Ram Charan and Tamanna return to India

Ram Charan and Tamannaah have returned to India after a long schedule in China where they were shooting for their upcoming film Rachcha. We had earlier reported that a song was shot in this schedule in a virgin location in China and another fight sequence was shot in the bamboo forest in a town called Anji.
Ajmal is playing the villain’s role in the film. Sampath Nandi is directing the film and Paras Jain and NV Prasad are producing the film on Mega Supergood Films banner. Mani Sharma is composing the music.
Meanwhile Ram Charan’s engagement with Upasana Kamineni is going to be held at a private resort near Golconda Fort, Hyderabad on December 1. The entire Mega family is said to be busy making preparations for the big day.

Panjaa New images

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's latest stills from PANJAA
Pawan looks very handsome

Aswini Dutt to produce Ram Charan, Srinu Vytla’s film

Aswini Dutt to produce Ram Charan, Srinu Vytla’s film

Way2movies has earlier reported to our viewers that successful director Srinu Vytla will wield the megaphone for a film with mega Power Star Ram Charan Tej in the lead role. Srinu Vytla has directed Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s Andarivadu and soon he will helm his son Ram Charan.
The latest we hear is Aswini Dutt is going to produce the Ram Charan-Sinu Vytla’s combo under his Vyjayanthi Movies banner. Ram Charan has debuted in industry with Chiruta from the same production house. The film might be launched in the second half of 2012 since Srinu Vytla has a film with Young Tiger Jr.NTR while Ram Charan is busy with his Racha followed by VV Vinayak and Vamsi Paidipally’s projects.
Aswini Dutt’s last outing Shakti turned out to be a major disaster and the producer has taken brief hiatus to invest on a new film. Aswini Dutt will soon produce Mahesh Babu’s film to be directed by Krish.

No Opposition To 'Panjaa' Except That Movie?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's 'Panja' is hitting the screens worldwide on 9th December. When we keep an eye on other releases of this month, it is understood that there are no big releases after the release of 'Panjaa', except one movie, and that is none other than King Nagarjuna's 'Rajanna', which is slated to release on 22nd December. After that, there will be no big releases until 11th January. Thereafter, Pongal movies will start getting released and 'The Businessman' is going to be the first among them.

In other words, 'Panjaa' will have to face competition from only one movie, in a span of 33 days time from 9th December to 10th January. Now, the million dollar question is, whether 'Rajanna' controls the power of 'Panjaa' or not. Wait for the answers till both the movies get released.

Why did Allu Arjun call Pawan as 'Babai'?

Why did Allu Arjun call Pawan as 'Babai'?
The other day, Stylish Star Allu Arjun gave a detailed explanation on why all the Mega Heroes were not able to grace the audio launch of Pawan Kalyan's 'Panjaa'.  And what surprised everyone was, Bunny addressed Pawan Kalyan as 'Babai' instead of 'Mavayya'.

"Just because we didn't attend the audio launch doesn't mean that there is a split between us. We don't mind if media criticizes our films, but scrutinizing family relations is not fair. I'm hurt by the reports in media. We are all united and will be," said Allu Arjun.

"I wish Kalyan 'Babai' all the best. I hope Panjaa will be great film. Our fans are waiting to see Kalyan 'Babai' in another Blockbuster," he added.
According to the sources, the reason for Bunny calling Pawan as Babai is a result of strong bonding between the family members of Chiranjeevi.

"Since their childhood both Bunny and Sirish has a habit of calling Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan as Babai along with Ram Charan. All the kids in the family grow up together, so we often see some resemblance between them," said Sreenivas, Bunny's PR.

It's good to see such a great bonding in a celebrity family. Chiru who is the head of the family should be given credit for making this happen. That's the story of Mega Family and Mega Bonding!!!

Pawan Kalyan’s Panjaa as Kuri in December

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Panjaa is now being dubbed in Tamil as Kuri soon. Kuri audio will be launched in the mid December. The Telugu version is scheduled for a release on December 9 while the Tamil dubbed version releases in January.

