Mahesh Babu 'Boothu Panchangam' on Kajal

Mahesh Babu's Businessman which is touted to be the much-awaited film of the year has finally hit the screens and garnered positive reviews all over, much to the delight of Superstar fans. Apart from Mahesh's stupendous performance, the only thing that lasts in your minds after leaving the theaters are the dialogues of the film.

Director Puri Jagannadh has come up with terrific one-liners yet again and he had spice it up by infusing cuss words, to give the much needed kick to the front benchers. Though the censor board members have raised serious objection to the excessive use of cuss words in the film, Puri refused to chop those scenes referring they were the integral part of Mahesh's characterization. Finally, the film was awarded A certicate along with a package of beep sounds.

Businessman is full of beep sounds, thanks to Censor objections. Orelse, we would be forced to hear some of them, which we find objectionable. In one of the scenes, Mahesh Babu abuses the leading lady Kajal saying 'Noru Muyey La*** Mu***", which is strictly unacceptable.

The directors should keep in mind that Mahesh enjoys a huge following among women and kids. Using such language in films will neither benefit the star nor the producers, as a section of audience (Family) would abandon them. Everyone loves to watch Mahesh's film, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. The best thing the makers could do is using his universal factor and covert that into revenue. Hope Puri learns from his mistake!!!

Case Filled On @ Mahesh Businessman!!

A case was registered in Hyderabad’s Mahankali Police station on Prince Mahesh Babu,Kajal Agarwal starrer ‘Business Man‘ director based on thecomplaint filed by Bajarang Dal activists. They alleged lyrics of the song‘Bad Boyz‘ are hurting the sentiments of the people. Cases were registered on film director Puri Jagannath,lyricitst Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar and singers Priya Himesh ,Geetha Madhuri.

Gabbar Singh Village Sets Exclusive Pics

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Upcoming Film GabbarSingh Latest Onworking Stills
Village sets in gabbar singh Movie


Xclusive: Businessman Review in Telugu

BusinessMan Review in Telugu
Prince Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal, Puri Jagannadh's most awaiting film 'Business Man' Review

Emundi Businessman lo?!

Emundi Businessman lo?!
The film businessman with Mahesh Babu and Kajal Agarwal in lead roles may have opened to record first day collections and also set new record for the highest number of screens – in the city and state as well as the US. However for any film to become a hit there must be something in the film.
For the average moviegoer as well as fans of Mahesh Babu, businessman is sure to come as a disappointment. The film has very little to offer – there is no novelty in the theme, treatment, no good comedy, no suspense element, no big drama, no sentiment, no wicked villain. It is a serious film and the audiences fail to connect fully with the hero, his aim and aspirations. Except for Maheshs acting, some punch dialogues by Puri and a lip-to-lip kiss scenes there is hardly anything in the film to attract audiences. The general talk is ”Emundi ee cinemalo …baaga aadadaaniki… hit avvadaaniki?!”

Can Businessman Escape From Becoming A Flop?

These days, the movies of Top League heroes of Tollywood are either marked as Hits or Flops. The status ‘Average’ is missing somehow for the top heroes. If you take the example of ‘Badrinath’, it got some decent collections. But, if you ask anyone, you will get the response saying ‘Badrinath’ is a flop instead of calling it an average movie. Similarly, for ‘Oosaravelli’, the movie has been made on 26 crores budget and the producer sold the movie for 28 crores to RR movie makers, keeping 2 crores profit, and RR movie makers got around 30 Crores of shares and they got more profits with satellite business, but still this profitable venture is being known as a flop movie among the general public.
So, basically nowadays, a movie is not called as a Hit or Flop based solely on the shares it collects, but how much impression the movie is making on the general audience. ‘Businessman’ seems to get the same issue. The movie started with an average talk on its first day morning but the talk is moving towards a flop. But there are many chances for the movie to get good amount of collections in the first week due to festival season and due to not having much competition from other movies. So, we have to wait and see whether ‘Businessman’ falls in the same category of ‘Badrinath’ and ‘Oosaravelli’ or it can break the convention

Bodyguard movie Review Exclusive!!

