Panjaa Movie Actress new Photo Sarah-Jane Dias

Power Star Pawan Kalyan Latest Movie Panjaa Movie Actress new Photo Sarah-Jane Dias

She is gonna take your breath away @ Panjaa!

She is gonna take your breath away @ Panjaa!
Most of the times, heroines in Pawan Kalyan's films don't get much attention from the fans and media as the focus is always on Power star. Even for Panjaa the same is happening as all the stills and posters released to date consists of one and only Pawan Kalyan.

But Panjaa has two sexy ladies to boast of. Sultry Sarah Jane Dias and sexy model Anjali Lavania are doing the heroine roles in this film. There are going to be sizzling scenes and sequences involving them. But they will have to wait until the film hits the screens to show what they are capable of.

Anjali Lavania in particular is confident about leaving a strong mark with Panjaa. She is doing a hot song in this film, choreographed by 'Sheila Ki Jawani' fame Geeta Kapoor. In Anjali words this song is going to take your breath away! Wow, the statement itself is giving goose bumps, isn't it?

'Oosaravelli' takes edge over 'Dookudu'

  'Oosaravelli' takes edge over 'Dookudu'
Although collection reports shown for first week gross of 'oosaravelli' are over and above 'Dookudu,' market talk and public talk for Mahesh Babu film is already informed to be stronger than NTR.
Other than first week reports, here is one more platform where 'oosaravelli' has beaten 'Dookudu' and that happens to be remaking in Bollywood. Yes, while Surender Reddy is readily packing his bangs to board the Mumbai flight for remake of both 'oosaravelli' and his earlier hit 'Kick' with Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan respectively, director Srinu Vytla could not make his 'DOokudu' producers either shell out the remake rights at whopping price or did he zeroed upon a hero to direct the Bollywood version.
Going on a comparison and craze for both these successful Telugu projects, a freshly scripted 'oosaravelli' seems to have taken an egde over formula followed 'Dookudu.'

Powerful dialogue from Powerstar's Panjaa

Power Star's Panjaa mania started ever since the first look posters are out.Posters made a huge appeal not only to fans but also to normal audience.Now all eyes are on Vishnu Vardhan's powerful dialogues.Recently a dialogue from Panjaa is making news everywhere.
'Pandinche raithu visiredhi ginja, samaajam lo cheeda purugulani eripaareyadaniki nenu vesedhe ee panja'.
Imagine this dialogue from powerstar on screen.The feeling itself gives goosebumps to many.
So we have to wait for some more time to find out the real Punch in Panjaa.Till then stay tuned for more updates folks.

What is Pawan's role in Panjaa?

What is Pawan's role in Panjaa?

 with the release of the new look get up pawan kalyan in his new film and the confirmation of the title Panjaa have now started excitement in the camp of mega fans in a big way. Director vishnu vardhan is known for making stylish films. Pawan Kalyan is known for his original style that distinguished him form the rest of the actors. So the interest in the film is naturally high.
the interest now is naturally over the kind of role he is going to essay in the film. According to reliable information Pawan Kalyan is playing the role of a powerful underworld Don in the film. Like in all his films, Pawan Kalyan is sure to come up with powerful punch dialogues in Panjaa as well.

Power Star Panjaa Latest Still

Power Star Pawan Kalyan Latest Still from his New Film PANJAA
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Pawan Panjaa New still

Power Star Pawan Kalyan Latest film Panjaa New Still

Chiranjeevi Launches new S2 Maltiplex With Vijay Malya Event Photo Gallery

Chiranjeevi Launches new S2 Maltiplex With Vijay Malya Event Photo Gallery in Nellore without water marks
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Prabhas,Rajamouli Movie in Confusion ?

Rajamouli suddenly changed tracks after Magadheera and made a comedy film Maryada Ramanna and then started an experimental film Eega. He announced that he will do a film with Prabhas as the lead long back, but that films didn't go to sets till now.

Meanwhile Prabhas is doing film after film and Rajamouli is yet to decide over the subject for his film with him. Prabhas completed Mr. Perfect and started Rebel as Rajamouli is not ready. Now Rebel shooting was stalled due to Lawrence's illness and Prabhas waved green to do a film under Koratala Siva direction.
It will take at least eight to nine months for Prabhas to complete these films and if Eega releases in the mean time will Rajamouli wait until Prabhas gets free or will he start another experiment to kill the time? Prabhas fans couldn't wait for this movie to hit the floors but the star and director are passing off time with other movies.