Panjaa is directed by Vishnuvardhan who holds a good name in Kollywood after directing films like Arinthum Ariyamalum, Pattiyal and Billa. Sarah Jane Dias and Anjali Lavania are the two leading ladies in the film. Yuvan Shankar Raja scored the tunes and the music is rocking all over with a couple of songs climbing the chartbusters.

Panjaa story is set on kolkata backdrop and Pawan Kalyan will be seen in a distinct look in the movie. PS Vinod cranked the camera for the film while Sreekar Prasad handled the editing department. Jackie Shroff, Atul Kulkarni, Adivi Sesh, Brahmanandam, Ali and Subbaraju et al played the supporting cast.

Katrina Kaif: the Most Dangerous Indian Celebrity

Katrina Kaif: the Most Dangerous Indian Celebrity

Katrina Kaif has earned herself a sobriquet of being the Most Dangerous Indian Celebrity, as the cyber criminals are using her name as a favorite key word that exposes computers to malicious software.

The Bollywood actress has emerged as the most dangerous celebrity in the Indian cyber space for year 2011, according to a report by the internet security company McAfee.

Fans looking for results on search engines using strings such as ‘name of celebrity’ combined with words like ‘free downloads’, ‘hot pictures’, ‘screen savers’, and ‘videos’ are at a risk of running themselves into websites with malicious software and online threats.

According to the report, Katrina is on top leaving behind Deepika Padukoneand Kareena Kapoor.

Pawan Kalyan's Gabbarsingh Movie Updates

Pawan Kalyan's Gabbarsingh Movie Updates
Stay tuned on Tollydownload for Latest News

Magadheera is Still No1 in Collections @ Dookudu Producers

After Attacks From IT department makers of the Dookudu is revealing some facts. They requested fans not to continue the issue of collections. As per the makers Dookudu hasn't crossed area wise collections in certain areas. They said Magadheera is still leading in Nizam, Ceded and some districts in Coastal.

However, they concluded Overseas collections of Dookudu is much more than any other movie till date. Overall, the Overseas gross collections of Dookudu is around Rs 20 Cr, which is almost Rs 15 Cr more than that of Magadheera. And this happened only due to dollar value which is high now.
So as per Dookudu producers, Magadheera is still No-1 In Nizam, Ceded and some districts in Coastal. However Dookudu also holds the No-1 position in some areas of coastal districts and overseas.

 Megafamily Rocks always

'మగధీర'టాప్ ఒప్పుకున్న దూకుడు నిర్మాతలు

దూకుడు కన్నా ఎక్కువ మందే మగధీర కన్నా చిత్రాన్ని ధియోటర్లలో చూసారు.కానీ టిక్కెట్ రేట్లు పెరగటం,ఓవర్ సీస్ మార్కెట్,డాలర్ విలవ విపరీతంగా పెరగటంతో దూకుడు కలెక్షన్స్ వైజ్ గా ఎక్కువ అని దూకుడు నిర్మాతలు తేల్చిచెప్పారు. మొత్తానికి దూకుడు,మగధీర కలెక్షన్స్ వివాదానికి తెరపడినట్లే కనపడుతోంది.దూకుడు నిర్మాతలు చొరవ చేసి ఓ స్టేట్ మెంట్ ఇచ్చారు.వారు మాట్లాడుతూ...మొదటగా మేము ఫ్యాన్స్ ను ఈ వివాదానికి తెరవేయమని రిక్వెస్ట్ వేస్తున్నాం.మేము మీకు నిజాలేంటో చెప్తాము.మేము ఎప్పుడూ దూకుడు చిత్రం అన్ని ఏరియాల్లో మిగతా చిత్రాలను క్రాస్ చేసిందని చెప్పలేదు.కొన్ని ప్రాంతాల్లో మిగాతా చిత్రాల రికార్డులను క్రాస్ చేసింది.ఆ తర్వాత తెలిసింది మగధీర చిత్రం ఇప్పటికీ నైజాం,సీడెడ్,మరియు కోస్తా జిల్లాల్లో టాప్ గ్రాసర్ గా ఉందనేది.