Alexander Skarsgard
Cast : Venkatesh,Trisha ,Saloni
Director : Gopichand Malineni
Producer : Bellamkonda Suresh
Music Director : Thaman S
Rating: 3.5/5
A melodramatic love story laced with comedy and a twist in the tale.
Is this an entertainer or a tearjerker ?
A perfect blend of entertainment which dominates the first half and sentiment which takes the centre stage in the second half. Sentiment is the mainstay in the film.
How are the performances ?Venkatesh Trishna Bodyguard Telugu Movie Review Pics BodyGuard Movie Review (1st On Net)
Venkatesh is at his elemental best as Bodyguard Venkatadri. Comic scenes in the first half are a cakewalk for a seasoned actor like Venkatesh. Sentiment scenes are performed with equal ease by him. Trisha gets a meaty role and she does complete justice to the character. Saloni performs well within her limits. Prakash Raj gets to do what he does in every other film these days. Other actors like Ali, Subba Raju, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Jayaprakash Reddy and MS Narayana are adequate.
What about the all important story and dialogues ?
Lets not waste time talking about the story which is no secret to anybody who follows Indian film industry as this has already been made in 3 different languages. Dialogues are adequate and at times extremely funny in comedy scenes. Sentiment dialogues could have been a bit better but there is nothing much to complain about.
What about the music ?
Songs are a definite plus for the film and S.S.Thaman scores well in BGM department. He has done a wonderful job in elevating the mood of the film be it in romantic scenes or action scenes.
Other technical departments and production values ?
Editing and cinematography are adequate. Songs are canned in picturesque locations and production values for the remainder of the film are top notch.
Gopichand Malineni…How did he handle the remake ?
Gopichand by and large did stick to the original version of the film and made a faithful remake of the Malayalam version of the movie. He succeeded in making a entertaining first half and a riveting second half.
Positive points
Lead pair chemistry
Background Music
Negative points
Known story
                                        A beautiful love story laced with comedy and a twist in the tale.

Mahesh Babu's Businessman Final Full Review

Businessman Movie Review

Behind The Movie Businessman: Prince Mahesh is fresh from industry hit Dookudu and Puri Jagannath requiring the hit of same scale immediately to bring his career on success track. Thus came the Businessman amidst heavy expectations. Let us see, what is this business all about?

In the Movie Businessman: Surya (Mahesh Babu) lands in Mumbai with only aim of Power to Rule. Around the same time Police Commissioner Ajay Bharadwaj (Naazar) proudly announces that Mumbai is free of Bhai and their Mafia. Along with friend (Brahmaji), here is Suriya begins the journey by recruiting jobless Mafia workers and gives them work to reinvent Underworld Mafia in new style. Not to find any menace from Police, the master Surya traps Chitra (Kajal Agarwal), daughter of Police Commissioner in his love. Finally, what is the motive of Surya to run Mafia like a Business by establishing centers in the name of Surya Exports & Imports in each and every major city? Who is Surya and what is his connection with Prime Minister aspiring politician Ghanapuleti Jayadev (Prakashraj)? These elements form the rest of climax.

Values of the Movie Businessman: The most invaluable asset for entire film is one and only Mahesh Babu. Although director Puri Jagannath could not come out of his vicious Mafia snare, presence of Mahesh makes the film better. Especially dialogues from Puri were filled with Intellectual Punch (something like Trivikram). Taking wise, Puri maintained a standard temp through out. Script wise, loop holes were many as this is purely an Eccentric Hero Centric story. Kajal is an eye delight while her character hasnt got any chance to perform much. Prakashraj is regular with Subbaraju. Comedy by Dharmavarapu has well supported the timing of Mahesh. Naazar, Sayaji Shinde, Brahmaji, Sanjay Swarup, Raza Murad etc were okay.

Technically speaking, for the first time Puri filled too much of bizarreness in designing the characterization of hero. While the dashing narration with sustaining action filled excitement was big plus, its the lack of comedy and a goal less script deterred the final output to an extent. Music by Thaman was rocking in background, canning of Sir Osthaarosthaara and Chao Pilla songs were much below the required excellence. Cinematography by Sam K Naidu and Editing by Sekhar with sharp cuts were traditional Puri styled. Production values of RR Movie makers were high. 

Out of the Movie Businessman: Any movie will have a central theme and plot, characters travel towards that. This is where strength of script lies in. Puri missed the basic logic in this aspect. However Puri has come out of many previous mistakes but treatment of Mafia isnt impressive. Too many cinematic liberties, defying logics and mindless scenes may not be liked intelligent audience. Extreme violence in crisp climax isnt good. Purposeless scenes added as patch ups isnt real or true form of Puri. Although he cooked up a film portraying Mahesh Babu as evolving or an evolved Super Star for his Fans, what about common audience? The sudden change of behavior in Mahesh Babu isnt that easily digestive. In simple, Businessman stands only for heroism of Mahesh and nothing more. Romantic thread weaved between hero and heroine didnt work.

