Gabbar Singh Audio Launch On April 7

Its official, audio of Gabbar Singh starring Power StarPawan Kalyan would release on April 7. An audio release function will happen in Hyderabad from6 PM onwards but other details regarding the audio has not been given out yet.
Shooting of the climax of the film was completed recentlyand only three and half songs are left to be shot. Among them a song would be shot before the release of the audio in specially erected sets, while othersongs would be shot on foreign shores post the audio release.
Gabbar Singh is slated to release worldwide on May 9.Shruthi Hasan acts as heroine in the film. Music for the film has been given byDevi Sree Prasad. Harish Shankar directs the film.

Rajamouli's mega balancing act

Rajamouli's mega balancing act
                Rajamouli not only knows the audience pulse very well, but also know how to balance his relations among the film circles. We all know that Rajamouli has special love towards Jr. NTR and has high regards on him as an actor. However, being a director, he can't restrict himself to one actor. Therefore Rajamouli always tries to be in the good books of all the heroes.

But the maverick director will be extra cautious at mega family events. He is aware of the fact that mega fans consider him as Jr. NTR's man. However, he can't strengthen that impression as he wants to be considered as 'Andarivadu'. Hence, Rajamouli says that Ram Charan is 'Maa Hero' and he praises him by saying that he is better than Chiranjeevi in certain scenes.

Rajamouli lauds the hard work of Charan and speaks volumes about his dedication and daring attitude. He will also state that the mediocre songs from Ram Charan's movies are sensational and chart busting. However, despite all his efforts people can easily read between the lines and notice that Rajamouli is playing safe by getting his balancing act right. 

Nuvva Nena Movie Review

Nuvva Nena
Movie : Nuvva Nena
Rating: 2.25/5
Cast : Allari Naresh, Sharwanand, Shriya, Brahmanandam, Ali, Kovai Sarala, Vimala Raman, Raja and others
Directed by : Narayana
Produced by : Vamsi Krishna Sriniv
Banner : S.V.K. Banner
Music : Bheems
Release Date : 2012-03-16
Allari Naresh is one of the very few heroes that are consistent at the box office. More than fifty percent of Naresh's movies do well and that is not a mean feat for a hero who does more films than anybody from the current crop. His latest movie is Nuvva Nena in which he teamed up with his buddy Sharwanand, who earlier was his partner in the film Gamyam. However this film is not message oriented film like Gamyam. In fact it is complete contrast to it in every way. Here is the review...


Avinash (Allari Naresh) is a petty thief who falls head over heels for a beautiful psychiatrist Doctor Nandini (Shriya). Anand (Sharwanand) is a patient of hers, who also fall in love with her. Avinash and Anand start to fight for Nandini and who wins her love finally is what this film is about.


Allari Naresh has done complicated and complex characters in the past and such a single dimensional role should be a cake walk for him. He simply sleep walked through the film at ease. Despite being successful and far bigger star than Sharwanand in terms of box office, Naresh accepted to play the second fiddle in this film. Naresh has to be lauded for accepting this role as he realized that it gives him scope to do some comedy.

Naresh could have demanded for an extra song and fight if he wanted, but didn't bother about Sharwanand's extra song and fight scene. Sharwanand too has put up a confident show. He is completely natural in his role. Shriya is as hot as ever and is in perfect shape to make her role believable. She is sizzling hot in the song sequences.

Bramhanandam is fine in a routine character. His dances for Hrudayam Ekkadunnadi and Kilimanjaro received huge applause. Kovai Sarala is loud. Ali is just okay. Raja who was recently seen in Mr. Nookayya has done a guest role in this movie. Rest of the star cast is okay in their respective roles.

On the Technical Front:

We can't expect great technical values from a low budget comedy film. Technically the film is fine up to its standards. Barring cinematography and editing the film is below average in the other departments. Music is pretty bad. None of the songs are worth enough to hear at least once. Bheems is the music composer and he failed big time. Mani Sharma provided the background score and it is plain ordinary. Writing is cliched. Dialogues are too weak to lift the spirits of this comedy film. Director Narayana's output raises doubts over his directorial skills. He failed to impress with his poor handling of the scenes.


Nuvva Nena is a remake of Bollywood romantic comedy Deewana Mastana, which was released fifteen years ago. So practically the director has chosen a fifteen year old story to entertain the 2012 audience. When the story is that old, at least the treatment should be contemporary and match the tastes of current audience. But the director failed to make the comedy work in spite of having superb comedy actors like Naresh, Brahmanandam and Ali on his hand.

