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Caste based fans moving away from NTR?

Caste based fans moving away from NTR?

Every hero has his own fan following irrespective of caste, creed and religion. But it is an undeniable fact that most of the top heroes are followed and worshipped by people who belongs to the same caste. Chiranjeevi has more fans from the Kapu caste and Nandamuri heroes core strength is the Kammas.

In spite of having many top heroes from Kamma community, most of the caste based fans gave support to Nandamuri heroes as they felt that they are the ones who could put a check on Chiranjeevi's dominance. Heroes like Venkatesh and Nagarjuna were never a serious threat to Chiranjeevi.

Despite the unconditional support from Kamma community, Nandamuri heroes didn't pull down Chiru from the top seat, except for sending few occasional shock waves. After Balakrishna they have supported Jr. NTR and he too failed in ending the mega rule. Now, with the sudden rise of Mahesh, Kammas see a true hero to rule the Telugu cinema industry. Mahesh is showing his potential with each film and proves to be the prime contender for the top chair. Therefore Kammas are slowly but surely moving away from Jr. NTR, say observers.


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