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That's Why He is Power Star, Says Jr.Ntr

That's Why He is Power Star, Says Jr.Ntr

Here is a strange gossip that is being heard for the last few days. As per this story, power star pawan kalyan's 'Gabbar Singh's' shooting schedule has been planned from 5th February to 16th February in some beautiful locations of Pollachchi. Mean while, the makers of 'Dammu' also planned their shoot at the same location where 'Gabbar Singh's shoot has been planned in Pollachchi. As per the schedule, 'Dammu' shoot has to be started from 15th February onwards. Having known, 'Gabbar Singh's unit reserved the location, the the makers of 'Dammu' are said to have requested the makers of 'Gabbar Singh' to allot the location for them. But 'Gabbar Singh's makers didn't oblige. 

Finally, Jr.NTR reportedly called to Pawan Kalyan about this matter. Without any second thoughts Pawan Kalyan has reportedly given his nod to NTR's request and let the movie's shoot be cancelled for the last two days. Delighted with Pawan Kalyan's friendly gesture, Jr.NTR is reportedly said to have told his close sources, ''That's why he is power star and that is why he has strong fan base''.


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