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Sunil targets Chiranjeevi!

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Comedian turned hero Sunil is trying hard to settle down as big commercial hero. He is only entertaining stories that gives him scope to showcase all his skills. Sunil is asking for subjects that made Chiranjeevi the Megastar of Telugu cinema, said a source from film industry.
Recently a couple of directors met Sunil with an out and out comedy subjects and to their amusement, Sunil suggested them to meet another hero who is known for doing comedy films. He told them to meet him if they have commercial subjects like Gharana Mogudu and Rowdy Alludu!
Sunil is a diehard fan of Chiranjeevi and he was his inspiration to take up acting profession. Chiranjeevi also started his career with small roles and later did villain characters before turning into a hero and then a top star. Sunil chose comedian roles to lay roads to become hero and he is on a mission to shed that comedic image with six pack abs and action packed entertainers. Way to go Sunil!


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