'Dammu' Beats On Boyapati's Head

Dammu movie's average performance at the Box Office is finally taking its toll on the director. Film industry is abuzz that a star hero has given hand to director Boyapati after watching Junior's flick.

Superstar MaheshBabu has sidelined his upcoming project under the direction of Boyapati, say reports. With Dammu not faring well at the Box Office despite of the numbers claimed by production house, Mahesh took this decision, it seems. A storyline was finalized long back, but our hero is said to be avoiding the story discussions to take the project to a next level.

With all of his flicks being mass-stories, Boyapati may find it difficult to convince Mahesh, who wants a bit of class touch for his roles. However, critics are ruling off Mahesh's idea about Boyapati, as this director can deliver a true class entertainer with high commercial values. Watch this space for more interesting updates

AP Top Five Movies 1st Day Shares

Following list consists of the movies, which stood at top five positions for the day one shares collected by those movies are concerned. (As on 11th May, 2012)


gabbar singh 8.85


DAMMU 7.39



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Balakrishna All movies Hits or Flops Complete list


1 Tatamma Kala————————————-1974—Flop

2 Ram Raheem————————————–1974—Flop

3 Annadammula Anubhandam—————-1975—SuperHit

4 Vemulawada Bheemakavi——————–1975—Flop (Histarical)

5 Daana Veera Soora Karna——————–1977—IndusryHit (Mythological)

6 Akbar Salim Anarkali—————————1979—Flop (Histarical)

7 Sri Madvirata Parvam————————–1979—Flop (Mythological)

8 Sri Tirupati Venkateswara Kalyanam—–1979—Flop (Mythological)

9 Rowdy Ramudu – Konte Krishnudu——-1980—Flop

10 Anuraga Devatha——————————–1982—Hit

11 Simham Navvindi——————————– 1983—Flop

12 Sahasame Jeevitham—————————1984—Flop(Stright Hero)

13 Disco King——————————————1984—Flop

14 Janani Janmabhoomi—————————-1984—Flop

15 Mangammagari Manavadu—————— 1984—IndusryHit

16 Palnati Puli—————————————–1984—Flop

17 Shrimad Virat Veerabrahmendra Swami Charitra———-1984—SuperHit (Histarical)

18 Kathanayakudu———————————- 1984—Hit

19 Atmabhalam————————————– 1985—Hit

20 Babai – Abbai———————————— 1985—Flop

21 Bharyabhartala Bhandam——————- 1985—Flop

22 Bhale Tammudu——————————— 1985—Flop

23 Kattula Kondaiah——————————- 1985—Flop

24 Pattabhishekam——————————– 1985—Flop

25 Nippulanti Manishi—————————– 1986—Hit

26 Muddula Krishnnayya————————- 1986—Hit

27 Seetarama Kalyalam————————– 1986—Hit

28 Anasuyammagari Alludu——————— 1986—Hit

29 Desoddarakudu———————————-1986—Hit

30 Kaliyuga Krishnudu—————————– 1986—Flop

31 Apurva Sahodarudu—————————- 1986—Hit (Dual Role)

32 Bhargava Ramudu—————————— 1987—Flop

33 Allari Krishnaiah——————————— 1987—Flop

34 Sahasa Samrat———————————– 1987—Flop

35 Presidentugari Abbai————————– 1987—Hit

36 Muvva Gopaludu———————————1987—Hit

37 Bhanumatgari Mogudu————————1987—Flop

39 Inspector Pratap———————————1988—Average

40 Donga Ramudu———————————–1988—Flop

41 Tiragabadda Telugubidda——————–1988—Flop

42 Bharatamlo Bala Chandrudu—————-1988—Flop

43 Ramudu Bheemudu—————————-1988—Hit (Dual Role)

44 Raktabhishekam———————————1988—Flop

45 Bhale Donga————————————– 1989—SuperHit

46 Muddula Mavayya—————————— 1989—IndusryHit

47 Ashoka Chakravarthy————————- 1989—Flop

48 Bala Gopaludu———————————– 1989—SuperHit

49 Prananiki Pranam—————————— 1990—Flop

50 Nari Nari Naduma Murari——————- 1990—SuperHit

51 Muddula Menalludu————————— 1990—Flop

52 Lorry Driver————————————— 1990—SuperHit

53 Talli Tandrulu————————————- 1991—Flop

54 Bhahmarshi Vishwamitra——————– 1991—Not Relese (Mythological)

