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Overseas distributors cheap techniques to buy GabbarSingh

Power Star pawan kalyan's 'Gabbar Singh' movie's pre release business hungama has been started. Like all the other areas, the producer of this movie, Ganesh Babu has reportedly quoted a big number to sell his movie in Overseas area. However, instead of bargaining and buying the movie's rights, some of the distributors of this region seem to have followed some innovative techniques to get the movie's rights for a cheap price. As per their strategy, it is learnt that they are doing bad propaganda on the movie through some of the media sources. As per this propaganda, the original version of this movie, 'Dabangg' has already been watched by the people and they are not interested watching it further. Moreover, the movie lacks sufficient comedy.

Having learnt this matter, some of the close associates of the makers are furiously reacting that all the bad propaganda being made on their movie is a trash and many changes have been done in the movie from its original version 'Dabangg'. Moreover, the movie has been packed with hilarious comedy. We have to wait and see whether the makers will sell their movie's rights those distributors who created gossips on the movie or not.

Sneha Ullal Signed Soft-Porn Movie!?

Sneha Ullal Signed Soft-Porn Movie!?
The sexy cat-eyed actress is in the process of reinventing her heroine image with a touch of 'sexploitation' to it. But, the offers are coming to her in the most unexpected way and here goes the story.

Sneha Ullal, the duplicate Aishwarya Rai had posted her sensuous video 'lick' long back to grab attention. After getting huge attention for her dare-bare raunchy acts,  Sneha is saying that she wants to do more of such shoots with the same photographer again. But, nothing like these are done without a purpose and we know this better through her cousins like Poonam Pandey and Veena Malik.

Reportedly, the crazy girl is said to be approached by a filmmaker from Tamil circuit who makes soft-core message oriented movies like 'Rathi Nirvedam'. While sources close to Sneha rubbished this off, people are saying that if she signs such projects then it will permanently put her out of heroine race. Still there are some to say that it is better to do some raunchy flicks rather sitting idle and tweeting from home. It's up to Sneha Ullal now!

Shradda das Banking On Mega Camp

Spicy Actress Banking On Mega Camp
Heriones generally attach themselves to different camps in Film Industry to prosper well. One such dependable camp is Mega-hero-troupe and latest addition to their list is spicy bomb Shradda Das.

Despite starring in a bunch of movies, Shraddha Das has never seen the light of success in Telugu Industry. With her sexy asset show and scorching bikini she turned the spot-light at times but of no use. However, the Bengali siren is having one last movie in her hand that is 'Rey'. Recently, Shradda is seen all praises for hero Shraddha Das, who happens to be the nephew of Megastar Chiranjeevi.

The buzz she created about this debuting mega-hero is indirectly aimed at promoting herself, it appears. Anyways, the actress earlier maintained good rapport with Allu Arjun during 'Arya2' days, and that is said to be reason behind getting 'Rey'. And now also she is banking on the same camp, to sign few more flicks in Telugu circuit, say insiders. Interestingly, Shradda is about to sign one more Telugu movie that is under discussions, where she is featured as a sex-worker. Stay connected for more updates

'Dammu's shocking second half revealed!!

'Dammu's shocking second half revealed!!
Young tiger Junior NTR who has been unable to deliver a hit of his caliber over the past few movies is now gearing up to arrive with his new movie 'Dammu'. This is directed by Boyapati Sreenu and produced by Alexander Vallabha. The title suggests that this is going to be a high voltage action entertainer.

Now, inside sources reveal something interesting. Usually, it is the second half of any film that gets serious but that is not the case with 'Dammu'. Buzz is that the entire second half will be a laugh riot and it will have the likes of NTR with the second female lead Karthika and Ali delivering the comedy.

The audio release of the film is scheduled for March 23rd while the film's release will happen on April 19th. The other point is that NTR has a dual role in the film and one role will drive the masses crazy. Many are now expressing a surprise after hearing the second half. Let us see how this works.

