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Huge Bettings on Chiru vs Balayya

Huge Bettings on Chiru vs Balayya

The festival season of Pongal is well known for the cock fights. Every year several celebrities spend their quality time enjoying cock fights during Pongal. This year betting on cock fights is expected to cross 200 Crores. Business center in Coastal Andhra, Bhimavaram is quite famous for cock fights.

There is a tradition to keep celebrity names for cocks before placing them in the fighting arena. This year, majority of the cock are going to be named after the actors turned politicians Balayya and Chiru. Major betting is on progress on these 2 names. Another hit pair of names are Kiran and Bothsa.

Even though these cock fights are merely for fun, some times it may raise the temperatures on both sides which will lead to heavy battles between the fans on both sides. This will indirectly trigger Politicians towards cold war and hence Police should concentrate on these cock fights to reduce future disasters.


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