Pawan Kalyan Panja gets roaring response

Power star Pawan Kalyan forthcoming release Panjaa is expected to release on December 9. This film was not so happening until few days ago. But the first look posters of this film and Pawan Kalyan’s never before getup has brought instant craze to this film.

The film didn’t get any major business offers all these days as the buyers didn’t have any idea about how the film would be. With the title and first look posters they have got an impression that it is an action film with good mass elements. Hence, the business craze zoomed up at once.
Panjaa is getting good offers from various territories and buyers once again believe in Pawan

Pilla Zamindar Movie Review

Pilla Zamindar Movie Review (1st On Net)
Behind the Movie Pilla Zamindar: Young Nani has become a safe hero for makers. His project selection will be tested once again with a new team in hand for this flick. Hari Priya and Bindu Madhavi looking after the glamour quotient, let us see what is this Pilla Zamindar all about?
In the Movie Pilla Zamindar: An egoistic, spoiled brat belonging to Krishna Giri Samsthanam is Praveen Jayaramaraju called as Pilla Jamindar or PJ (Nani). As per a legal testament written by his grand father Late Rudraramaraju (Nagineedu), their property of worth Rs.5000 Crore will be transferred to PJ, if he fulfills a set of conditions laid down in the will.
First is, PJ should complete his Bachelor Degree in a prescribed period of 3 years without failing any subject in any year by studying only in Mallamma College, residing in the College Hostel run by their grandpas trust in the village of Siripuram. Second is, PJ should win the College Elections, at least once during his stay at College and Principal Rajanna (Rao Ramesh) is given the responsibility to fail PJ on any grounds, if unsatisfied.
A reluctant PJ lands in Siripuram and joins the College. This is the place where money minded PJ learns about life, humanity, friendship, love, affection, politics, charity and many more things redeeming himself into a Perfect Human Being. How PJ is helped by ex-girl friend Sindhu (Hari Priya), a close friend (Avasarala Srinivas) and Telugu lecturer (MS) forms the rest. Did PJ win his ancestral property? What happened to Sindhu? What was objective behind the will written by PJs grandpa has to be seen on screen.
Values of the Movie Pilla Zamindar: Director Ashok G seems to have done quite a bit of research on story to assimilate those kinds of sub plots and emotions to make his film a perfect pack. Screenplay looked feeble in few occasions yet he touched the hearts of audience many a times. Direction wise, Ashok G has more Common Sense, what lacks in present day directors. Dialogues by Chandra Sekhar stood highlighted in entire movie offering entertainment with a teaching on human morals. Music by Selva Ganesh was a better work in background score. Cinematography by Sai Sriram is very nice while editing by Praveen Pudi lagged in continuity. Production values of Bujji Babu were mediocre.
Performance wise Nani lived in the role of PJ. His histrionics, body language, comedy timing are equally as brilliant as his sentimental and emotional talent. Nani has well shouldered the transformation of his character from first to second half. Hari Priya is cute and is a natural beauty. Bindu Madhavis role has no meat. Bapineedu is regular. Rao Ramesh, MS Narayana, Sameer, Avasarala srinivas have stolen the show in second half bringing completeness to Nanis character. Comedy by Thaagubothu Ramesh, Dhanraj and others in college plus cameo by Vennela Kishore and Nalla Venu in pre-climax are thoroughly entertaining.
Out of the Movie Pilla Zamindar: Director has shown a clear distinction between comedy and emotion mixed sentimental drama. While first half is meant for many comedy episodes ending in just one hour, second half is made lengthy with too many heart moving sub plots. A flavor of Malayalam and Tamil cinema is clearly felt in treatment but Ashok came out colorful in achieving his goal of tying the audience to seats.
Definitely Munnabhai and 3 Idiots served as strong inspirations behind Ashok for penning the second half. Confidence levels in Pilla Zamindar team are evidential in closing shots. Movie is elongated towards climax with unconvincing pre-climax episodes. Best and bad quality in director Ashok G is, he had too much of a thinking brain for which two and half hours of run time isnt enough.
Well, after watching the commercial blockbusters like Dookudu and Oosaravelli, if this Pilla Zanidnar is given the ample publicity (of course, mouth publicity is to come positive); movie has all the ingredients to become a slow winner.

pawan kalyan panjaa poster Craze

Fans call him Power star and he lives up to the title despite numerous flops and being hitless for many years. Now trade circles have been discussing about his movie posters. But why? It is because of his ability to grab the attention of everybody and raise the expectations over the film with just a poster!