Sneha Getting Married On May 11

Sneha getting married to Prasanna she has also fixed the date, it’s on May 11th of 2012 at Srivaru Venkatachalapathy Kalyana Mandapam in Chennai. Now those who don’t know Prasanna, He started his career in 2002 under Manirathnam Sir’s Production house Madras Talkies with the film called ‘Five Star’.He got 56th Film fare Award South for his memorable performance as a Villain for the movie ‘Anjathe” which was critically much acclaimed & was a huge hit. In the beginning he also played as a Comedian which too got him into good books of the industry. However his movie ‘Achchamundu Achchamundu’ with Sneha was the point where they fell in love & wished for a blissful life.

Mahesh Babu's @ Film Facing Troubles!!

Success and challenges are two sides of a coin for any individual in the film industry and even Mahesh Babu is no exception to it. We are not saying that his stardom is in threat but it is heard that Mahesh is facing few troubles and the reason for that is one of his ongoing project.
This is ‘Seetamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’. Apparently, the film has been catching the attention of many since the time it was announced. In this process, it also caught the attention of few small time producers who are now planning to come up with registering another title called ‘Kanthamma Vaakitlo Karivepaku Chettu’.
So, even before the original is out, plans are underway to come up with its parody or spoof title just to cash in on the publicity generated. Of course, this doesn’t mean ‘SVSC’ will get a dent in its collections but the presence of something like ‘KVKC’ or any other similar sounding title is sure to cause some troubles to Mahesh and the team by damaging the freshness and piousness of the title.

Chiru giving Sleepless nights to Director

As soon as ‘Merupu’ is officially shelved for a while, first man who is worried about Ramcharan’s career would be obviously none other than Mega Star Chiranjeevi. One might call it either as responsibility of a father to carve the way for his child to stardom or see Ramcharan get a proper film to break the image of ‘Magadheera.’ Reason might be anything…it was Chiranjeevi the first man who judged of surplus mass elements in story narrated by Sampat Nandi thus taking ‘rachcha’ on to sets only after roping in most experienced Paruchuri Brothers team along with Mega favorite Mani Sharma. 

Now, this is time for Sampat Nandi to come up with first copy of ‘rachcha’ with release date nearing by (as said to be 29th of this month). Sources say that, Sampat is spending sleepless nights for giving an high class output and is also waiting for the first response of Chiranjeevi, who can sense the BO success of a film well in prior. Let us see, how and when Chiru predicts on ‘rachcha.’ Before that, wish Sampat and his team a very all the best for audio launch

Cherry Injures; Rach in Troubles

Here is an unfortunate news for Mega Power Star ram charan's fans. As per the reports, it is learnt that ram charanwas injured on his leg while he was trying for a typical step for one of the songs of 'Racha'. The incident occurred on the sets of Annapurna sets and Prem Rakshit is the dance master for the song. As per the Orthopedic surgeons, ram charan needs to take at least six weeks rest. However, it is learnt that one and half songs are in balance to complete the movie's shoot.

Rachcha, was earlier planned to be released on 29th of this month. But we have to see whether the release date of the movie will be postponed due to the Charan's injury or not. On the other hand, the audio of this movie is releasing in Hyderabad on 11th of this month and ram charan was supposed to do dance for one of the songs. It is reliably known that ram charan is sure to attend this function. However, he will not dance for any song due to the latest incident. Hope, he gets well soon

Ram Charan outshines Mahesh in remuneration

Ram Charan outshines Mahesh in remuneration
Mega Powerstar Ram Charan successfully outshined Superstar Mahesh Babu, when it comes to pay package.

According to the reliable sources, Charan is charging a staggering Rs 15 crore as his remuneration for the bi-lingual flick 'Zanjeer' remake, which also marks his debut in Bollywood. For all the flicks he signed recently, the producers have reportedly paid him Rs 12 crores as his pay package. But for 'Zanjeer', which happens to be his first bi-lingual, he is said to have asked the makers to pay Rs 12 crore for the Telugu version and Rs 3 crores for the Hindi version as his remuneration.

On the other hand, Mahesh Babu who films are having a dream run at the Box Office is currently quoting a remuneration of Rs 12 crore per film. He has no plans to enter the Hindi Film Industry, for atleast another 3-4 years.

"We rarely witness a hero pocketing Rs 15 crore as his remuneration in South. Only, Rajni and Chiru has done that before. For Charan, who has done just four films till now, it's a big achievement. He couldn't have asked for more," said a trade pundit.