Openings wise, Businessman might create new records due to highest number of theatres booked. Maintaining a positive mouth talk through out first week might be a tough task before Businessman because of Bodyguardreleasing tomorrow. As this Pongal season isnt filled with crowd of releases, one has to wait and see how far Mahesh will stick to BO. 

One strong finding by common audience is, Dookudu was a major hit because of calculated dosages of Comedy, Action, Heroism, Music, Drama and Sentiment while Businessman is lopsided in this ingredient mixture resulting in an average product seen on the screen. This is altogether a big transition for Prince too. 

Verdict of the Movie Businessman:Strictly recommended only for Mahesh Babu Fans. 
Its Future depends on Boduguard Movie

Final Rating @@ 2.7/5

businessman gets grand release but poor openings

‘Businessman’ has been released today in 1500+ theaters worldwide. Being a Mahesh Babu’s movie, especially releasing after a blockbuster, and moreover releasing on a Festival day, it should have got huge openings. But the crowds at the theaters are saying something else. People are getting tickets very easily. Although, theaters are getting housefuls for the morning shows, the advance booking counters for other three shows are still open at 10AM at many theaters.

Normally, it is quite a difficult task to get tickets on the release day for any star hero’s film. But situation is unusual in the case of ‘Businessman’. The openings are good at ‘A’ centers, but we are getting reports that many ‘B’ and ‘C’ centers are having poor openings. It is expected that some of the ‘C’ centers may not get houseful for the matinee shows. Mahesh fans are arguing that the situation is like this because of releasing the movie in too many theaters, and in this kind of situation, getting housefuls in all theaters is not possible for any Hero

Mahesh Babu Businessman Movie Review First On Net

Movie Name : Businessman
Banner : RR Movie Makers
Cast : Mahesh Babu, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde, Nasser, Brahmaji , Shweta Bharadwaj, Colours Swathi, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Ganesh Babu and others
Music Director : S.S Thaman
Cinematography : Shyam K.Naidu
Producer : R R Venkat
Director : Puri Jagannadh
Story : Puri Jagannadh
Screenplay : Puri Jagannadh
The Most Anticipated and awaited movie “Businessman” is an out and out stylish and modern action packed entertainer casting Prince Mahesh Babu and Beauty Queen Kajal in the lead and the movie is ready to hit screens this pongal . The movie is Directed by ace director purijaganath and will release in four languages, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi on the same day …
The expectations about the film are soaring as the Pokiri actor-director combo is back and also the success of Dookudu
The trailers released recently has good response and Mahesh looked handsome with rugged looks in the film. The dialogue “Nannu round up chesi confuse cheyyoddu…….confusion lo inka ekkuva kottestha.” is already rouring in public
Director Puri Jagannath as known always writes his stories where there is an item number which becomes popular. Same way in this film Swetha Bharadwaj sizzles as the item girl who is a model turned actress and made her Bollywood debut with Apoorva Lakhia’s Mission Istanbul co-starring with Abhishek Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi.
Cast: Mahesh Babu, Kajal Aggarwal
Producers: Venkat
Story/Direction/Screenplay/Dialogues: Puri Jagan
Music: SS Thaman
Businessman which has created a lot of hype during this Sankranthi festival is mainly due to the combination of Puri Jagannadh and Mahesh Babu who have given out a super hit 6 years ago with Pokiri. Now the duo are back to hit the silverscreen with Businessman.
Movie sets out with the police commissioner (Nasser) stating in a press conference that the entire mafia in Mumbai has been wiped away and there are “No more bhai’s in Mumbai”. At the same time a youngster (Mahesh Babu) enters Mumbai with a purpose of taking over the entire Mumbai and gathers his own gang.
During this process this youngster befriends the local leader (Sayaji Shinde) and attains political back up. Along with friends, the youngster also gets a new enemy Prakash Raj who has earlier killed Mahesh Babu’s parents. Rest of the story is all about how Mahesh takes revenge for his parents on Prakash Raj and becomes mafia don.
Dialogues given by Puri are of top notch and certain one liners are quite catchy and impressive along with which the screenplay is very tight in the first and second half.
Mahesh is at his best in this movie, the actor has showed clear variation between the dialogues for serious and comedy scenes. The only drawback of the movie is his dancing and Kajal has only limited role here where she appears on screen for songs.
Prakash Raj, Sayaji Shinde and Brahmaji have been given limited characterization for which they have provided enough justice also Puri Jagan has done guest appearance in the movie as a taxi driver.
The movie should only run with the stardom of Mahesh apart from which this is only an average movie.
Rating: 2.5/5
Final Review will arrive in soon