Pawan Kalyan always has this knack of throwing surprises with every film, especially with his look and style. He had brought immense craze to the films with just one poster even if there was no buzz over that film until then. He did the same for Panjaa which has turned red hot among the business circles out of nowhere.

There was no buzz or expectations over Panjaa until the first look posters were released. But now it is getting huge offers from various regions. That shows the power of Pawan Kalyan! Let's hope Panjaa doesn't remain poster hit but turns out to be a super hit.

Allu Arjun Ultra Stylish Movie with Trivikram

Allu Arjun who is fondly called as stylish star by his fans has been struck in experimental mode for over a period of time. He did films like Vedam, Varudu and Badrinath which didn’t have any style about them. Expectedly those films didn’t get good response from the fans.

Now Allu Arjun is done with experimenting and is back in his usual mode. He will be doing an ultra stylish movie under Trivikram direction which is a breezy romantic entertainer. Trivikram has come up with a unique story with a very different characterization that Bunny is excited about this film.
Allu Arjun is trying to be at his stylish best for this film. He would be seen in a new hairdo and also would wear different costumes in this movie. This film will soon hit the floors and the shooting will be completed at a stretch.

Nandamuri Fans: Devudi Chetilo Bhaaram

Nandamuri Fans: Devudi Chetilo Bhaaram
One does not know, what is the actual reason behind Sri Rama Rajyam getting continually postponed? After the first two disappointments, now the latest is delaying of film from scheduled November 10 to November 17. The average run of Oosaravelli before stupendous Dookudu already disheartening the Nandamuri Fans, now this loose updates on Sri Rama Rajyam are posing worrisome.
We are highly relying on Balayya Babu and Sri Rama Rajyam. Such mythological films are rarity in Tollywood. The deferment in release dates is one factor that is making us doubtful. Lest everything about the film is kept in Gods Hands, said a die hard Nandamuri Fan waiting for Lord Sri Rama to grace a near by theatre.

Mahesh's Cheap Tricks Humiliating!

Mahesh's Cheap Tricks Humiliating!

It might be happy and cheerful to hear about a Telugu film threatening to cross many Bollywood records collecting above Rs.100 Crores. When it comes to keeping an eye on behind the screen happenings, it will be shocking to see that there are numerous manipulations going around for arriving at the trade figures released to media by Dookudu team. Are these double standards or call it cheap tricks set to degrade the principles of Tollywood?
Sources say that credibility of mahesh babu is kept at risk just for the sake of one film by producers. Following these records mania, even Junior NTR and his Oosaravelli team has gone one step ahead than Dookudu just becoming a laughter stock. Well, all this would be logical and sounds meaningful for only those people who believe that so called Records announced for both the films are agreed as adulterated and bluffed. Let us see, how far this humiliation continues?

Charan's 'D' Becomes Interesting Subject

Charan's 'D' Becomes Interesting Subject
Anything that has to do with a top league star is always a subject of interest and fascination for his fans and other cine buffs. Now, the man in focus is Ramcharan Tej and it is all about his wedding preparations etc. Currently, the most intense discussions are happening on only one thing, the dowry for Charan.

Apparently, Charan's would-be is Upasana, the grand daughter of Apollo Chairman Dr Pratap Reddy. Given their multi-crore business empire, many are expecting Charan to become richer by few thousands of crores. Now, some are saying that he is getting a chartered plane as gift while others are saying he is getting assets worth few hundreds of crores.

Few rationalist thinkers say "It is no rocket science that Charan is bound to get some mind blowing wealth by this alliance with Upasana. Okay, if it is a chartered plane he is getting then it gets interesting but if it is just the regular properties and shares then it is nothing special. These are very common among high class families."

