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Prince Fans tense over 'mixed' talk

Prince Fans tense over 'mixed' talk

As the big day for the release of prince Mahesh Babus flm businessman arrives there is a lot of anxiety excitement among the fans. businessman is the first big film to hit the screens in 2012. So in a way the film will be a precursor to things to unfold this year. The industry needs many big hits and businessman could be the one to begin the year on a positive note. 

While the buzz is fairly positive, the fans are a bit apprehensive. This is due to some mixed talk that the film has generated. Some reports suggest that the film may not be as good as expected. Still doubts remain. There is no doubt that prince Mahesh Babu will deliver a thunderous show. The doubts are over what Puri Jagnnath has done. If the film has too much violence and too little comedy or entertainment as some reports suggest then the film may be affected. 


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