55 Aditya 369—————————————– 1991—Hit (Dual Role) (Si-Fi movie)

56 Dharma Kshetram—————————— 1992—Flop (2.5 crores in first week)

57 Rowdy Inspector——————————– 1992—IndusryHit

58 Aswametham————————————-1992 —Flop

59 Nippu Ravva————————————– 1993—Average (Sameday Relese)

60 Bangaru Bullodu——————————— 1993—IndusryHit (Sameday Relese)

61 Bhairava Dweepam—————————–1994—SuperHit (Histarical)

62 Gandeevam————————————— 1994—Flop (Mythological)

63 Bobbili Simham——————————— 1994—SuperHit

64 Top Hero——————————————- 1994—Average

65 Maatho Pettukoku—————————– 1995—Flop (Dual Role)

66 Vamsanikokkadu——————————- 1996—SuperHit

67 Sri Krishnarjuna Vijayam——————– 1996—Flop (Dual Role) (Mythological)

68 Peddannayya———————————— 1997—SuperHit (Dual Role)

69 Muddula Mogudu—————————— 1997—Average

70 Devudu——————————————– 1997—Flop

71 Yuvaratna Rana——————————– 1998—Flop

72 Pavitra Prema ———————————- 1998—Flop

73 Samarasimha Reddy————————– 1999—IndusryHit

74 Sultan———————————————– 1999—Flop (Dual Role)[As a vilan ]

75 Krishna babu————————————- 1999—Flop

76 Vamsoddarakudu—————————— 2000—Flop

77 Goppinti Alludu——————————— 2000—Average

78 Narasimha Naidu——————————- 2001—IndusryHit

79 Bhalevadivi Basu—————————— 2001—Flop

80 Seema Simham——————————– 2002—Flop

81 Chennakeshava Reddy———————- 2002—Average (Dual Role)

82 Palnati Bramhanaidu————————- 2003—Flop

83 Lakshmi Narasimha————————— 2004—SuperHit

84 Vijayendra Varma—————————— 2004—Flop

85 Allari Pidugu————————————- 2005—Flop (Dual Role)

86 Veerabhadra———————————— 2006—Flop

87 Maharadhi—————————————- 2007—Flop (single role ,but variations)

88 Okka Magaadu———————————- 2008—Flop (Dual Role)

89 Pandurangadu———————————–2008—Average (Dual Role) (Mythological)

90 Mitrudu———————————————2009—Flop

91 Simha————————————————2010—SuperHit (Dual Role)

92 Parama Veera Chakra———————— 2011—Flop (Dual Role)

93 Sri Rama Rajyam——————————– 2011—Average (Mythological)

94 Adhinayakudu———————————— 2012

95 Uu Kodathara? Ulikki Padathara?———2012

96 Srimannarayana———————————-2012

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Why Suhasini's Negative Reaction on Gabbar Singh ((tag: gabbarsingh))

-- None knows the actual transparency behind versatile actress suhasini Maniratnam reacting negatively on 'Gabbar Singh' before the release. But, a glance at the film released yesterday, definitely she has a valid point if the issue is analyzed from the viewpoint of importance of her character. In original version of 'Dabangg,' the hero's mother role done by Dimple Kapadia holds enormous significance. In fact, the total family drama and the emotional connect for violently done action climax has the perfect plot in killing of Dimple's character.

When it comes to 'Gabbar Singh,' no where do we find such importance to suhasini. Except a couple of scenes, suhasini's character is totally neglected with core focus placed only on Pawan Kalyan. May be that is the reason why, when villain Siddhappa Naidu (Abhimanyu Singh) calls Gabbar Singh (Pawan Kalyan) on phone to narrate the reason behind suhasini's death, the required punch wasn't felt by audience. Apparently, suhasini's version was right but when 'GS' is made by Harish Shankar as one-man show of Pawan, who cares for her reasoning.

Repeats Begin Early for 'Gabbar Singh

Thats the Power of Pawan Kalyan. Every where Fans are flying their collars in joy as gabbar singh came out with unique positive talk and is set to do phenomenal business to break all the records of Tollywood. The awesome feature witnessed very much early on the very day of release is that gabbar singh has huge repeat value which would help elevate the film to a range of may be industry hit.