Oosaravelli and NTR utterly Failed

Oosaravelli and NTR utterly Failed

Making the film in time and releasing it on a grand scale is not a great thing. One has to know how to protect their product from the thieves. We are talking about the video piracy which has been a major headache for entire film industry. Online piracy is turning out to be the worst of all.

Despite heavy efforts to pirate Dookudu movie, the producers of that film took ample care to see that the piracy print doesn't surface on the internet. They have taken immense care and gave strong warnings to all the video sharing websites and torrent forums. They have successfully halted the Dookudu online piracy until two weeks and the results can be seen.

Oosaravelli tried to ape Dookudu in every way and even publishing the records following the suit. But they haven't succeeded in stopping their film from being pirated online. Within the first week of its release, a high quality print is available on the net, which shows that the hero and the producer of this movie have failed in getting the basics right.

ever before in Pawan Kalyan's Career

Never before in Pawan Kalyan's Career
Panjaa producers are leaving no stone unturned to make this movie a hit. They have started the promotional campaign two months prior to release. They are planning to launch the audio of this film on a grand scale and are coming up with innovative ideas to grab the attention of audience.

If all these were implemented as they plan, then Panjaa will surely open to record collections all over. Pawan Kalyan's films in the recent times suffered proper publicity barring a few instances like Jalsa. Even producer Ganesh Babu who stated that Pawan Kalyan is his God, didn't bother to do proper publicity for Teen Maar. After release Teen Maar was completely ignored by the producer and we all know what happened to the film despite positive talk.

For Panjaa producers, this is a prestigious film and they want themselves to break into the star producers league with this movie. They are young and have the zeal to stamp their name on Tollywood. Working with such imaginative and enthusiastic producers at this crucial juncture is a boon for Pawan Kalyan.

Oosaravelli 7 Days Gross Collections


Oosaravelli 7 Days Gross Collections

Jr Ntr's Oosaravelli 7 Days Gross Collections
It is biggest gross collected film in first week 

Top Heroine Says No To Telangana

It is known news that the Telangana trouble has been causing a lot of headache to many people. The worst affected have also been the cinema industry folks. While most of them resent all this in hushed tones, here is one girl who seems to be quite open about it.

She is none other than Kajal Agarwal. Well, the saucy seductress was sharing her thoughts in Twitter when she expressed her sympathy to all those who are bearing the brunt of the 'Sakala Janula Samme' and other T-agitations. While her anguish and concern is understood, those who read between the lines say Kajal has conveyed indirectly that this issue has become a trouble.

Those who heard this say "Kajal must be appreciated for standing up and expressing her opinion. She is better off than those who have influence and power but not enough guts to express their opinion."

