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Mahesh Babu 'Boothu Panchangam' on Kajal

Mahesh Babu's Businessman which is touted to be the much-awaited film of the year has finally hit the screens and garnered positive reviews all over, much to the delight of Superstar fans. Apart from Mahesh's stupendous performance, the only thing that lasts in your minds after leaving the theaters are the dialogues of the film.

Director Puri Jagannadh has come up with terrific one-liners yet again and he had spice it up by infusing cuss words, to give the much needed kick to the front benchers. Though the censor board members have raised serious objection to the excessive use of cuss words in the film, Puri refused to chop those scenes referring they were the integral part of Mahesh's characterization. Finally, the film was awarded A certicate along with a package of beep sounds.

Businessman is full of beep sounds, thanks to Censor objections. Orelse, we would be forced to hear some of them, which we find objectionable. In one of the scenes, Mahesh Babu abuses the leading lady Kajal saying 'Noru Muyey La*** Mu***", which is strictly unacceptable.

The directors should keep in mind that Mahesh enjoys a huge following among women and kids. Using such language in films will neither benefit the star nor the producers, as a section of audience (Family) would abandon them. Everyone loves to watch Mahesh's film, irrespective of caste, creed and religion. The best thing the makers could do is using his universal factor and covert that into revenue. Hope Puri learns from his mistake!!!


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