For now, Charan has an edge over Mahesh, but in the long run only the success of his films at the Box Office will be the deciding factor. The Battle Ahead!!!

Super Price For Gabbar Singh Satellite Rights!!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s mass action entertainer ‘Gabbar Singh’ is in the final stages of production and the movie is doing brisk pre-release business. The expectations on the movie are high and the teaser has created an intense buzz in the market. We have received reports that the satellite rights of the film have been picked up for a very fancy price of around Rs. 6 Crores by Gemini TV.
Harish Shankar is the director of this movie and Ganesh Babu is the producer. The movie has Shruti Haasan in the female lead and the film is on track for a May 9th release. Devi Sri has composed the music for the movie.

Racha Makers’ Assurance To Ram Charan Fans

As the rumours and speculations have spread widely that Racha has a routine story and that could be a drawback for the film, some of the worried Mega fans approached the makers to get it clarified. The makers assured the fans that the movie is going to be a blockbuster.
As per the sources, the makers explained the fans that the movie is a full-fledged commercial entertainer that targets both class and mass audiences and not to expect too much from the story. As per them, a regular story with entertaining narration does wonders and moreover songs and fights are the main highlights of the film. Mega fans felt happy with the explanation and they are getting ready to do Racha at the theatres.

Charan dream will remain unfulfilled forever??

As Mahesh Babu came much closer to the NO. 1 position by delivering back-to-back superhits, the discussion has started about whether Ram Charan will succeed or not in occupying the top slot, left by his father.

In fact, most of the indications are not in favour of the Charan. Even the Industry biggies were saying that the 3-film old actor is no match for Chiru in any way.

"Now it lookslike, Charan is just imitating Megastar. But the fact is that he could never become Chiru. He should come out of the shadow of his father by trying something different and innovative. Orelse, No.1 position will remain as his unfulfilled dream forever," a renowned producer said under anonymity.

"Chiranjeevi's passion for cinema is unmatchable. Even after so many years in the Industry, he still gets excited while hearing to a script, feels tense on the first day of shoot and gives his 100 percent for every shot. That's why, he ruled the Industry for decades. Chiru had an aura around him and no other actor could replace him,"said an top director.
Hope Charan learns from his mistakes and fulfill his wish to become the NO. 1!!!

Racha Movie Latest HOT Pics HQ[unwatermarked]

Racha Movie Latest HOT Pics HQ[unwatermarked]

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Ram Charan's @ Zanjeer Business Strategy!!

We are aware that the makers of Ram Charan's Bollywood debut ('Zanjeer' remake) have been gearing up to spend a whoofing Rs 70 crores on the film. Amit Mehra (S/o Prakash Mehra, who directed and produced 'Zanjeer' original) and Reliance Entertainment were jointly producing the remake of this iconic film.

However, the trade pundits have raised doubts over recovery of investments and declared that it would end up as another big-budget failure, pointing out that Charan is not a top star in B-Town and he's yet to prove his mettle there. Though the analysts say it's a risky move, the strategy of the makers seems to prove otherwise.

Firstly, the producers are planning to make 'Zanjeer' remake a bilingual (Hindi and Telugu). Ram Charan has a huge market in Telugu, on par with any other Top Hero. So, the makers don't want to miss that advantage. Usually, Charan's film in Tollywood does a pre-release business of Rs 40-45 crore and the dubbed versions (Tamil and Malayalam) of his films will fetch another Rs 3-5 crore. Approximately, Rs 50 crore can be recovered in the South itself.

When it comes to the Hindi version, the makers want to sell the satellite rights for anywhere near Rs 10 crore, using the brand image of 'Zanjeer'. Even if the film manages to collect atleast Rs 10 crore in its theatrical runs, the producers will land in the safe zone. For this, they are planning a wide release to recover that amount in the opening weekend itself. Let's wait and see, if the producers can pull it off!!!

Gabbar Singh Movie Highlights

Power Star pawan kalyan''s 'Gabbar Singh' movie's shoot is almost in its finishing stages. As per the sources, the movie consists of following highlights in it.
* The movie has come out with a complete comedy package. Ali will be seen in a brief role while Brahmanandam will have 30 minutes character.
* Fight sequences were shot in an interesting note. Climax fight is going to be the highlight of the movie.
* pawan kalyan dances for 'Mutha Mestri' title song during the introduction fight sequence.
* In some of the melody songs, pawan kalyan dances with Michael Jackson get ups.
* pawan kalyan's dialogues are going to rock for 1 hour and 45 minutes in the movie and they are sure to receive big applause from the audience.