A Tribute to Power Star on Completing 15 years in Tollywood

some years back, a small miracle happened in the skies of a sleepy town in the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It's not every day that the folks of this picturesque town see the brilliance of a shooting star in the cosmic spread. The omen unmistakably foretold of the greatness to come. I guess someone up there was intently listening, for he immediately granted their wish. It's not a coincidence that “Power Star Pawan Kalyan” was precisely born on the same day! Born as Konidela Kalyan Babu he rose like a phoenix to become the undisputed and the biggest icon of Telugu Cinema in the 21 st century.
Through his 15 year film career, he has carved a distinct identity for himself. Without a doubt, Pawan Kalyan is the single biggest super star of Tollywood and to say that he enjoys a demigod status in the hearts and eyes of the people is an understatement. “Power Star” as he is fondly known as, is a box office power house with his every movie setting the benchmark for collections and reach. His fan clubs in every remote village, his numerous web sites speak of the magnitude of reach he enjoys with the people of Andhra Pradesh and beyond. The respect and adulation he enjoys among the masses is simply unparalleled. The journey so far has been nothing short of spectacular- and if these fifteen glorious years are any indication of the things to come we are in for a very special smorgasbord- a spread  that is as varied and as exemplary as the man himself!
 His penchant for perfection is well known and all his movies bear the hall mark of his intense performances – be it be the quintessential lover boy in “Tholi Prema”, the naxalite in “Jalsa”, the martial arts fighter in “Johnny”, the angry young man in “Badri”, the fashion icon in “Balu”, the fun loving guy in “Teenmaar” and the deserving brother in “Thammudu”. His versatility has been his forte and he continues to wow the audiences with his brilliant portrayal of every roll that he enacted. His movies have always been interlaced with a social message or an issue that needs attention in the society.
He has always had the conviction to step forward and work with aspiring and untested talent to deliver some of the finest successes at the box-office. His phenomenal success is not the result of a well ironed and time tested ‘recipe for success'- in other words it has never followed an algorithmic path. Adhering to a formula has never been his forte and this is amply evident in his zeal for breaking new ground in uncharted territories. The list of technicians/directors and new talent that were baptized by him is endless. He has constantly strived to experiment with his roles and style with stupendous success. It is simply his conviction and his belief in new ideas and talent that paved the way for a new generation of film makers and technicians for this Industry.
His popularity soared with millions of people adding to his fan base with each one of his films. Pawan Kalyan is no less than a “messiah” for his millions of fans that adore him. That he has reached cult status is probably an understatement. His fan base grows larger and multiplies several folds with his every movie release. His reach crosses geographical boundaries and extends into Tamilnadu, Orissa, Kerala and Karnataka too. His popularity in the NRI community is also huge and it shows in the global box office collections.
Personal - Unbeknownst to the masses it is the way in which he conducts himself that draws millions of hitherto hidden admirers from every quadrant of the society. He has a mammoth cult following - yet he chooses to lead a very quiet and very simple life. He is a man of few words and believes in leading a simple life despite the “larger than life” image he enjoys.
My personal interactions with him have been a learning experience- each interaction has taught me something new. The topics are varied and his knowledge is as diverse as his countless roles that he has essayed to perfection. Mr. Perfect to the core – there is so much to learn from him just by watching him.  His down to earth nature in spite of his cult status is something that is increasingly rare in today's material world.
And finally come December, a big bonanza awaits all of us – the release of PANJAA –the making of the movie was a once in a life time experience for all of us. The movie has been the result of a tremendous amount of hard work from the entire unit including the star cast, the technicians, the unit members and everyone else associated with it.  We have tried to capture the totality and the spirit of “Power Star” to the best of our ability. Harnessing a hurricane is no easy job! We gave it our best shot and we sincerely believe that our effort will warm the hearts of his fans.
We have toiled hard on this dream.  It is no exaggeration when we say that it took a lot of “blood, sweat and tears” to transform this dream into a reality. And the one single person who made all this possible is the man himself. He will always hold a special place in my heart.
So come December, please get ready for some pure magic and action packed celluloid fun.  It will be a month to remember for a long time to come J
Welcome to our dream…
Go Power Star!!!!

Chiranjeevi eyes on Bharateeyudu Sequel

Rajamouli cleared the air that he is not going to direct Chiranjeevi's 150th movie. So the doubts over Chiru's landmark film are still on. The latest buzz says that Chiranjeevi is desperately trying to get the attention of director Shankar whom he publicly asked to make a film with him.

Chiranjeevi came to know that producer AM Rathnam is planning to make a sequel to Kamal Hassan's Bharateeyudu in Shankar direction. Kollywood media says that Ajith is likely to play the lead role in this film. Chiranjeevi is looking for a proper script that suits his age and also the current political image. So he believes that Bharateeyudu would be the safe bet which would meet his requirements.

On the other hand it is Shankar, who would never falter in delivering the goods. So Chiranjeevi is trying hard to convince AM Rathnam for Bharateeyudu sequel. Chiru earlier starred in AM Rathnam's Sneham Kosam. He also produced Bangaram with Pawan Kalyan.

Mahesh & NTR - Who is running behind whom?

  Mahesh & NTR - Who is running behind whom?
An astonishing talk is circulated in media circles about mahesh babus Dookudu and Junior NTRs Oosaravelli trying to stab each others market. Ever since the release date of Oosaravelli is confirmed as October 6, there was an initial positive talk in film circles on the movie which very soon on the release day turned into a divided verdict and as the weekend has come to an end, there is a clear cut judgment that Oosaravelli is trailing behind.
While close circles to Oosaravelli makers and Nandamuri Fans feel that a section of public are deliberately circulating a negative talk on their film, Prince Fans supporting Dookudu success are also complaining the same regarding a sharp drop in their collections. Well, who is running behind whom is unknown but both these films are rewriting the industry records is an open truth.

