceived family scenes. Much hyped ‘old getup’ of Balakrishna doesn’t have much to do. However, this is the best in terms of looks. Father character has few powerful scenes and that should be the saving grace. On a whole, Adhinayakudu lacks the spine and spice to be a powerful mass entertainer. Except for few dialogues nothing stands out.

Balakrishna has done decent job in all the three characters. His stylist got only one getup right. Other than the old getup, rest of the two characters irks you with bad makeup. The costumes designed for younger version of Balakrishna were too bad.

Lakshmi Rai was just Okay. Saloni was confined to one scene and song. Jayasudha was good. Pradeep Rawat was usual. Kota Srinivasa Rao and Murali Sharma were shown as mere puppets. Brahmanandam did his best to provide laughs with a weird comedy track. There were too many noted actors in insignificant roles.

Kalyani Malik’s music was below average. Andam Aakumadi and title song were good. Background score was not up to the mark. Editing was too bad. There was no link between many scenes. Cinematography was average. Color grading and CGI was tad ordinary. Production values were fine.

Dialogues written by Paruchuri Murali were good in few scenes. Murali failed as a writer with weak screenplay and poorly conceived scenes. As a director he did an okay job in few scenes. He should have written better screenplay and could have made better use of the three characters. He didn’t care about the logic and took too many cinematic liberties.

Final Word:
Adhinayakudu may appeal to Balakrishna fans as he was seen in three different getups. There were few dialogues that were written keeping them in mind. So fans would pass off this as a decent film. But the film has nothing to offer for other sections of audience

Waiting for that Magazine’s Report on GS

There is a political weekly magazine in the state and its name starts with the letters ‘In…” Not only political issues, the magazine also gives the data of general topics as well as movie related topics. Whenever a movie registers a blockbuster status at the box office, the magazine publishes the special report on that movie and hero upto 5 to 6 pages and obviously it is going to be a cover page article. When Jr.NTR’s ‘Simhadri’ got a blockbuster status, the magazine straightaway, published the cover page ‘VENDITHERA PAI CHICHCHARA PIDUGU’ and gave a special article on that movie. Later, when Mahesh Babu gave ‘Pokiri’ and ‘Dookudu’ hits, in both the occasions, the magazine gave prompt reports on those movies and also tried to mention Mahesh Babu as the number one hero. Balayya’s ‘Simha’ special article was also given by the magazine.
Strangely, when ‘Magadheera’ recorded the status of all time number one hit even today, of course, the magazine published a special article on that movie. However, it was published after one year of the release of the movie. Nobody knows the reason for the delay of publishing the article. Now, Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Gabbar Singh’ is creating sensations everywhere and is going to stand at number one or two position among the list of tollywood top grossers. However, there is no reaction of that magazine even today. Hope, the magazine publishes a special article on the movie and keeps its privilege safe among its readers. By the way, off late, the magazine is gossiped to have received some benefits from a young politician of the state.

Soft Satires by ‘AdhiNayakudu’

Natasimham Nandamuri Balakrishna’s ‘Adhinayakudu’ was released on 1st June across the globe. Balakrishna could succeed playing three different roles in this movie. Before the release of this movie, many gossips have been heard that Balayya targeted politicians as well as other star heroes in this movie and mainly he targeted a politician and Chiranjeevi. Also, some of the dialogues were leaked by different websites stating that those dialogues were uttered by Balayya for the movie ‘Adhinayakudu’. Some of those dialogues appeared very harsh. However, no such dialogues were seen in the movie. Only three controversial dialogues in the movie were noticed and they are; “Vigrahaala rajakeeyam’, ‘Naayakudu- Padavi’ and “Thikka’ dialogues. Meanwhile, ‘Thikka’ dialogue was edited by a bit. On a whole, no such sensational dialogues were seen in the movie as expected.
Meanwhile, the movie was opened with huge turnouts at the theaters. Balayya’s fans felt the movie was an average flick. All the songs in the movie should have been composed and picturized well. ‘Beard’ Balayya’s role was treated well rather than other roles of Balayya.However, we need to wait for the responses on the movie from other sections of audience.

