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Businessman failed to score No 1 in Day-1 collections

Maheshbabu Businessman released all over the world and movie is bagging mixed verdict from the audience.Everyone expected Businessman will surely break the existing records with record breaking collection, as the movie is released in 2000 theaters all over the world.But to the fansdisappointment, it could not break the Day-1 records in the state.

"Businessman has an around 6.50 Cr Day 1 share in the State. Its an All time No 2 but biggest ever for Mahesh.Businessman failed to create all time Day 1 record due to Ceeded being below par.However figures from overseas are to yet to be announced and commenting on the overall picture will be very soon now"read a tentative report on Day-1 collections of Businessman

Most disturbing fact is that Inspite of unbelievable release, Businessman could not cross even Dookudu record, forget about Oosaravelli, which is top position for Day 1 collections.We have to wait for official figures to comment more on overall share , considering overseas and other statescollections.


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