Ram Charan repeats the same mistake

Ram Charan repeats the same mistake

Ram Charan did Orange movie in a hurry as he felt that so much time was spent on Magadheera. Orange shooting was started without proper script and was stopped for sometime in the middle. In between Charan started working on Merupu and that was scrapped after canning one song.

Later Orange was made with a different 'half baked' script and tasted a bitter result. All this happened due to hurriedness of Charan. He thought of covering it up with his next film, but didn't get a proper script to start off with. Despite being aware of director Sampath Nandi's inexperience he gave green signal to work under him for Racha.

Initial plan was to complete this movie in few days and on a limited budget. But Sampath's inexperience didn't get things going. Racha has been delayed in the production stage and there were so many changes done to the script during this process. Now the budget of Racha too went overboard and nothing short of a blockbuster could recover the costs for the producers.

Pawan never ceases to amaze!

Pawan never ceases to amaze!
Power star pawan kalyan means several things to several people. For his fans he is everything, in short many even call him God! He is perhaps the only hero in Telugu who has a fanatic fan following irrespective of the result of his films. Pawan does not interact with the media and also does not promote his films like other heroes. 

Now pawan kalyan surprised everyone by attending as chief guest at the audio release function of Nitins Ishq. What was even more uprising was his new look. He looked very young and handsome in his black tee and blue jeans and cool shoes. He seems to have lost some weight too. He looked more like a young software engineer than a super power star! Everyone who saw Pawan at the function was simply amazed and mighty impressed. 

Why That Day so Special for Mega Fans?

Why That Day so Special for Mega Fans?

The chairman of Apollo Group of Hospitals, Mr Pratap C.Reddy visited Tirumala recently and confirmed the marriage date of Ram Charan-Upasana as 13th June. Having known this info, all the Mega fans across the state expressed their happiness and are currently waiting for that auspicious occasion. 
Here is one more great news for Mega fans. If the gossip is to be believed, Power Star Pawan Kalyan and director Puri Jagannadh's new movie will formally be launched on the same day when Ram Charan is to marry Upasana, i.e. on 13th June. So, two festivals on the same day for Mega family and their fans. 

Mahesh has no all Time Records in these areas

Mahesh has no all Time Records in ...

prince mahesh babu is riding high with the back to back hits in the form of 'Dookudu' and latest 'Businessman'. It is also a known thing that his 'Pokiri' was proved as industry hit at the box office then, while his 'Dookudu' was settled at the industry's second biggest hit after 'Magadheera' now. Surprisingly, none of the movies of Mahesh created all time record shares in three areas of the state so far and those areas are, Ceded, Nellore and Vizag. 
Although his 'Pokiri' created an  all time record in getting 40 crores share in its full run by defeating 'Indra's' 33 crores share, the movie couldn't beat the all time record shares in Ceded, Nellore and Vizag. In Ceded area, the movie could collect only 5.50 crores share, while 'Indra' was leading with Rs.7 crores share then. In Nellore, the movie could collect Rs.1.10 crores share while, Indra was on top with 1.30 crores share. In Vizag area, 'Pokiri' collected Rs.2.90 crores full run share. However. Chiranjeevi 'Tagore' collected Rs.3.50 crores share and 'Indra' collected Rs.3 crores share. 
As far as 'Dookudu' is concerned, the movie crossed the industry hit 'Magadheera's shares in Overseas only. In other areas the movie couldn't come near to the shares of 'Magadheera'. Consolidating, Prince has to prove his mettle in Ceded, Nellore and Vizag areas and hope, he can easily achieve this task through his forthcoming projects.

'Dammu' -Ntr's First Movie to get that Mark?

'Dammu' -Ntr's First Movie to get that Mark?

Although young tiger ntr proved his mettle as a powerful mass hero at the box office, he is still lag behind in achieving one mile stone in his career. None of his movies so far has  crossed the mark of 30 crores share. Surprised? But this is true. 
Student No.1, Adi, Simhadri, Yamadonga and Brindavanam movies are said to be some of the good hits in the career of Jr.NTR. The shares collected by these movies are as follows.
Above shares are excluding audio and satellite rights of the movies. If they are included, Yamadonga, Brindavanam and even Oosaravelli can easily cross the mark of 30+ crores share.However, NTR has to get 30+ crore share without the inclusion of audio and satellite rights. Trade sources say he is capable of achieving this target very easily. Moreover, his fans are saying that their hero will cross the 30+ crores share mark through the first week collections of 'Dammu' itself. Let us hope so.

Bunny Fans Worrying With Ileana!