Amul's Cartoon on Jagan goes Viral

Amul's Cartoon on Jagan goes Viral
Amul's latest cartoon on YSR Congress chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy, who is now an under trail prisoner in Chanchalguda central prison, has become a huge hit.

Amul's take on Jagan - Starts with (Reddy! Get Asset! Go!) and ends as (Kitna Khaoge?, which means How much will you eat?). In the Cartoon, a person wearing a jail uniform with prisoner number 6093 was shown making calculations of illegal money amassed by him.

Amul, which is one of the most trusted and largest food brands in India, has been reaching out to the common people with the cartoons on the current issues with a funny edge and adding an uncurrent message to them. Earlier, Amul came up with similar funny cartoons on PM Manmohan, Obama, Lalit Modi, Sachin and Mamta Banerjee etc.

A Very Big Festival for Pawan Kalyan Fans

A Very Big Festival for Pawan Kalyan Fans

Ram Charan’s live-in relationship with Priyanka Chopra

Ram Charan with Priyanka Chopra
Ram Charan’s hindi debut movie ‘Zanjeer’ will have some hot and intimate romantic scenes between the lead actors.
Charan will be seen as a Police Inspector who is in a live-in relationship with the character played by Priyanka Chopra, and in keeping with the theme of the relationship, some beautiful and steamy scenes will be shot between the two.
In the original film, Jaya Bhaduri was shown as a knife vending street-smart woman, but this characterization is change in latest remake.
Apoorva Lakhia is directing this flick and the first schedule has recently been wrapped up.
Amit Mehra is producing the movie in collaboration with Reliance Entertainments.
This film will be a mega budget bilingual and will be released simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi in summer 2013.

SVSC Teaser Talk: A Blockbuster In The Making!

SVSC Teaser Talk: A Blockbuster In The Making!

The teaser of the much-awaited film, 'Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu', is finally out and the note worthy point is that it lived up to the expectations. Initial reactions from the fans and film goers is very positive.

Ever since the project was announced, all eyes were on Victory Venkatesh and Superstar Mahesh Babu. How these two top stars will be shown in the film? Will they get the same amount of screen time? Can it satisfy the fans? For all these questions, the teaser of SVSC is the best answer. The bonding shared by both these stars was presented beautifully onscreen. 

Coming to the leading ladies, Samantha looked bubbly as usual. Anjali ('Journey' fame), who was paired opposite Venky, stealed the show. SVSC is a lifetime opportunity for this gorgeous beauty and she is making the most out of it.

The makers have taken care in projecting this film as a wholesome family entertainer. Teaser satisfied the fans of both the stars and also justified the tag line 'Simple & Beautiful'. Producer Dil Raju and Director Srikanth Addala ('Kotha bangaru Lokam' fame) should be commended for their efforts to make a genuine multi-starrer. SVSC, a trendsetter for multi-starrers in Telugu, is a blockbuster in the making!

SVSC teaser: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmOIn6q0xkQ

Rajinikanth's request to Rebel Star

Rajinikanth's request to Rebel Star
Whenever superstar Rajnikanth speaks at a public forum, there is always something to learn from him. While he has a message to the listeners he also has some words of wisdom to those on the stage. Something like that happened recently when Rajini went to Bangalore for a special event.

This is the 60th birthday of the Kannada star Ambarish, husband of actress Sumalatha. Ambarish is called the Rebel Star of Kannada cinema. The event also had the likes of megastar Chiranjeevi, collection king Mohan Babu, Nandamuri Balakrishna attending and wishing the senior actor.

Sharing his thoughts, Rajini reportedly mentioned that while Ambarish has played a key role in shaping up the Kannada industry, there is one request he had. Rajini urged Ambi to quit smoking as soon as he can. At one point, even Rajini was a chain smoker but today he is a totally different person.

Jagan Warned Ram Gopal Varma !

Jagan Warned Ram Gopal Varma !
Many gossips are heard in Film Nagar earlier that YS Jagan has warned film maker Ram Gopal Varma to chop his role in the movie that was shot by this maker. Now, these rumours are getting fueled by Vijayawada MP Lagadapati's words

Lagadapati commented today that Jagan has blackmailed Ram Gopal Varma to trim down his and his father's role from the movie. He confirmed that Ramu himself had told this to him. These comments have made YSR Congress leaders furious in turn. 'We'll know that Lagadapti makes assertions to gain publicity. Why is he silent all these days when Jagan is outside?' questioned YSR party Mahila leader Roja. 