Not among the Fans, even among the general sections of audience who love mass flavor in films are trying for tickets to watch the movie second time. We enjoyed Pawan Kalyan mannerisms thoroughly. After Kushi, this is literally a festive mood in theatres. I dont mind watching gabbar singh twice or thrice because there are no boring episodes to pain your head. Its just the Power House performance from Power Star, viewed one of the common audiences. Trade sources are stunned with the response on GS because same such phenomena was observed for Magadheera

Gabbar Singh to Create new Records

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Gabbar Singh is released worldwide on a grand scale on 11th of the month and movie garnered stunning reviews from critics. The theaters are overcrowded and Pawan Kalyan's fans have been in celebrations, thanking the director Harish Shankar, who is also the biggest fan of Power Star.

Gabbar Singh is set to create new records with the Day1 collections. Smashing the previous records, Pawan Kalyan has set a new record with Gabbar Singh with a stunning figure of more than 10 crores share for AP alone as per the early estimates.

Trade analysts are also expecting that Gabbar Singh might also set more records in coming days as the moviegoers are going crazy for bagging tickets and this is seen in overseas as well.

Shruti Haasan played the leading lady in this Parameswara Arts production venture produced by Ganesh Babu.

Gabbar Singh Movie 1st Day Collections

Power Star Pawan Kalyans Gabbar Singh has turned out to be a massive blockbuster and the movie is on track to smash many Box Office records, say analysts. Overflows for producer are being predicted in most of the areas and this has not been seen in recent times. There is a wild frenzy for tickets, even in overseas territories.

Gabbar Singh Movie has collected nearly 16crore

How & Why is Pawan a Different Hero?

Nowadays, many heroes are taking the responsibility of entire movie's fate on their shoulders and making the movies to be the super hits through their 'heroism'. Well, it's really a good sign of their great talents. However, Power Star pawan kalyan is the one hero, who in fact, took the heroism at its peaks in movies. In contrast to other heroes, he mesmerizes the audiences and fans with his attire, his histrionics and of course, his realistic approach. Several instances are there to prove this analysis right. Following are some of those examples.

At the time of 'Badri', pawan kalyan was seen in cowboy get up in 'Chikitha' song. Many of his fans came to watch the movie in the same get up in Vijayawada city on its first day. pawan kalyan's college bag in 'Khushi' attracted the entire A.P. and thereafter, 'Khushi' bags got super popularity. Coming to 'Gudumba Shankar', many youth fans watched the movie wearing double pants. In 'Balu', pawan kalyan was seen in trousers, which worth Rs.1.50 lakhs. Similar pants were flooded in the market and got big sales. And right now, it is heard that many of his followers are watching the movie 'Gabbar Singh' with red coloured towels or kerchiefs surrounded their head as their hero was seen with the same get up in the movie. They are also trying to follow his ethics. Consolidating, a pawan kalyan's fan is also a 'pawan kalyan'.

The wait of 10 Years Ends Here

Thanks to Director Harish Shankar is the single line from pawan kalyan Fans which explains on how far their deserted wait of 10 years has been fulfilled with the todays release of Gabbar Singh. Directors who were making flicks with Pawan from last one decade were able to come out with averages or below averages or duds but Harish happened to be the one man who utilized the Full Power of Power Star. Gabbar Singh is one flick which could keep the old BO records in fire.

In fact, Pawan always stayed away from regular flicks with mass masala content. Though tried his hand at remakes, the only reason was uncommon features present in them. Now, Harish made the scripting of Dabangg much more Power Housed to suit Pawans style and thus came Gabbar Singh to end our 10 years of wait.

As usual rightly said by Pawan, Nenu Time Ni Nammanu…Timing Ni Nammuthaa. Just stay tuned to CJ for knowing more on GS updates.

Pawan..You Won !

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Gabbar Singh was released today in more than 900 theaters all over the world. The movie is said to be a feast for fans and a wholesome entertainer to normal audience. Even though, the movie is the remake of Dabangg, Harish Shankar had made enough changes in the script to suit our nativity. The movie lost a bit of tempo in the second half. However, the effect is negligible.


1. Pawan Kalyan Body language, mannerisms
2. Dialogues written by Harish Shankar
3. Picturization of songs is equally good along with the music
4. Kabaddi scene in the first half and Anthyakshari scene in the second half


1. Drag in the second half
2. Director and Editor should have taken more care of second half

BO Prediction: The movie has all the ingredients for fans to go mad and normal audience to get entertained in this summer. An entire generation did not got to watch Pawan Kalyan's full potential at the box office. Mark my words you will witness the rage in the next few weeks.