అయితే వరల్డ్ వైజ్ కలెక్షన్స్ చూసుకుంటే ఓవర్ సీస్ కలెక్షన్స్ ,సిటీల్లో మ్యాజిక్ జరిగింది.శ్రీనువైట్ల ఫ్యామిలీ ఆడియన్స్,మహేష్ క్రేజ్ బాగా వర్కవుట్ అయ్యింది.డాలర్ విలువ పెరగటం,మగధీర 2009 కాలానికి ఇప్పటి 2011 కలెక్షన్స్ లో తేడావచ్చింది.దూకుడు చిత్రం 1.5 మిలియన్ డాలర్లు కేవలం యుఎస్ లోని మల్టిఫ్లెక్స్ లోనే వసూలు చేసింది.అలాగే యుకె,ఆస్ట్రేలియా,కెనడా,దుబాయి,జర్మనీ వంటి చోట్ల కూడా ట్రెమండియస్ గా కలెక్షన్స్ పెరిగాయి.టోటల్ గా ఓవర్ సీస్ లో దూకుడు కలెక్టు చేసింది ఇరవై కోట్లురూపాయలు.అది మగధీర కన్నా 15 కోట్ల ఎక్కువ అంటూ వివరించారు.అదంటా డాలర్ విలువ పెరగటం వల్లనే సాధ్యమైందని తేల్చి చెప్పార

English summary
Number of people those watched Magadheera in theatres are more than Dookudu. But the collections are high due to the factors of rise in ticket prices in AP in multiplexes and rise in dollar value

Dookudu bug bites Dil Raju

Dookudu bug bites Dil Raju
When the makers and heroes were not satisfied with what they achieved, fake claims overshadow the results and ultimately THE success hangs in shame! We have seen this for Dookudu which truly achieved so much, but was put to shame due to false claims of beating Magadheera.

On a side note, we have seen few of our readers quoting an article from so and so newspaper to prove that Dookudu records are true. Please get your facts right before believing in all such comedy stuff. Dookudu is nowhere near to what they claim. It is next to Magadheera in terms of gross and share and it will remain there even if their 'fake record' is covered by a National channel or an international newspaper. Why because finally the
genuine records stay and fake records gets blown away.

Coming to the current topic, it is Dil Raju's turn to make false claims over his film. He says that Oh My Friend is the best commercial hit in Siddharth's career. Then what about Bommarillu? What happened to such a unanimous hit? Sad part is even Bommarillu was from Dil Raju's banner and he should be proud of it on any day. But to prove that OMF is a big hit, he is making such silly statements. After all Bommarillu is history and OMF is still in theaters. All that matters is money, not the true value of a cinema! Irony!

Pawan's Panjaa is a free-make of CW?

Pawan's Panjaa is a free-make of CW?
Pawan Kalyan's Panjaa is right now the biggest buzz among Tollywood film circles. Everyone is keen on knowing the details about the film. People started to guess the story of the film from whatever clues they got from the trailers and songs.

When the teasers of Panjaa were out, a rumor surfaced that it is a free make of The Punisher movie. Now, the latest buzz is that it has striking resemblance to Hollywood gangster classic Carlito's Way movie. So they say that Vishnu Vardhan lifted the idea from it. This is because of the importance given to the romance thread in Panjaa.

When a big film is nearing its release date, such fake stories and wild guesses are ought to be circulated, say Panjaa producers. They say that Panjaa is story is original and has no resemblance to any old movie.

I’m a certified Pawan Kalyan fan: Sarah Jane

Miss India,Pawan Kalyan starrer Panjaa,Sarah Jane,Pawan Kalyan,Vishnuvardan,Anjali Lavania,Yuvan Shankar Raja,Panjaa,Panjaa Movie Review
It is evident that the former Miss India is playing the leading lady in Pawan Kalyan starrer Panjaa. Now, the actress is in awe of her co-star and is all praises for him.  Sarah Jane was amazed to see the huge crowds of Power Star’s fans at the audio launch event.
The actress indeed turned as Pawan Kalyan’s fan who said that the star is an amazing human being and her best co-star so far.  “Yes! I’m a certified Pawan Kalyan fan. And working with him was an experience I’ll never forget. His fans truly love him and now I know why…” said Sarah Jane.
Panjaa directed by Vishnuvardan also has Anjali Lavania as other heroine. The movie is produced jointly by Arka media and Sanghamitra productions with Yuvan Shankar Raja as the music director.

