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Mahesh Babu's Businessman Final Full Review

Businessman Movie Review

Behind The Movie Businessman: Prince Mahesh is fresh from industry hit Dookudu and Puri Jagannath requiring the hit of same scale immediately to bring his career on success track. Thus came the Businessman amidst heavy expectations. Let us see, what is this business all about?

In the Movie Businessman: Surya (Mahesh Babu) lands in Mumbai with only aim of Power to Rule. Around the same time Police Commissioner Ajay Bharadwaj (Naazar) proudly announces that Mumbai is free of Bhai and their Mafia. Along with friend (Brahmaji), here is Suriya begins the journey by recruiting jobless Mafia workers and gives them work to reinvent Underworld Mafia in new style. Not to find any menace from Police, the master Surya traps Chitra (Kajal Agarwal), daughter of Police Commissioner in his love. Finally, what is the motive of Surya to run Mafia like a Business by establishing centers in the name of Surya Exports & Imports in each and every major city? Who is Surya and what is his connection with Prime Minister aspiring politician Ghanapuleti Jayadev (Prakashraj)? These elements form the rest of climax.

Values of the Movie Businessman: The most invaluable asset for entire film is one and only Mahesh Babu. Although director Puri Jagannath could not come out of his vicious Mafia snare, presence of Mahesh makes the film better. Especially dialogues from Puri were filled with Intellectual Punch (something like Trivikram). Taking wise, Puri maintained a standard temp through out. Script wise, loop holes were many as this is purely an Eccentric Hero Centric story. Kajal is an eye delight while her character hasnt got any chance to perform much. Prakashraj is regular with Subbaraju. Comedy by Dharmavarapu has well supported the timing of Mahesh. Naazar, Sayaji Shinde, Brahmaji, Sanjay Swarup, Raza Murad etc were okay.

Technically speaking, for the first time Puri filled too much of bizarreness in designing the characterization of hero. While the dashing narration with sustaining action filled excitement was big plus, its the lack of comedy and a goal less script deterred the final output to an extent. Music by Thaman was rocking in background, canning of Sir Osthaarosthaara and Chao Pilla songs were much below the required excellence. Cinematography by Sam K Naidu and Editing by Sekhar with sharp cuts were traditional Puri styled. Production values of RR Movie makers were high. 

Out of the Movie Businessman: Any movie will have a central theme and plot, characters travel towards that. This is where strength of script lies in. Puri missed the basic logic in this aspect. However Puri has come out of many previous mistakes but treatment of Mafia isnt impressive. Too many cinematic liberties, defying logics and mindless scenes may not be liked intelligent audience. Extreme violence in crisp climax isnt good. Purposeless scenes added as patch ups isnt real or true form of Puri. Although he cooked up a film portraying Mahesh Babu as evolving or an evolved Super Star for his Fans, what about common audience? The sudden change of behavior in Mahesh Babu isnt that easily digestive. In simple, Businessman stands only for heroism of Mahesh and nothing more. Romantic thread weaved between hero and heroine didnt work.

Openings wise, Businessman might create new records due to highest number of theatres booked. Maintaining a positive mouth talk through out first week might be a tough task before Businessman because of Bodyguardreleasing tomorrow. As this Pongal season isnt filled with crowd of releases, one has to wait and see how far Mahesh will stick to BO. 

One strong finding by common audience is, Dookudu was a major hit because of calculated dosages of Comedy, Action, Heroism, Music, Drama and Sentiment while Businessman is lopsided in this ingredient mixture resulting in an average product seen on the screen. This is altogether a big transition for Prince too. 

Verdict of the Movie Businessman:Strictly recommended only for Mahesh Babu Fans. 
Its Future depends on Boduguard Movie

Final Rating @@ 2.7/5


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kaani rating e knchm ekuva ayindhi "2" chaaala ekuva adhi mahesh kosam lete my rating is "0"

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