However, a leader of Lagadapti stature is not expected to make any baseless allegations. Some other Film Industry insiders also confirmed that Ramu has chopped out few scenes he has shot keeping YSR and Jagan in mind. But there is no proof till date that Ramu has done that at the behest of Jagan!

Mopidevi Laughs - Jagan Turns Head

Mopidevi Laughs - Jagan Turns Head!
According to Chanchalguda Jail authorities interesting scenes are happening at our Celebrity Jail. With all those VIP khaidi's assembling at same place, speculations are on a rise about their face to face with each one of them.

An interesting scene happened when tainted Ex-minister Mopidevi landed at Chanchalguda the other day. With only one last room vacant during his entry, Mopidevi has to pass Jagan's barrack to enter it. However, this politician wore a pleasant smile on his face before catching his eyes with Jagan's. But our YSR party chief turned his head to the other side, without watching his face, says a TV report. 

They say that Jagan is interacting more with his partner-in-crime, Sunil Reddy (accused in Emaar case) before playing badminton with him in the morning. Surprisingly most of the VIP inmates at Chanchalguda are either Jagan's partners or the ones who lost their credibility due to Jagan's illegal assets case.


Sexy Sunny Leone in Green Dress

Instant Craze for New Mega Heroine

Instant Craze for New Mega Heroine !
Many speculations went round on Allu sirish debut Movie. Finally the day has come and Allu Sirish got ready to debut with a bilingual movie Gouravam. Though there were plenty of Mega Heroes in films till now, Allu Sirish too wants to prove his spark on Screen. Anyways here is the byte about his Gauravam Heroine Yami Gautam.

Yami Gautam made her debut with 'Nuvvila' through which she got applause but not offers in Telugu. Later this Hottie moved on to Bollywood. It was the recent release 'Vicky Donor' which made her a sensation. Due to the recent updates, Yami Gautam is hitting high on web search. 

Yami has bagged a jackpot as she gets to pair with Allu Sirish for his debut movie 'Gauravam'. Those who have seen Yami say she has the perfect sharp features and an expressive body language which shows her acting potential. Gauravam turned out to be a prestigious project for Allu Sirish and Yami Gautam as well. Now that she got a chance to act with fresh Mega Hero, let us see if Yami can live up to the kind of hype she got.

Jagan Sena Motto: Target Ram Charan!!

The arrest of Y S Jaganmohan Reddy has come across as a major shock to the YSR Congress party members. Most of them were confident that no one will touch Jagan and he would emerge successful in the upcoming by-polls. But nothing of that sort happened and Jagan is currently in Chanchalguda jail.
And now, some of them are coming up with their reactions to this. One among them happened to be the mega powerstar Ram Charan. And what he said has not gone well with the Jagan Sena. Charan in his Twitter account mentioned that the government has shown guts in arresting Jagan.
Now, sources close to the YSR Congress camp mention that members of the Jagan Sena are not at all happy with Charan’s comment. They are planning to come up with few protests that is going to express their displeasure. They are launching a web campaign against Charan with paid news articles. Already some writers and web sites were selected to support their views. And Sakshi planning to attack Chiranjeevi on a war front with some articles related to Chiranjeevi’s family and recent IT raid to defame him one more time. They are even trying to highlight Charan – Tamanna intimacy. What Charan said is right or not, the coming days will show if any consequence occurs or not.

