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Ram Charan's @ Eyes On 'Chantabbayi'!!

If a hero is planning to reach superstardom and sustain it, he should be able to do comedy to get close to audience. And there has been a talk that Ram Charan has not been able to impress in that department. So now, he is reportedly working on filling that gap and prove his mettle.
It is heard that Charan’s eyes are on a film like ‘Chantabbayi’, a total comedy riot. Though the film was not a superhit, it gave Chiranjeevi a huge acclaim as an actor and took his stardom to a new level. Also, sources say Charan wants to come up with a budget controlled movie so that his performance will project him.
Though there is a strong potential of acting among the top league heroes, due to the budget madness and bloated figures mania, the Telugu heroes are losing their true performance angle and credibility. At this point, how will it be to do a film like ‘Chantabbayi’. If Charan’s thoughts are indeed true, then it is a very good decision and aninteresting experience for the viewers to see him in a full length comedy movie.


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