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Suspence on Racha Audio

Suspence on Racha Audio

Young Mega Power Star Ram Charan Teja is concentrating all his energies on making 'Rachcha' a stunning success and erase his 'Orange' memories from his mind. He is romancing with mesmerising milky beauty Tamanna in Sampath Nandi's direction.RB Chowdary is spending a bomb to film exhilirating stunts and dance movements of Cherry. The film's intro song uploaded on net is getting huge response and mega fans are unable to wait any longer for the release of the film's audio scheduled for middle of February.

Film makers are planning for 'Racha' first look and posters in the same month making February a festive month for the fans. Buzz is 'Racha' audio function will be attended by none other than Megastar Chiranjeevi who will be unveiling the first CD and handing over it to Powerstar Pawan Kalyan. If it really happens then fans will be in for a mega treat and will be surely delighted as many were shocked at heroes of mega family deserting Power Star Pawan Kalyan's audio launch. Though all mega heroes later individually organised press conferences trying to dispel rumors about rift in the mega family and even Power Star Pawan Kalyan personally drove Cherry for his engagement with Upasana in his brand new Audi car fans could see Pawan Kalyan left lonely at the engagement function.

If Pawan Kalyan gives 'Racha' audio launch a miss then people who till now didnot believe in all these rumors about rift will come to the conclusion that there are wide cracks in mega family and the mega structure is sure to collapse. Last time all mega heores attended an audio launch was for Pawan Kalyan starrer 'Jalsa' and fans hope that they will join hands together during 'Racha' audio launch making their detractors search for words. Tension is mounting on fans and only at the release of 'Racha' audio people will have clear picture about the mega rift and till then suspense will be on.


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