No takers for Businessman matinee show

No takers for Businessman matinee show

It is heard that while tickets have been fully booked for the first day morning show of Businessman at all the theaters there are not many takers for tickets for the matinee show. This has baffled many people. It was only after some time that they realized the reason for this strange phenomenon.
The reason why no one is ready to watch the matinee show is Mahesh Babu. In the trailers everyone has seen how Mahesh tells the bad guys that he has come to make them piss. So people are worried that the audiences watching the morning show will all piss in their seats watching Mahesh Babu. There will not be any time left for the theater management to get the theater cleaned in just 10 minutes before the matinee show commences. So who would want to sit in dirty urine soaked seats? Got the point?!

Huge Bettings on Chiru vs Balayya

Huge Bettings on Chiru vs Balayya

The festival season of Pongal is well known for the cock fights. Every year several celebrities spend their quality time enjoying cock fights during Pongal. This year betting on cock fights is expected to cross 200 Crores. Business center in Coastal Andhra, Bhimavaram is quite famous for cock fights.

There is a tradition to keep celebrity names for cocks before placing them in the fighting arena. This year, majority of the cock are going to be named after the actors turned politicians Balayya and Chiru. Major betting is on progress on these 2 names. Another hit pair of names are Kiran and Bothsa.

Even though these cock fights are merely for fun, some times it may raise the temperatures on both sides which will lead to heavy battles between the fans on both sides. This will indirectly trigger Politicians towards cold war and hence Police should concentrate on these cock fights to reduce future disasters.

Gabbar Singh' doesn't care for Sankranthi

'Gabbar Singh' doesn't care for Sankranthi

When it comes to the festival of Sankranthi the Tollywood folks treat it with great respect and reverence. While on the work front, they release some of the promising and big budget movies, on the personal front, they ensure that they spend time with their families and stay away from work.

However, that doesn't seem to be the case with the team of the film 'Gabbar Singh'. Reports say that despite the festival holidays for almost three days, the team has reportedly decided to continue with their shooting without a break. The objective is to wrap up the schedule on time without any delays.

Buzz is that the man behind this is director Harish Shankar. Unit members reveal he is working with a strong 'Kasi' to ensure that Pawan Kalyan scores a big hit with 'Gabbar Singh'. Currently, the shooting is happening in Hyderabad and it is produced by Ganesh while Devi Sri Prasad is the music maker.

Pawan Kalyan fighting for Gabbar Singh

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh shooting is currently being shot in Hyderabad and the action sequences in Ram-Lakshman supervision are being pictured. Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Haasan and other prominent cast are participating in the shooting.

Gabbar Singh is a mass entertainer and filmmakers inform Pawan Kalyan’s role, his attitude as a rude cop will be the USP of the movie. Though a Dabangg remake, Harish Shankar made ample changes to script to make it appeal to mass audiences especially Pawan Kalyan fans.

Produced by Ganesh Babu under Parameswara Arts banner, Gabbar Singh which has music by Devi Sri Prasad is releasing on April 27.

Prince Fans tense over 'mixed' talk

Prince Fans tense over 'mixed' talk

As the big day for the release of prince Mahesh Babus flm businessman arrives there is a lot of anxiety excitement among the fans. businessman is the first big film to hit the screens in 2012. So in a way the film will be a precursor to things to unfold this year. The industry needs many big hits and businessman could be the one to begin the year on a positive note. 

While the buzz is fairly positive, the fans are a bit apprehensive. This is due to some mixed talk that the film has generated. Some reports suggest that the film may not be as good as expected. Still doubts remain. There is no doubt that prince Mahesh Babu will deliver a thunderous show. The doubts are over what Puri Jagnnath has done. If the film has too much violence and too little comedy or entertainment as some reports suggest then the film may be affected. 

Business Man Live Updates From Dubai @ Businessman Review 1

Prince Mahesh Babu Movie Updates from Dubai
Talk inbetween average and Below Average
Only Mahesh image will help for film

*Titles start...

*Puri background voice tho start...
Titles padetappudu mumbai choopistunnaru...

