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Businessman Pre Release Review

Mahesh Babu’s highly expected movie ‘Businessman’ is having a grand release on 13th of January. As per the story, Mahesh Babu goes to Mumbai with an ambition to become a Don. He feels that Mumbai currently has no Don after Dawood and other mafia leaders left the city. The remaining story deals with his experiences in the process of becoming a Don. Whether he becomes a Don or not, does he have any hidden agenda behind becoming a Don? What is he really? These questions can be answered on 13th.
The story sounds a bit like ‘Don Seenu’. But we can expect a difference in the Taking. Sources say that the first half is Ok but the second half is very difficult to watch. Mahesh Babu’s dialogues are good and we have already seen that in trailers. The movie is likely to get Flop to Below average result.


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