'Yevadu' Dialogue Rubs Mahesh Babu

'Yevadu' Dialogue Rubs Mahesh Babu
Star rivalries are common in film circuit though they are not open about it. And lately, a lot has been happening between the groups of prince Mahesh Babu and mega powerstar Ram Charan Tej. Now, it is heard that Charan's new project might have something that may not go well with Mahesh.

We are talking about the film 'Yevadu' and it is heard that there is a dialogue which goes "naa daggara unnadi naaku telusu...nenu ade cheputha...nee daggara lenidi undante maathram... inkem cheppanu.. guddaloodadeesthaa"

A unit member who was part of the shooting at a shopping mall recently revealed something like this is there and it is written keeping Mahesh Babu in mind. Incidentally, the hero says this to villain. The implication is towards Mahesh Babu's records. Of course, the subject and context of the dialogue is not known.

But the analysts say if this dialogue is there then there could be some danger. Let us hope this is not true, if it is there then director Vamsi Paidipally better take it off. 

Mr. Nookayya Telugu Movie Review

Movie : Mr Nookayya
Rating: 3/5
Cast : Manchu Manoj, Kriti Karbanda, Sana Khan and others
Directed by : Ani Kanneganti
Produced by : D S Rao
Banner : Sri Sailendra Cinemas
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Release Date : 2012-03-08
        Manoj Manchu has been pretty confident about this film right from the outset. Ever since he took up this project he has been involved in various aspects of the filmmaking. He choreographed the fights and has conceptualized a song and also has given creative inputs to the director. He believed in the script and has given his hundred percent on the sets and off them. Mr. Nookayya was made on a tight budget and Manoj has promised a quality product despite the budget restrictions. Did the film live up to the promise he made? Is Mr. Nookayya a show reel for the capabilities of Manoj as an actor as well as technician? Let's find out the answer...


Nookayya (Manoj) is a cell phone thief who wants to settle down in life by doing wrong things.  Anuradha (Kriti) husband was kidnapped by a local goon Shazahan (Murali Sharma). He asks for 2 crore rupees to leave Anu's husband. Meanwhile Nookayya steals the money from Anu, who has stolen that money from her bank. Manoj gets a lifetime shock from his lover and friend and repents. He stands in support to Anuradha and what happens next is to be seen on screen.


Manoj Manchu has outperformed himself in this movie. He is at his energetic best as Nookayya. He emotes well in emotional scenes and is at his best in entertaining scenes. Kriti Kharbanda has done well as a lady in agony. She looks beautiful in the first song. Sana Khan is hot but doesn't perform at all. Vennela Kishore is alright. Brahmanandam tickles in the one scene that he is present. Murali Sharma looks evil and perfect in his role. Ahuti Prasad provides few laughs. Samrat is neat. Rest all did fine.


Mr. Nookayya is technically slick. The film's photography is a very good. Rajasekhar came up with innovative camera angles and the film looked very stylish. Editing is good. This made the film to get the slick look. Dialogues are fine. Few are really hilarious. Yuvan's music is good. A couple of songs are good on ears.

Director Ani Kanneganti is the one who directed Kalyanram's Asadhyudu. He has worked on his weaknesses this time. He has written a script that has commercial value. Had he concentrated more on the humor, it would have been a good entertainer. He could tone up his narrative skills to be a better director.


            Mr. Nookayya is a mass film at heart and is shot in a stylish and slick manner. The detailing is pretty good. Manoj's action choreography stands the highlight of the film. First half is okay and the story picks pace at the interval.

Second half is tightly packed with enough chase sequences and action part. There were few funny scenes in between which would make the film engaging and entertaining as well. Last thirty minutes work due to the wonderful twists given by the director.

Watch Nookayya if you are an action lover. Director didn't concentrate much on the comedy department and the first half is not that good. Barring these minuses you could watch this film for Manoj's energetic performance and the last thirty minutes.

In one word:  Mr. Nookayya is stylish entertainer!