*Entrance lone uchha dilg....bramaji tho antadu...

*Kajal entrance Mumbai police commissioner(nazar) kuturu...

*Babu Kajal kosam trying...

*Babu Baaga over action chestunnadu....sooddam...

*Shiyaji shinde (politician)ki babu I love u i love u septu vunnadu...

*First fight....mottam dlgs indulone...nenu kodite elano vuntundi...roundup chesi...inkoti edoo

Mumbai lo pedda idi avvadaniki trying...

*Shiyaji tho maheah: nenu money kosam ee pani cheyyaledu.... nuvvante naaku istam...I love u...nuvvante naaku mooju...nannu vunchukoo

janalu navvaleka chastunnaru...

*Mumbai song....

Poor peoples ki help sesi surya bhai aipoyadu...

*Sudden ga Kajal babu ki padipoindi.....kaani babu reverse ayyadu...naaku time kavali nee character meeda doubt anta...

*One constable to nazar: Veedu bhai enti sir bell boy la vunnadu...

*Oh my mad babu love kosam Kajal crying...

*Prakash raj enter....babu ki opp person ki support ga...

*Babu to nazar: Mumbai ni mafia tho kalakaladista..purva vaibhavam tepistaa...

*Sir vastara song coming.....Kajal fafa chinni chinni dress lo super...


Gun fight police latho....

Kajal choostundi....kajal edustu u nasty nela ticket fellow manchodini ani Cheppi nuvvu chesedi idaa ante...why u r coming antadu babu

Anta lopu police lu round up Cheste Kajal ki gun pedatadu....first love Ledu kaani ippudu truly loving antadu

Nasty fellow police nundi tappinchukodaniki ila cheptava ante...Kajal ni vasilesi surrender avutadu

*Ippati varaku em Ledu Edooo sodhi Mumbai lo BHAI avvadaniki.....

Taking lo kuda nothing special edoo lagesadu....

Avg antee...

Gabbar Singh unit filming interval fights on Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan’s Gabbar Singh movie has resumed shooting in Hyderabad and the unit will be canning scenes on Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Hassan, Ali and Rao Ramesh from today. From January 12, the unit films interval fights sequences on Pawan Kalyan and other junior artistes and will wrap the action sequences part in this schedule and then proceed to shooting another scehdule in Pune from January 20 to Jan 30. Director Harish Shankar is leaving no stone to ensure that Gabbar Singh strikes the chord and Devi Sri Prasad’s music will further have the fans crooning and grooving for his tunes.
The heroine for the item song ‘Munni Badnam’ is yet to be decided and this song will be shot in the final schedule of the movie. Aakash is playing childhood role of pawan in this movie and other casting includes Suhasini, Nagineedu, Ajay, Abhimanyu singh, Brahmanandam etc. Gabbar Singh release date is schedule for April 27, 2012 and producer Bandla Ganesh Babu is trying hard to roll out things by that date.

Raju Sundaram to direct Pawan Kalyan

We have heard lot of rumors and speculations about Pawan’s next film after ‘Gabbar Singh’. Finally as per the confirmed update from reliable inside sources, Pawan has finalized a movie which will be directed by Raju Sundaram. But, it is not going to be the remake of ‘Hangover’ as it was rumored recently. That was a false rumor.
Producer BVSN Prasad, who is also popularly known as Chatrapathi Prasad, has been waiting for a long time to make a film with Pawan Kalyan. He has been promised by Pawan Kalyan, when he sacrificed Tirupathi MLA seat for Chiranjeevi, and finally the day has come when Pawan is keeping his promise. This film is expected to go to floors in April.

Businessman Pre Release Review

Mahesh Babu’s highly expected movie ‘Businessman’ is having a grand release on 13th of January. As per the story, Mahesh Babu goes to Mumbai with an ambition to become a Don. He feels that Mumbai currently has no Don after Dawood and other mafia leaders left the city. The remaining story deals with his experiences in the process of becoming a Don. Whether he becomes a Don or not, does he have any hidden agenda behind becoming a Don? What is he really? These questions can be answered on 13th.
The story sounds a bit like ‘Don Seenu’. But we can expect a difference in the Taking. Sources say that the first half is Ok but the second half is very difficult to watch. Mahesh Babu’s dialogues are good and we have already seen that in trailers. The movie is likely to get Flop to Below average result.

Pawan Kalyan – Puri Jagannadh’s New Movie?