Mega hit for Pavan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan's Gabbar Singh has hit the screens worldwide on grand scale.. It's a complete entertainer laced with comedy, sentiment, action and drama, Pawan Kalyan's look and styling is excellent in the movie

After Hat trick Flops Panjaa", "Theenmaar" and "Komaram Puli" now Meg fans are happy about Gabbar sing movie hit talk.

Censor cuts in Gabbar Singh


Censor cuts in Gabbar Singh:

1 Delete the word 'kasai'.
2 Blurred the visuals of Ashoka Emblem on the belt while using the belt for hitting the goons.
3 Blurred the close up cleavage exposure in song 'Kevvu keka…'.
4 Delete the dialogue 'deenamma thalli kooda thedana'.
5 Delete the dialogue 'aaku yendipovadam kanna chirigipovadam better'.
6 Delete the dialogue 'orey neeayya' uttered by Ali.
7 Blurred the visuals of the police symbol, Ashoka emblem and Abdul Kalam's photo and police officer's photo in the song 'Mandu kodithe Maharaj…' in the police station.
8 Delete the visuals of girl removing cell from blouse and dialogue 'meeku choopisthe chaala' & 'incoming free'.
9 Delete the dialogue 'Al Qaida'.
10 Delete the dialogue 'thagulukuntaara'.
11 Delete the dialogue 'geekaalegaani'.
12 Delete the dialogue 'oodesthaadu'.
13 Delete the dialogue 'nee thalli' uttered by Ali.
14 Voice over warning on smoking and drinking by a protagonist in the movie.
15 Delete the dialogue 'pagaladeeyadaniki'.
16 Delete the dialogue 'firangi pagilipothundi'

Gabbar Singh Movie Review Gabbarsingh Review


Gabbar Singh Movie Review:3.5/5
Star-Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Hasan, Sonu Sood, Suhasini, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Sushanth, Bramanandam, Tanikella Bharani
Director: Harish Shankar

Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad

Producer: Ganesh Babu

Corrupted cop Gabbar Singh ( Pawan Kalyan ), He steals from the bad guys and occasionally passes it on to the poor, wants to narrow the distance with his step brother, and father on the behest of his mother even as he needs to set his own house in order by marrying the vagrant girl (Shruthi hassan) who refuses to succumb to his charms. And if that's not enough, there's the local goon and the crumbling administration of the small town that is craving his attention too. Can Gabbar Singh deliver?


Pawan Kalyan has undergone Robinhood style of character for the first time in his career, His action as Rowdy Police is Mind-Blowing.His dances, action sequences, comedy carried the complete grip of the movie.Sruthi Hassan as village girl is good. She added colors to the screen with her fresh looks and beauty. Suhasini and Nagineedu are good upto their mark. Ajay has given best performance after Vikramarkudu it would be better if his character is elevated to some more extent.Abhimanyu Singh is the boon for this movie. He is going to be the one of the best actor for negative roles in South India.


Director Harish Shankar taking is excellent, He elevated the heroism at the same time handled the story, though Harish Shankar added some dose over these scenes but still he proved himself to be among top league directors.Music by DSP is really awesome for the movie ,Kevvu keka would be the mother of all item songs for years ,Re recording ,Back ground is good. Fights by Ram Laxman especially the pre interval and climax fight , editing by Gautam Raju is good, Dialogues were good . Screenplay was perfect.Cameratography is excellent especially the fights and swiss song picturization.


Though this movie is the remake of Dabbang we will not find the most of the similarities with that movie. Some major changes in the story has been made in entertaining way. 40% of the story has been changed as per the nativity of the telugu audience.The duration of first half is around one hour. It totally runs in speed pace without boring for half second. The first half of the movie will be the best ever for PK fans.
Interval fight at railway station is good.
Coming to second half the movie gets into some emotional scenes and gets slow down as the depth in the story is being evaluated.

The highlights are

Pawan Kalyan entrance on horse is extra-ordinary. The first fight is superb.
Pawan Kalyan enters into market in Rikshaw which has back ground song "Ee petaku nene mesthri" is quite entertaining.
Love scenes are romantic and good.
Anthyakshari scene in Police Station is hilarious.
Songs are picturized in stylish manner with complete mass formula.
Kevv keka song adds energy during pre-climax.
Climax is nothing but one word Awesome.
Minus Points :
Ajay has a very small role and does not have much to do. Same goes for Kota Srinivasa Rao. Except for the 'Mandu Babulam' song, he does not have any significant role in the film. There have been some major changes in the script, particularly in the second half and perhaps, the original storyline from Dabangg should have been used. Tanikella Bharani's role does not do justice to his talent.