Bunny Fans Worrying With Ileana!

allu arjun- trivikram's combo movie's shoot is at its brisk pace now. The movie is expected to late summer release. Ileana, in this movie was said to be roped in as a heroine with the recommendation of the director Trivikram. 

However, Ileana is facing severe criticisms about her looks from her latest movie, 'Snehithudu'. Due to over dieting and yoga, she reduced her weight up to a maximum extent and appeared to be a skeleton. This factor is currently worrying the fans of Allu Arjun, as they are expecting good amounts glamour quotient from the heroine. However, it is understood that Ileana has reportedly noticed the damage done to her craze through this changed physique and is right now, said to have taken proper measures to put up some weight.

Ram Charan's Next Heroine Confirmed?

Ram Charan has tightened his belts to do films without gap. Right now he is busy with ‘Rachcha’ and then hitting floors with ‘Evadu’ on the banner of Dil Raju in the direction of Vamsy Paidipalli.

It is known that Ram Charan is doing a film in the direction of VV Vinayak after that. The title of the film is yet to be announced but the sources say that heroine hunt is going on for the same. As per the inside sources, the office of Ram Charan is making inquiries about Parul Yadav, the Kannada actress.

If grapevine has to be believed, Ram Charan has given consent to see her beside him in next project as one of the heroines. We have to see what VV Vinayak says to it.

Ram Charan's @ Eyes On 'Chantabbayi'!!

If a hero is planning to reach superstardom and sustain it, he should be able to do comedy to get close to audience. And there has been a talk that Ram Charan has not been able to impress in that department. So now, he is reportedly working on filling that gap and prove his mettle.
It is heard that Charan’s eyes are on a film like ‘Chantabbayi’, a total comedy riot. Though the film was not a superhit, it gave Chiranjeevi a huge acclaim as an actor and took his stardom to a new level. Also, sources say Charan wants to come up with a budget controlled movie so that his performance will project him.
Though there is a strong potential of acting among the top league heroes, due to the budget madness and bloated figures mania, the Telugu heroes are losing their true performance angle and credibility. At this point, how will it be to do a film like ‘Chantabbayi’. If Charan’s thoughts are indeed true, then it is a very good decision and aninteresting experience for the viewers to see him in a full length comedy movie.

That's Why He is Power Star, Says Jr.Ntr

That's Why He is Power Star, Says Jr.Ntr

Here is a strange gossip that is being heard for the last few days. As per this story, power star pawan kalyan's 'Gabbar Singh's' shooting schedule has been planned from 5th February to 16th February in some beautiful locations of Pollachchi. Mean while, the makers of 'Dammu' also planned their shoot at the same location where 'Gabbar Singh's shoot has been planned in Pollachchi. As per the schedule, 'Dammu' shoot has to be started from 15th February onwards. Having known, 'Gabbar Singh's unit reserved the location, the the makers of 'Dammu' are said to have requested the makers of 'Gabbar Singh' to allot the location for them. But 'Gabbar Singh's makers didn't oblige. 

Finally, Jr.NTR reportedly called to Pawan Kalyan about this matter. Without any second thoughts Pawan Kalyan has reportedly given his nod to NTR's request and let the movie's shoot be cancelled for the last two days. Delighted with Pawan Kalyan's friendly gesture, Jr.NTR is reportedly said to have told his close sources, ''That's why he is power star and that is why he has strong fan base''.

Kajal Agarwal in Pawan Kalyan's Movie

Puri Jagannadh has signed Kajal Agarwal for playing the role of female lead in his next. It is known that the ace director has a film with Pawan Kalyan as hero, and it will go on the floors from May. The film will be produced by DVV Danaiah of Universal.
Since this is the first time that Kajal is playing opposite Pawan, there will definitely be some amount of excitement about their on-screenchemistry. As for Power Star, he is known to strike immediate rapport with any actress who comes with a whiff of striking chirpiness. Rarely does Puri prefer a heroine for the second time, with the exception of Illeana, who is the heroine in Devudu Chesina Manushulu.
It will be interesting to see Kajal's role in the untitled film. The actress seems to have a perfect and comfortable working relationship with Puri, and this will only work in the film's favour. Also, she would be only too eager to be cast opposite a superstar like Pawan.
She is one of the few heroines in the industry to have acted with all the top stars of the generation - Mahesh, Pawan, NTR, Ram Charan and Prabhas. With Cherry, she is going to act for the second time in the film to be directed by VV Vinayak.

Mahesh Babu Businessman is a big Flop

Mahesh Babu's mania coupled with Dookudu wave helped Businessman to take a stunning start at the box office. Thanks to the hype, Businessman managed to bag huge numbers in the first week, especially in AP and has set a new record. Despite the huge fall in the collections in second week, Businessman will end up as one of the biggest grosser in AP.