Sunil Replaces Venkatesh

Sunil Replaces Venkatesh

Hero sunil is currently riding high on the success of his 'Poola Rangadu'. Suresh Productions is said to have approached to make a movie with him. Udaya Shankar, who earlier directed  'Kalisundam Raa',  will be directing this movie. In fact, Udaya Shankar has prepared the script for Venkatesh. However, Venkatesh is heard to have rejected to do this movie, as the script is filled with full of comedy. Having noticed sunil is a perfect fit for this project, the producers are reportedly approached sunil and sunil is said to have given his nod to do this movie.
Right now, sunil is working for bollywood remake movie, 'Tanu Weds Manu', which is tentatively titled as 'Seetha Weds Ramudu'. Isha Chawla will be seen opposite to him for this movie.

Rachcha' Pre Release Touches 47 Cr.

'Rachcha' Pre Release Touches 47 Cr.

Mega Power Star ram charan's 'Rachcha' movie's pre release business has touched the mark of Rs.47 crores and stands at number one position for forthcoming summer season's releases are concerned. Check out the area wise details below.
           AREA                                   PRE RELEASE BUSINESS
         NIZAM                                      9.60( BY DIL RAJU)
         CEDED                                      7.00( ESTIMATED MARKET VALUE, N.V.PRASAD'S OWN RELEASE)
         NELLORE                                   1.50( SRI NIKETHAN FILMS)
         KRISHNA                                   2.25( BELLARI SAI)
         GUNTUR                                    3.75( TRADE ESTIMATIONS)
          VIZAG                                      3.50( PURVI PICTURES)
   EAST GODAVARI                               2.40( PURVI PICTURES)
   WEST GODAVARI                              2.20( TRADE ESTIMATION)
A.P. PRE RELEASE BUSINESS                 32.20 (APPROX.)  
OVERSEAS                                            2.75( HARI VENKATESWARA PICTURES)
AUDIO RIGHTS                                     1.00 (ADITYA MUSIC)
SATELLITE RIGHTS                                7.00( TRADE ESTIMATIONS)

Prince Fans angry @ TV9 Toilet Promotion

Prince Fans angry @ TV9 Toilet Promotion
There are bundles of talents lying outside the film industry. While some get an easy access into industry others aren’t endowed with the same. The second category of craftsmen adopts various paths like exhibiting their inventiveness on Youtube or any other social networking platforms. One such team which came to light by the good work of TV9 is of ‘Businessman 2’ with tagline of ‘Toilets Don’t Need Agreements.’
Four people Mallik, Suresh, Hanuman and Anil who made a parody of ‘Businessman’ in the name of ‘Businessman 2’ is going rounds on net spreading the humor and social message for improvement in civic sense among public. On the other side, some of Mahesh Babu Fans are angry with TV9 for promoting such ‘D’egrading stuff but definitely others are to agree ‘Businessman 2’ as a quality attempt by this very small team. Fortunate enough that team members of ‘Businessman 2’ are die hard admirers of both Puri and Mahesh Babu.

Feast for @ Ram Charan fans!!

Ram Charan's biggest challenge as a successor to megastar Chiranjeevi was to match his father's speed and grace in dances. Even mega fans waited for his debut movie with bated breath to see his dancing skills and they were more than satisfied with his superb dances in the song Yamaho Yama from Chirutha.
Charan didn't do exceptional dance moves in remaining songs, but Yamaha Yama was enough to put him among the league of best dances. In Magadheera he came up with rocking dances in Bangaru Kodipetta song and in Orange his graceful dance moves in Rooba Rooba song were a treat to watch. However, Charan didn't offer a dance fest for his fans in his movies till now. He restricted himself to one song per film and fans have been waiting to see him do great dances in more than one song per each movie.
Racha is going to be the movie that they have been waiting for. If the sources are to be believed Ram Charan's dances in four out of five songs will be a feast for his fans. Racha title song would be his best so far in terms of dances it seems. His massy dances in Dillaku Dillaku and Singareni undi songs are going to rock big time. Charan matched the graceful dance moves of his father in the remix song of Vaana Vaana Velluvaye, sources say. It is going to be Racha all the way.


Racha all stills Racha Latest stills Racha wallpapers Ram Charan in Racha

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