Full meals of entertainment for every one.

Amisha Patel Latest Hot Photo Shoot

Pawan is Unlucky When Compared to Tarak and Charan

Durga Arts Sensation in Tollywood

Durga Arts Sensation in Tollywood

durga arts, which is owned by K.L.Narayana is one of the reputed production houses of tollywood. However, this banner has not been making the movies for six years. 'Kshana Kshanam' was the first movie, which was made under durga artsbanner. 
For the past few years, durga arts is planning to make movies with the heroes like Mahesh Babu and Nagarjuna. However, they were not materialized. All of a sudden, the production house is creating a sensation in tollywood by planning to make three movies with three superstars of tollywood. Firstly, they are all set to make a movie with Mahesh Babu in the direction of S.S.Rajamouli, which is expected to start in the next year. This is said to be the most crazy project of tollywood. Later, the banner will make a movie with Ram Charan in the combo of director Boyapati Srinu. And last but not the least is a movie with Jr.NTR in the direction of Trivikram

Police fired at 'GS' Costumes

Police fired at 'GS' Costumes

The president of Police Officers, has severely expressed his concern the costumes of Pawan Kalyan in the movie, 'gabbar singh'. He said the makers of GS insulted the Police department by showing unbuttoned khaki shirt through Pawan Kalan. He also said they have already lodged a complaint on this issue to the censor board officers. Unless the censor board censor those scenes, they would start agitation against the movie.

OPINION OF THE MAKERS: Nowadays, it has been the most common practice creating controversy on every movie. If you see everything in a wrong way, each movie fills with hundreds of controversial issues. If this kind of scenario is repeated, no producer comes forward to make movies.

FANS OPINION : If any one creates controversies then film will go blockbustor like Magadheera Racha  

Mega Family's Strange Hit Sentiment

It appears heroes from mega compound have good sentimental attachment with the years, which end with the number '2'. Whatever be the year, if it ends with number, 2, the movies released in that particular year become blockbusters. Check out the following details.

Gabbar Singh????

Complete Info of GS Censor

Complete Info of GS Censor
Yesterday, we reported that Power Star Pawan Kalyan's 'gabbar singh's censor certification was postponed to 8th May, i.e. today. Here lies the exclusive details of the censor certification of the movie. As per the info, the censor board members watched the digital print of 'gabbar singh' yesterday and are willing to give U/A certificate to the movie. Howvever, they put a technical objection for the certification.

Since the horse riding scenes were shot on Pawan Kalyan, the censor members sought 'No Objection Certificate' from 'Horse Riding Animal Products'. As soon as the makers submit this certificate to the jury members, they will immediately issue the censor certificate to the movie. Then only the makers will be permitted to announce the release date of the movie. And this entire process will be completed by this afternoon. With the best of our knowledge, the movie has been confirmed to a grand release on 11th May itself.

CENSOR MEMBERS OPINION ON THE MOVIE: The jury members unanimously felt that the movie would become a blockbuster. The first half of the movie is filled with lot of entertainment scenes while the second half consists of action packed scenes. All the songs were shot in an excellent manner.

'Baadshah' is a free-make of 'SIK'!?

Director Srinu Vaitla can go for any extent to offer awesome comedy and entertainment for audience with his films. As seen in last Dookudu, the core assets of movie were full length entertainment mixed with star power of Mahesh Babu. Now, the new project from Srinu to release in next few months would be baadshah with Junior NTR. As per the talk from few sources in Film Nagar, it is known that Srinu is making this film as a free-make of Bollywood hit Singh is King.
Though the actual reliability in the gossip is questionable, Singh is King has too many commercial elements to cook a hit subject suitable for Tollywood with backdrop of mafia dealt in humorous angle. Reports of all top comedians appearing in baadshah and a lengthy foreign schedule planned in Italy are to serve as more evidences of film might be a copy of Singh is King which was shot primarily in Australia and Egypt. In fact, baadshah was earlier publicized with the title of Mafia which was changed in due course of time. Heroine in the film is Kajal while NTR is also to appear in two different attires.
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