How did it fare in overseas market, the region that was conquered by Mahesh Babu with Dookudu? Well, Businessman ends up as a big flop in this territory as the film lacked entertainment value. Buyers bought this film for high amounts keeping Dookudu's success in mind and hence they are going to lose big money in it.

Producers have released a press statement that Businessman grossed over ten crores in first week. But the fact is it has only collected over 4 crores gross amount in two weeks and the business in overseas has almost come to an end. That means buyers are going to lose more than 1.5 crores in US alone. Don't be surprised if the producers announce that Businessman collected 10 crores full run share in overseas. Releasing fake figures has become the fresh trend of Tollywood.

Suspence on Racha Audio

Suspence on Racha Audio

Young Mega Power Star Ram Charan Teja is concentrating all his energies on making 'Rachcha' a stunning success and erase his 'Orange' memories from his mind. He is romancing with mesmerising milky beauty Tamanna in Sampath Nandi's direction.RB Chowdary is spending a bomb to film exhilirating stunts and dance movements of Cherry. The film's intro song uploaded on net is getting huge response and mega fans are unable to wait any longer for the release of the film's audio scheduled for middle of February.

Film makers are planning for 'Racha' first look and posters in the same month making February a festive month for the fans. Buzz is 'Racha' audio function will be attended by none other than Megastar Chiranjeevi who will be unveiling the first CD and handing over it to Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. If it really happens then fans will be in for a mega treat and will be surely delighted as many were shocked at heroes of mega family deserting Power Star Pawan Kalyan's audio launch. Though all mega heroes later individually organised press conferences trying to dispel rumors about rift in the mega family and even Power Star Pawan Kalyan personally drove Cherry for his engagement with Upasana in his brand new Audi car fans could see Pawan Kalyan left lonely at the engagement function.

If Pawan Kalyan gives 'Racha' audio launch a miss then people who till now didnot believe in all these rumors about rift will come to the conclusion that there are wide cracks in mega family and the mega structure is sure to collapse. Last time all mega heores attended an audio launch was for Pawan Kalyan starrer 'Jalsa' and fans hope that they will join hands together during 'Racha' audio launch making their detractors search for words. Tension is mounting on fans and only at the release of 'Racha' audio people will have clear picture about the mega rift and till then suspense will be on.

Reliance Choose Pawan Kalyan only

Pawan kalyan Ointment For Mohanbabu's Injury!
Without changing the 'doctor', sometimes things won't get cured properly and fast. Earlier, Mohan Babu's project has blown the air off this mega-investor's belly and now Pawan kalyan is applying ointment for that.

Reliance Entertainment, owned by Indian industrialist giant Anil Ambani is coming back to Telugu once again. Earlier, Reliance came to Tollywood and invested a whopping 5 crores for Manchu Vishnu's SALEEM, the unforgettable disaster. Produced by Mohan Babu, the film has tied the hands of Reliance as per reports, as nothing is recovered physically from the movie. The big giants felt that investing in Tollywood is a worst option.

However, after certain inquiries, the media-giant wants to come back again and this time he has chosen Pawan Kalyan and Puri Jagan. Industry is cuckooing that Reliance is getting 'ointment' applied by these two stars, for the injury made by Mohan Babu's venture. Let us see what happens.


After Orange debacle, Ramcharan Tej is leaving no stone unturned to make his upcoming film Rachcha a blockbuster, and crores of rupees have been spent on the action and item numbers.
Producer R.B. Choudary had to shell out Rs 2 crore just for one action sequence in the film, unit members said.
As it was shot in picturesque China, the scene required loads of bamboo sticks and the high-adrenaline action shots were choreographed by a Chinese stunt master.
“It’s quite a unique action sequence and Ramcharan did a good job with his reflexes and agility, convincingly bashing up the thugs amidst the bamboo sticks,” a crew member maintained. The producer also spent another Rs 80 lakh to rope in Bollywood beauty Lisa Hayden for the racy title track.
Though director Samapath Nandi planned a lip lock scene for the hero initially, later he dropped the move to give the so-called clean image to the entertainer

Puri Jagannath and Pawan Kalyan movie details

Powerstar pawankalyan’s next movie is with sensational director Puri Jagannath. And this movie is set to commence in May. Pawan kalyan who gave his green signal to the director after narration of the story.

As per sources, movie will be launched soon. Pawan who is busy with Gabbar singh will be ready for the Puri’s movie soon. Pawan and Puri Jagannath worked for Badri which become a block buster hit.
Puri Jagannath who is in for Devudu chesina Manushulu, will be wrapping up the shooting in one schedule and get ready for movie with Pawan. Much details and title of this new flick will be out soon.
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