The shooting of Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Gabbar Singh’ is currently going on and already many gossips are being heard about his forthcoming projects like the proposed film in the direction of Trivikram and an experimental 3D film. However, sources close to Pawan Kalyan condemned all these gossips saying nothing has been finalized.
Well, as per the fresh gossip, Pawan Kalyan has given green signal to director Puri Jagannadh for his next project after ‘Gabbar Singh’. Sonam Kapoor, the daughter of Anil Kapoor, was approached for the female lead of this movie, and she has reportedly given her nod to act in this movie. Official confirmation is awaited.

Will Ravi Teja @ Laugh At Balayya Now?

From a long time, there is a talk in Industry that a cold war is there between Nandamuri Balakrishna and Ravi Teja. Though both sides have denied that vehemently, the cine folks are not ready to buy that and they strongly believe that the battle is still on.

Meanwhile, there is always a clash that happens between both stars at the box office. It is heard like a joke that when Ravi Teja’s ‘Veera’ flopped, Balayya gave an ‘off the record’ statement that ‘Veera’ should have been made with him but not Ravi Teja. But that has not deterred the Mass Maharaja in being at loggerheads with Balayya.
Now, Ravi Teja is competing against Balayya’s ‘Adhinayakudu’ with his new film ‘Nippu’. If ‘Adhinayakudu’ scores then Balayya will have a good laugh about it. If ‘Nippu’ scores then not only Ravi Teja but director Gunasekhar and producer YVS Chowdary will have a good laugh about it. What remains to be seen is who will have the last laugh in this clash.

Gabbar Singh @ is all about Attitude!!

When Dabaang was first released, many critics at first glance dismissed it as a routine cop story. But what stuck , and what many did not see coming, was Salman’s attitude-laced performance. This was no holier than thou cop. If anything he was whimsical, event amoral at times. But one thing that he was: realistic. This is where Pavan can be deemed the right fit. Pawan seems to shine best with everyday humor. It is realistic and identifiable. He might not have the toned, muscle-rippling bravado that Salman possesses, but he more than makes it up with his comic timing. If the dialogues have the edge in them, Pawan has enough timing in him to make them explode on the screen. This is why Gabbar Singh is such a key movie for the power star. His fans will surely like to see the attitude and swagger back in their favourite star. Here is hoping that Pawan will not disappoint them this time

Mahesh Is Big Kantri Says Puri

Mahesh Is Big Kantri Says Puri

In a press meet, a statement on the kissing scene came straight from the horse’s mouth. Puri Jagannath told that there is a kissing scene in The Businessman and you will see it when the movie hit the screens. It came as a surprise for many, as both Mahesh Babu and Kajal Aggarwal, time and again, has been maintaining no-kissing policy. 
The duo has shared a passionate lip-lock in the multilingual movie and it has now been confirmed by none other than director Puri Jagannath.
It is also said that Namrata Shirodkar, the wife of Mahesh Babu, has seen the movie and she is okay with the kissing scene.
Speaking on the charecter of Mahesh Babu he said that he aims for becoming don for this he follows many conning polacies to acheive his goal. In one word his character will be like Kantri man.
Meanwhile, the upcoming movie is ready to hit the screens worldwide on January 13.

Businessman @ Nizam Theaters List!!!

Prince Mahesh Babu's Latest Film Businesman theaters list in Nizam Area

This Difference Makes Pawan become@ No 1

It might be a wonder to many people that why and how Pawan Kalyan is still showing his command at the trade circles of Tollywood despite giving a series of flops. If we look at his previous four films, even though only one of them is a hit and remaining are flops, all of them crossed full run share of 20 Crores.

Out of last four Mahesh Babu’s films, his ‘Sainikudu’ and ‘Athidhi’ could not touch the mark of 20 crores share, but his previous two films, ‘Khaleja’ and ‘Dookudu’ crossed 20 crores shares.

Out of Jr. NTR’s last four films, ‘Brindavanam’ and ‘Oosaravelli’ crossed 20 crores share but ‘Adurs’ and ‘Shakthi’ failed to reach 20 crores mark.

Ram Charan’s three movies in a row, ‘Chirutha’, ‘Magadheera’ and ‘Orange’, crossed the mark of 20 crores share in their full run.

In case of Pawan Kalyan, his previous four films, ‘Jalsa’, ‘Komaram Puli’, ‘Teenmaar’ and ‘Panjaa’, crossed 20 Crores share despite their result.
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