Can Businessman Escape From Becoming A Flop?

These days, the movies of Top League heroes of Tollywood are either marked as Hits or Flops. The status ‘Average’ is missing somehow for the top heroes. If you take the example of ‘Badrinath’, it got some decent collections. But, if you ask anyone, you will get the response saying ‘Badrinath’ is a flop instead of calling it an average movie. Similarly, for ‘Oosaravelli’, the movie has been made on 26 crores budget and the producer sold the movie for 28 crores to RR movie makers, keeping 2 crores profit, and RR movie makers got around 30 Crores of shares and they got more profits with satellite business, but still this profitable venture is being known as a flop movie among the general public.
So, basically nowadays, a movie is not called as a Hit or Flop based solely on the shares it collects, but how much impression the movie is making on the general audience. ‘Businessman’ seems to get the same issue. The movie started with an average talk on its first day morning but the talk is moving towards a flop. But there are many chances for the movie to get good amount of collections in the first week due to festival season and due to not having much competition from other movies. So, we have to wait and see whether ‘Businessman’ falls in the same category of ‘Badrinath’ and ‘Oosaravelli’ or it can break the convention


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