Pawan Kalyan hurts Nandamuri Fans!

pawan kalyan is more known for straight talking with no inhibitions. An incident happened at Panjaa audio launch seems to have strike a different chord with Nandamuri Fans and some of them are hurt. Yes, from last few films we have seen Junior NTR repeatedly requesting and expressing his desire to work with Rajamouli for the fourth time but response from this ace director was not at all satisfactory.

In this context, words from Pawan at Panjaa audio launch regarding his film with Rajamouli are reverberated in a wrong sense conveying a different meaning. I never requested any director for doing a film with me. I am not such kind because I dont approach any one or ever think in that perspective. If time comes, the combination which you are asking will happen, said Pawan. Well, industry is abuzz regarding the above statement being directed by Pawan at none other than one hero whom you are suspecting.

Panjaa New Trailer

Power Star's Panjaa latest Trailer

Mahesh-RamCharan @ MultiStarer with Murugodoss

This is an interesting thing that has seen light today. As Dookudu-Magadheera turmoil is going on, Murugodoss seems to be cashing on that. He got an idea to make a multistarrer with the two stars of those films. That would indeed attract huge attention and also wipes out the tensions of fans as their stars go together in single film.
The genius director A R Murugadoss who came up with the film ‘7th Sense’ recently is reportedly planning for a new movie which might have Mahesh Babu and Ramcharan Tej.

It is known that recently, Charan stirred up few eyebrows with his comments that Tollywood lacks directors like Murugadoss. This didn’t go well with Nandamuri Balakrishna but the issue was cooled after Chiranjeevi intervened and diffused it with a statement about respecting Balayya’s seniority and wisdom. On the other hand, there is also the threat of dubbed films invasion which had affected Tollywood’s morale.
However, Murugadoss reportedly mentioned that Tamil or Telugu films don’t make a difference for him. Soon, he is gearing up to remake ‘7th Sense’ in Hindi but the cast and crew is yet to be revealed.

Pawan Kalyan and RajiniKanth are exceptions

Publicity is the call for films off late. More the publicity, more the chances of bringing people to theaters.

Even though the Bollywood trend of promoting films is catching up down south too, there are certain exceptions for stars such as Superstar Rajinikanth and Power star Pawan Kalyan. While Rajini caters to both Tamil and Telugu film industry’s respectively, Pawan Kalyan is limited to Telugu Industry though his latest ‘Panjaa’ is set to release in Tamil too.

Both Rajini and Pawan lead a similar life when they are not donning the grease paint. This super reclusives of both the industry’s are hardly seen giving out interviews or promoting their films once they are done with the shoot unlike the aforementioned Bollywood stars.

One can only see Rajini and Pawan when their respective films have audio releases and apart from that the two heavy weights of south are hardly associated with interviews, TV shows,travelling cities to promote their films. Both the stars enjoy a demi-god status among their fans as they flock to theaters once their film releases. It is their names that draw fans to the theatres irrespective of whether they promote the film or not.

In a sense, not promoting a film is also a film promotion for Rajini and Pawan as to an extent it increases the curiosity of fans to wait and watch their heroes on screen rather than them being seen in one promotion activity or the other. Add to it, Rajini and Pawan not being socially such active when compared to other stars adds up to the cause. Considering the importance of film promotions now a days, it is very rare to see these two stars from southsave a lot of money for the producers as films budget for promotions are going up more than the films cost.

Heroine Change for 'Gabbar Singh'!

Heroine Change for 'Gabbar Singh'!