There are few spoofs in the first half that tickles the funny bone, but the second half is a complete let down. Unimaginative direction, poor conceiving of scenes and bad dialogues made this comedy an avoidable fare. Nuvva Nena falls short of expectations due to boring comedy and horrible music. Only saving grace are the lead actors and of course Brahmanandam.

Allari Naresh is surely a bankable hero, but the director has to provide at least an average fare for him to take it to the success mark. Sadly, Narayana didn't have enough in him to deliver at least an average comedy. So Allari Naresh and co couldn't do much to save this ship from sinking. Watch it at your own risk.

In one word: Nuvva Nena fails!

Rajamouli wants to direct pawan kalyan

The pace with which pawan kalyan is completing his shooting schedules on one hand and accepting the new projects on other hand are making his Fans to jump in joy. As some of the currently talented star directors like Puri Jagannath and VV Vinayak are ready with subjects to direct Pawan in upcoming ventures, one name that is finding more prominence these days is of Rajamouli.

Every time when Pawan and Rajamouli meet at any of the functions, gossips raise high on their combination coming true. Well, same is the case with todays Cameraman Ganga Tho Ram Babu opening. This time, news comes from our trust worthy source which says of Rajamouli looking deeply into pawan kalyans call sheets. There was a time when Power Star looked reluctant to work with any of top directors but scene has changed now and we can expect a project in Pawan - Rajamouli combination may be with in a minimum time.

'Yes...Pawan was not in Hyderabad'

While media is making a hue and cry on pawan kalyan bunking the audio event of Rachcha and attending the muhurat of Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu in next two days…the answer from Chiranjeevi and Ramcharan on Pawan being sent on an urgent work to the US of America has thrown Mega Fans into a confusion. This issue has got more prominence related to gossips on tiffs with in the Mega family.

Here is one more update just received from producer Ganesh Babu. He spoke to few of friends a little while ago giving a clarification. My kind request to media is not to cook any baseless stories on pawan kalyan unable to make his presence at Rachcha event. Yes, he was not in Hyderabad on that particular day. Pawan traveled out of station on his personal work and was back next day. This is the original truth, said Ganesh Babu.

On the other side, few other sources commented of Pawan being to Chennai and was at Chiranjeevis personal guest house on the day of Rachcha doubt to raise now is why did Chiru bluff it as America???

No Postponement of Racha

 Flash: No Postponement of 'Rachcha'?

Ever since Mega Power Star ram charan was injured while practicing for a dance movement, lot of gossips have been making rounds in film nagar circles about the postponement of 'Rachcha' movie. At one time, many industry people thought that not only 'Rachcha', but also other big releases of this summer will get postponement.  
However, as per the latest hot gossip, it is heard that 'Rachcha' will be released on the stipulated date of 5th April itself. As such, ram charan is very stubborn to finish the balance part of the songs under any circumstances for the coming ten days. Meanwhile, the post production work of the movie is also going on a brisk pace now. We have to wait and see how far these gossips are to come into reality.

Will Dasari Receive That Nandi Award?

 Will Dasari Receive That Award?

F.D.C. has announced that the Nandi Awards Distribution Ceremony for the years, 2009 and 2010 will be held at Telugu Lalithakalathoranam, Hyderabad on 23rd of this month. It is a known thing that dasari narayana rao for the year 2009 and Balakrishna for the year, 2010 were elected as the best actors respectively. However, selection of dasari narayana rao, as a best actor for his 'Mestri', went on controversial as everyone thought that Ram Charan would get the best actor award for 'Magadheera', as he received many best actor awards for the movie, including prestigious Film Fare Award. 
Many gossips were heard when dasari narayana rao was announced the best actor by the Nandi Awards Committee. As per these gossips, Thammareddy Bharadwaj, the head of the the committee, was considered to be the hater of Chiranjeevi and the disciple of Dasari. Also, it was rumoured that some of the members of the committee were bribed by some of the award winners. Since the total process went on controversial, the government is said to have postponed the awards distribution ceremony. After a huge gap of one year, 2009s awards are going to be given on 23rd of this month. Some of the sources close to Dasari are saying that Dasari has felt ashamed of this controversy and he is likely to skip the awards function while some people are saying that Dasari will definitely receive the award in token of his respect to the awards committee. We have to wait and see what decision will Dasari take on this issue.

Pawan Kalyan @ all set to Rewrite Mega History!!

