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Nandamuri Fans Shocked With 'Okka Magadu 2'

Nandamuri Fans Shocked With 'Okka Magadu 2'
We know what you are thinking exactly. 'Okka Mogadu' is a historical blunder in the career of Balayya and why did it resurfaced again!

Though there is no movie for Nandamuri Fans from their heartthrob heroes for this Sankranthi season, they are expecting a treat. That came in the form of Balayya's ADHINAYAKUDU trailer and the effect is something unexpected. The first look of this much hyped film looked more like watching a few cuts Balayya's OKKA MAGADU. Running behind spicy girls, posing in different hair styles and get-ups, fighting with thousands of people are all part of that blunder flick titled OKKA MAGADU.

Now, fans are worried as same kinds of visuals are shown in the trailer of ADHINAYAKUDU. While they have anticipated for a dialogue teaser as Balayya is always famous for his punch-dialogues, the makers have disappointed them with Pongal gift. Though some are concluding the trailer as 'OKKA MAGADU 2', fans still believe that there is something big in the store for them. Let us see in the coming days, what happens to their beliefs!


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