If media reports are to be believed upon, beautiful actress Shruthi Hasan who is finalized as heroine besides Pawan Kalyan in gabbar singh might be replaced with Goan hottie Ileana. Film being a remake of Dabangg, director Harish Shankar and producer Ganesh Babu do not want to take any risks at this point of time. In fact Shruthi signed the project and was ready to attend a 10 day schedule in Tamil Nadu that was put off due to Pawan Kalyans backache.
As Power Star is now ready for new schedule completing Panjaa in total, production house are discussing on second thoughts about replacing Shruthi with Ileana. gabbar singh is Rs.40 Crores budgeted film and makers are looking at possibility of making a bigger league actress join their unit. A source close to Ileana confirmed this news saying that gabbar singh unit members approached her and they are working on the possibilities of accommodating Ileanas dates between Bunny and Pawan Kalyans projects.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's trademark

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's trademark hand-on-neck pose from all his films.

Ram Charan’s Racha fights in China

Mega Power Star Ram Charan Tej’s Racha is currently progressing in China at a brisk pace. An action sequence is being canned in a town Anji in the largest National Bamboo forest in China.

Racha is the only Telugu film which is shot in those beautiful locales till date. The film is high on action and it would be one of the highlights of the film. Racha is taking shape as an out and out mass entertainer in the hands of director Sampath Nandi while NV Prasad and Paras Jain are producing it on Mega Super Good films banner with RB Chowdary as the presenter.

Fair beauty Tamannah is playing the leading lady in the film while Ajmal of Rangam film will be seen in the negative lead. Mani Sharma is rendering the tunes for the film

'Panjaa' leading ladies and public reactions!

Ever since the movie 'Panjaa' has been announced and is in the making, it was always about Pawan Kalyan and his looks etc. But now the audio release function happened grandly and many got to see the leading ladies in real for the first time. They are Sarah Jane Dias and Anjali Lavania.

Usually, Pawan has paired up with the best of beauties and that too with top league starlets. But this is perhaps the first time he is going ahead with unfamiliar faces to Tollywood. Those who saw Sarah mention that she has a natural beauty but she looks quite skinny.

As for Anjali, many say that she has a strong glamour quotient and sex appeal but beauty is missing. So, they are now relying on the technicians and the skills of director Vishnuvardhan to ensure that the leading ladies look good onscreen and worthy enough to stand beside Pawan.

Pawan Panjaa Latest Wall Paper

Pawan Panjaa Latest Wall Paper

Click on image to see bigger

Panjaa Audio Review

1. Panjaa
Vocal: Yuvan
Lyrics: Ramajogaiah Sastry
The best and most catchy number in this entire album.
With expectations high on first time Yuvan – Pawan combination, Yuvan lives upto them and comes up with a high energetic track.
Ramajogaiah Sastry’s lyrics like Nee churachurachura choopulE panjaa take you into right imaginative mood where one can see Pawan in action.
Expressions like Aakaasam nee panjaa, Aavesam nee panjaa.. cheDunantam chese chaitanyam.. show depth in lyrics and feel about the character.
Yuvan’s voice and his usage of BGMs keep up the pace in this song.
If this track is used in background score of the movie, it will surely haunt viewers for long time.
2. Elaa Elaa
Vocals: Haricharan & Shweta Pandit
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Neatly written and composed duet where Chandrabose’s lyrics express both lovers supressed feeling of love and lack of expression.
But chandrabose does magic here by matching both male and female expressions when female sings idi telupabOtE bhaasha chaallEdelaa.. and male takes over from there as naa bhaasha lOni tiyyandanam..neevallE neevallE.
Content rich lyric, well composed and sung, this will more useful while narrating story visually.
3. Veyira Cheyyi Veyira
Vocals: Saloni
Lyrics: Ramajogaiah Sastry
Ramajogaiah Sastry seems to have become an expert in writing raunchy item numbers these days.
After his popular tracks like Jennifer Lopez in Jalsa, Poovai in Dookudu and many more.. this rythmic track will go down as one of the most played item numbers of recent times.
Saloni’s husky and rough voice adds upto the mood of this track.
4. Kshanam Kshanam
Vocal: Shweta Pandit
Lyrics: Chandrabose
This mini song gives a feel of heroine’s feelings and they sound very much like continuation of 2nd song Elaa Elaa and its also in same tune.
5. Anukoneledugaa Kalakaanekaadugaa
Vocals: Belly Raj & Priya Himesh
Lyrics: Chandrabose
One more melodious duet written by chandrabose gives you feel of two people just falling in love and trying to express their state of mind.
This tracks seems to be used for situation where hero and heroine are starting their love life afresh and trying to adjust within it.
Priya Himesh’s humming between interludes gives you feel of fresh love.
6. Paparayudu
Vocals: Hemachandra & Sathyan
Featuring Voices of Pawan Kalyan and Brahmanandam
Lyrics: Ramajogaiah Sastry
Arguably the most awaited track of recent times, both audio and video wise as it has rocking combination of Pawan Kalyan and Brahmanandam.
Its been long time since a full length comedy song was attempted and hats off to director Vishnuvardhan for this idea !
Ramajogaiah Sastry’s hilarious lyrics, mixed with dialogues of Pawan Kalyan and Brahmanandam rock this song.
meesam lEni ‘mega’dheerudu, chesina manchini marchipoye ghajini ki cousin veedu, inkaa melligaa koDitE Tusss.., holi deepavali pandaga laage tana puttinaroju jaripincheddam, danikemo papavali ani pEreDadaam etc expressions are hilarious