Tarak Fans: No Cheap Tricks on Adhinayakudu

Tarak Fans: No Cheap Tricks on 'AN'

Who can forget the humiliating SMS propaganda done in the name of Balakrishna to deliberately kill Junior NTR’s action entertainer ‘Dammu.’ Perhaps, Nandamuri Fans across the state were disturbed by such negative publicity and movie ended just as an above average grosser compared to Tarak’s original stamina. Well, there is always a danger of Jr. NTR Fans (or some outsiders in the name of Jr. NTR Fans) giving a tit-for-tat to Balayya’s upcoming release ‘Adhinyakudu.’
In order not to assert for any cheap tricks in smashing ‘AN,’ we hear that some of the senior Nandamuri Fans have took precautionary measures and warned all their men not to touch Balayya Babu. ‘A hit film for any Nandamuri Hero should be seen as a hit belonging to their entire Family. One should celebrate the release of ‘Adhinayakudu’ equally like ‘Dammu.’ Give no scope for others to create differences with in ourselves,’ is said to be the call given by Fans on the occasion of ‘Adhinayakudu’ release.

Ready for Gabbar Singh sequel

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Power Star Pawan Kalyan along with director Harish Shanker and producer Ganesh Babu scored the biggest blockbuster of the year with Gabbar Singh which is still setting the records by running to packed houses.
Meanwhile, we hear that the sequel for Gabbar Singh is on plans after Dabangg 2 hits the big-screens. Yes, producer Ganesh Babu informed that the Dabangg producers, who bought the rights for few of the scenes in Gabbar Singh, promised to sell the Telugu remake rights of Dabangg2 to Parameswara Art Production banner.
Gabbar Singh sequel will be third film in the combination of Pawan Kalyan and Ganesh Babu. Meanwhile, the star producer is busy with Baadshah with Jr.NTR in the lead in Srinu Vytla direction.

Why is Chiru silent about Gabbar Singh?

Why is Chiru silent about Gabbar Singh?
Ever since Gabbar Singh released to universal acclaim everybody in Tollywood has shared their thoughts about how wonderful the movie is and Pawan Kalyan's performance. However, Megastar Chiranjeevi has not made a single public comment about the movie much to the surprise of many mega fans. So when producer Bandla Ganesh was asked this question at a press conference he has this to say. "Chiranjeevi was the first person to congratulate me for the success of the film on the day of the release. He has been very busy with the preparations for Charan's wedding and has been campaigning for the by elections so he has been very hard pressed for time."

The producer did not stop at that. "Pavan Kalyan has never bothered to talk about the collections of Gabbar Singh even once but always enquires about Racha's numbers. It just goes to show the strong family bond they share. All rumors of a rift between Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan are false," added Ganesh.

Shocker! Sonia brought 'Mafia' to India

Shocker! Sonia brought 'Mafia' to India

Accusations are part of politics always, but they look like mere shocks when 'mindless' allegations are made. One such thing is done by YSR-Congress leader Ambati Rambabu today, according to political analysts.
'Sonia Gandhi hails from Italy, the birthplace of Mafia. Along with Sonia, 'Mafia' too came down to India and spoiled our Nation', accused Ambati. He adds that Telugu people will surely teach a lesson to Sonia Gandhi before making her run to Italy again. 'Telugu people and YSR fans will not sleep until they drive her out of India', stressed Ambati. 

Is this allegation really worth its meaning is the big question now. If history is checked, Mafia is there in India much before to Sonia's coming, and dates back to early 1900s. Analysts feel that Ambati is thinking that people will listen to whatever he says in the wake of Jagan's arrest. Condemning arrest is okay, but making 'unusual' statements that make no sense are not really worth of a true politician!

Jagan is a Free Bird Now

Jagan is a Free Bird Now
Although he hadn't planned it, there is now plenty of free time available for YS Jagan who is keeping himself busy ever since the death of his father late YSR. Starting from Odarpu Yatra to CBI cases, the young politician was seen working round the clock.

With the CBI special court ordering 14 days judicial custody, Jagan could take the much needed rest to energize himself and comeback with fresh strategies to counter his rivals. During his stay in Chanchalguda, Jagan will be allowed to do whatever he wants because of the special prisoner status permitted to him. In fact, the responsibility is now on the jail authorities to make Jagan feel comfortable in the new environment.

The only difference is that 'Days passed like minutes when he is outside the Jail', but now 'Minutes are passing like days when he is behind the bars'. Will this gap bring any change in Jagan? Can we expect a completely new Jagan after the release from the Central prison? Who knows! Let's wait and watch!!!