Mega fans won't forget the year 1991, which cemented the place of Chiranjeevi as number one for the next two decades. Although Chiranjeevi had great hits prior to that year, he was always been challenged by his contemporaries like Balakrishna and Nagarjuna. In 1991, he delivered back to back blockbusters to race ahead of his competitors.
Chiranjeevi delivered Gangleader and Rowdy Alludu in that year and after two decades, now his brother Pawan Kalyan is all set to rewrite the history. But how and why? Gangleader was released on May 9th and Rowdy Alludu was released on October 18th in 1991. Coincidentally, the same dates were fixed for the release of Pawan movies in this year.
Gabbar Singh releases on May 9th and Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu on Oct 18th as per the schedules. If these films make it to theaters on schedule then it would be interesting to see if these dates help Power star to rewrite history. After all film industry runs on sentimen

Mega Fans Hurry - Prince Fans Worry

Mega Fans Hurry - Prince Fans Worry
Celebrations have already begun in Mega Fans Camps much earlier than the release of Rachcha and Gabbar Singh. From last three to four years, Mega Heroes have lost their strong hold on BO due to competition from heroes like Mahesh Babu and Junior NTR taking BO by a storm reinventing the definition of a Hit. Creating new industry records with each film has become common for Prince and best proved are Dookudu and Businessman.

Well, the time has ripe for Pawan and Charan to bring back the lost glory in Mega Camp with Gabbar Singh and Rachcha respectively. Industry sources and Mega Fans are clearly forecasting the consignment of super hits from Mega Camp in next two months. Obviously, when Mega Fans are hurried for release of above two flicks…with no release from currently dominating hero Mahesh Babu seen in near future, there is a bit of worry for Prince Fans.

Pawan Kalyan's Gun is not manufactured ???

Powerful dialogues in Gabbar Singh by pawan kalyan

Rebel flash back episode is too cost

Prabhass upcoming movie Rebel shooting is going fast in Hyderabad under direction RaghavaLawrence, J.Pullarao and J.Bhgavan are producing on Sri Balaji cine media banner, “The movie climax had been shooting for 15 days in shamshabad, 2cr only for flash back episode includes 25 lacks set and 20 feet Kalimatha statue, 100 fighters, 1000 junior artists with all main artist like krishnam raju, prabhass, dheeksha seth, prabha, mukhesh rushi and supreeth are participate in this episode. next schedule will be started from 16th march in Ramoji film city, then they will plan to shoot climax scene from 29th march by 15 days, it is hi-technical movie, we are planning to release in June 2ndweek.Thamann and deeksha seth are female lead, lawrense is scored music” Producers said.

Bunny Movie Talkie Will Completed On 30th March

Now Bunny, Ileana are singing a song in Ramojifilmcity, Rajusundaram is being choreographed this song, thrivikram srinivas is directing and k.radhakrisha is being producing and presents by D.V.V.Dhanayya, Devisriprasad is scored music, Ali was being participated in this song, the movie talkie is finished on 30th march except 3 songs and small patch work balance, Rajendra prasad is playing cop character, the movie has wonderful twist and lot of entertainment with suspense thrilling, the movie will be released in June 2week.

Raccha Climax Fight Might Be Inspired From

Raccha climax fight might be inspired from the House of Flying Daggers – Bamboo Forest……

Eega Is Remake Of English Movie “The Fly”

Sensational director S S Rajamouli who has created many records in Tollywood with his films is now searching for a Hollywood remakes. It is known that Rajamouli inspired the story of ‘The Hospitality’ a Hollywood movie which was released during 1930′s for ‘Marayada Ramanna’.
Now the hot buzz is that Rajamouli again using the story line of Hollywood film ’The Fly’ which was released on 1958 for Eega. M.M.Keeravani is scored music for this film and audio release on 30th march, movie release on 12th aprill.

O'Range Bhaskar's Aunty Genelia-Dreams

Talk-Of-Town: O'Range Bhaskar's Aunty-Dreams

With Ramcharan's 'Orange' becoming a mega-movie among Tollywood's flopbusters, this director is no more addressed with Bommarillu tag. Here goes an interesting talk about Bhaskar's Aunty-Dreams.

According to reports, Bhaskar always considers hot aunty Genelia as heroine for his movies while writing the script itself. Though he scored hit with his debut flick 'Bommarillu' with this bubbly girl, he failed to rope her in for this second movie with 'Parugu'. The director got his dream true again with 'Orange' by casting the over-acting actress as a lead. But the 'lucky-mascot' has give a sour punch to the whole team with her remuneration shock and the film too flopped miserably.

If sources are to be believed, even for his latest project with young hero Ram, Genelia is the first considered option. Ram also scored a hit with this soft thigh beauty through Sreenu Vytla's 'Ready'. Now that she got married and is not ready to do some hot commercial songs, Bhaskar had backed out the idea. 'Madness' is undefined, especially in Film Industry!
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