'Oosaravelli' 50 Days Centers

Young Tigers(?) worst Performance Jr ntr box braddalaindhi
'Oosaravelli' 50 Days Centers
Young Tiger NTR's 'Oosaravelli' is completing its 50 day run in 4 centers on 24th November. Check the details below.

S.No.    Area    Center
1    Nizam    Hyderabad
2    Ceded    Hindupur
3    Ceded    Ananthapur
4    Vizag    Vizag

Is this Power Enough to Strike Theatres

Is this Power Enough to Strike Theatres?

pawan kalyan has a separate diction in rendering dialogues. Unlike other top heroes of this genre, we havent seen Pawan really mouthing powerful dialogues in any of his past film. Dialogue writer Abburi Ravi is all set to utilize this untapped potential of Pawan in Panjaa, as reports are arriving that there are some punching dialogues to be spelled by Power Star that will keep the theatres on fire.
Already we have seen, Sahaayam Pondina Vaadu… in the trailer and here are few more that show how vast there is a scope for Pawan to score a big hit. Charitra Lo Arjunudu Shatruvulani Daarunamga Champadani Nuv Vine Untav. Kaanee Nenu Champadam Chusavante Nee Opinion Maarchukuntav and the next is , Mabbulu Kanapadithe Varsham Padutundani Expect Cheyochchu, Gaali Veesthe Toofan Vasthundani Expect Cheyochchu Kanee Nenu Kodithe Bathukuthaa Ani Mathram Expect Cheyoddu. Is this Power enough o strike the Theatres? Other dialogue writers would be obviously envious of Abburi…!

Pawan Kalyan, Anjali Lavania in Panja ‘Ela Ela’ video song

Pawan Kalyan, Anjali Lavania in Panja ‘Ela Ela’ video song

Panjaa Official Trailer Exclusive

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's Panjaa Official Trailer

Nagababu condemns family split rumors

Nagababu condemns family split rumors
Actor-producer Nagababu has condemned the rumors of mega family split aired by a popular Tv channel and stated that their family is united and these are just baseless rumors.  It all started when none of the family members attended the Panjaa audio launch.
There have already been rumors earlier that all is not well between the mega brothers and the absence of family members at the latest audio launch has added fuel to the fire.
However, Nagababu strongly condemned these rumors published by the channel and said, “We brothers are united and we stand for each other forever. It doesn’t mean that the family is split if we can’t attend the audio launch event. Since we are busy with other issues we could not to make it to the venue. Chiranjeevi was busy with prior commitments of political issues while Ram Charan was in China. I’m not good with my health and Allu Arjun was stuck in the traffic at the audio launch. I request media not to cook up such baseless stories and hurt our family and mega fans.”
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