Tollywood’s No:1 Hero Will Be Decided On 31st May !!

Pawan Kalyan’s seems to be applying strategy to counter Mahesh Babu as only both of them are in NO: 1 contenders race. But who will occupy  the No: 1 chair among them will be decided on 31st May .
Mahesh Babu who always love to connect to public through his tweets was quite for some days while Pawan’s Gabbar Singh mania was on full swing. He then tweets about his new film ‘Sethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’   and reported about its first look which is scheduled to be released on 31st May. Few TV already approached producer for telecast rights of the event.
Meanwhile Pawan’s group  to counter Mahesh’s publicity are planning for GabbarSingh’s Disc Function on  31st May at Hyderabad. Reports say   Pawan Kalyan is attending the Function. Few TV Channels are going to LIVE telecast disk function of GabbarSingh even National media attending the function.
This news has created curiosity among public as well as film circles and will help analysts to find the real No:1 hero of  Tollywood  based on TRP rating as TV is the only medium which has maximum reach.

EC notice to English Medium CM of Telugu State

EC notice to English Medium CM of Telugu State

In the recent times, CM Kiran is heard so many times demanding 10 votes from each voter. While constitution allows a person to vote only once, any violation in this code is a serious offense. Now, Chief Elecction Commission is raising eyebrows over these words of Kiran.   

A special notice is sent to CM Kiran in this regard from chief election commissioner through state election commissioner Bhanwarlal. Kiran is asked to give an explanation regarding his demand that asked voters to vote 10 votes. While other political parties are happy for Kiran's irking with these notices, CM's camp is not at all shaking with it as they have kept their answer ready.    

CM's office is going to give an explanation that his poor command over Telugu language is the problem. His main intention is to request every voter to ask ten of his friends to vote for Congress, but not each person should vote 10 votes, according to the explanation. Though he is an English medium Chief Minister of Telugu state, Kiran should take the allegations seriously to sharpen his mother-tongue skills.

What is the Exact Share of 'MagaDheera' Full Run?

What is the Exact Share of 'MG' Full Run?
There are many versions of the full shares of 'Magadheera' are being heard every now and then. However, 72 crores full run share is more frequently heard. Is it right? As the latest blockbuster 'Gabbar Singh' is crossing many records, it is also important to get the idea of the full run shares of 'Magadheera' movie.Check out the details of the movie's shares below.


------------------------- -----------------------------------------

NIZAM 24.80

CEDED 13.15




VIZAG 6.30








* PS.: You can get recorded evidences of the shares of the movie in A.P.(Rs.65+ cr.) and other states of India( Rs.7 cr.) through verifying the DCR reports of the movie's shares.

* The Tamil version of the movie, 'Maaveeran' collected Rs.8 crores and Malayalam version 'Dheera' collected Rs.1 crore. Moreover, satellite rights of the movie were sold out to Rs.6.25 crores and audio rights of the movie were sold out to Rs.1.50 crores. Besides, the ring tones rights of the movie were sold out to Rs.3 crores. If we take all these shares and amounts into consideration, the total business of the movie is somewhere around Rs.98 crores.

Rebel Postponed To August

Young Rebel Star Prabhas has been busy from a while with the shooting schedules of Rebel, also simultaneously getting back to the sets of Vaaradhi. Prabhas fans have been eagerly waiting for his film as it’s been more than a year his previous outing Mr.Perfect has hit the screens.
But the actor’s Rebel seems to be further postponed its release to August as it is yet to complete final schedule which is being shot currently in Gachibowli area. Earlier, it was supposed to release in the month of July. Choreographer turned director Raghava Lawrence is wielding the megaphone for Rebel, touted to be an out and out mass entertainer with ample commercial elements.
Tamanna and Deeksha Seth will provide the glamour quotient in the film. Rebel is being produced with rich technical values by producers J.Bhagwan and J.Pulla Rao under Sri Balaji Cine Media.
It’s been long time we have watched Prabhas in a mass action entertainer and Rebel will fulfill the wish of all the Young Rebel Star fans out there.

Julayi Leaked Video

Stylish Star Allu arjuns must awaited movie Jalayi Video Leaked
Julayi Leaked Video

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