Oosaravelli Producers Announced Fake Collections And Records!

Young Tiger Jr NTR's latest film Oosaravelli released on October 6th is facing lot of criticism with collections. As per the news, ‘Oosaravelli’ movie collected Rs 15.76 Crores in first day and Rs 13.60 Crore in second day. These unbelievable figures creating laughs for common audience on film records and collections etc. On the other hand his fans are happy with these fake records.

As per the buzz, total first 2 days collections Rs 29.36 Crores is actually collected by advances from distributors and ticket bookings till Sunday. But producers are showing these figures as gross collections to create the hype. And another buzz is that, producers announced these figures to impress their fans or to show their hero's power to the industry.

We need to wait and see this buzz is true or not? But it is true that, this type of figures may help to create the hype, but may not help for success of the film in long run. dOOKUDU PROVES SAME As it announces 75 crores in 2 weeks but no theater run with houseful from 4th day onwards But MAGADHEERA in some theaters in Coastal are successfully runs houseful more than 50 days

Katrina Kaif to become Anushka!

Katrina Kaif to become Anushka!

If the reports are to be believed, Gemini Film Circuit, which acquired the Hindi remake rights of Tollywood's biggest blockbuster Arundhati, is considering katrina kaif to don the role played by Anushka in the original.
Along with her,Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherji's names are also doing rounds for the character, it is heard. Notably, the role in Arundhati had given a new image to Anushka, who was seen only in glamorous roles till then, and she went on to become one of the leading heroines in the South.
Arundhati, directed by Kodi Ramakrishna, Starring Anushka and Sonu Sood in the lead, grossed Rs. 30 Crores at the box office including Rs. 10 Crores for the Tamil version. The satellite rights fetched another Rs. 7 Crores.

Mega fans enjoying 'Big Fight'

Mega fans enjoying 'Big Fight'

The two big releases within the gap of seven days, mahesh babu's Dookudu and Jr.NTR's Oosaravelli have resulted in a lot of drama, excitement and expectations among the fans as well as the film loving public. The fans of the two heroes are now in a bitter war of words with one another.
Both the sides are claiming that their film has grossed the highest amount, their hero's film has beaten all previous records of first day collections etc. etc. The figures of total collections, share, gross, number of screens etc, are being released to the media. The figures given by both the groups may not be exactly correct, as there is sure to be some exaggeration; the fans on both sides are still making tall claims.
The Mega fans have remained neutral in all this and are now enjoying the bitter fight among the mahesh babu and Jr.NTR fans. They are happy to lap up the free tamasha that is being witnessed on TV as well as websites.

Dil Raju into Top Gear with Charan

Dil Raju into Top Gear with Charan

Entry of aggressive producers like Bellamkonda, RR Movies Venkat and few new names into the field has totally changed the rules and regulations of film production in Tollywood. Conservative players like Allu Aravind, dil raju and others started to feel the heat. Here is the change of gear from dil raju who recently started a multi starrer extravaganza of Mahesh Babu and Venkatesh with Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu.
Now, the golden handed dil raju has directly entered into top gear making his next project official with Ramcharan to be directed by Vamsy Paidipally. Yes, this movie will start as soon as Racha wraps up the shoot by this year end. Let us see, what will be the speed of dil raju in coming days with Oh My Friend slated for release very soon.

Time for Power Full 'Panjaa'

Time for Power Full 'Panjaa'
Minimal knowledge on Telugu films is enough to say that Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu and Junior NTR are a set of heroes whose reach in public goes on increasing with each film. Either a flop or a disaster will never hinder their ever increasing following. Collections of a dud Komaram Puli or an average Khaleja or a hit Brindavanam will showcase their range.
This year, we have seen Dookudu and Oosaravelli showing the value of Star Power in Tollywood almost browbeating Magadheera. As Mahesh and NTR are done with their duties to lift the spirits of struggling Telugu cinema, now next hero in the queue would be definitely Pawan Kalyan. If cards fall in right places, upcoming panjaa might cross Rs.100 Crore mark easily. Constraint being Power in Pawan Kalyan should be utilized fully by director Vishnuvardhan. So, let us wait till December to witness a new chapter in Telugu cinema history.
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