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Heroes Stamina 3 days only?

Heroes Stamina 3 days only?

Are our heroes so frail that their stamina has come down to just three days? Well this is the doubt that comes to mind seeing the latest trend that is taking place in Tollywood. Gone are the days when films of big heroes used to run to packed houses for 50 days and 100 days. The films were genuine hits and content and quality was the only criteria. 

Alas the situation is no longer the same now. These days the films are released in 1,000 and even more theaters and the film is given massive publicity. This ensures that the first three days are fully booked. On the fourth day the situation turns totally different. More than half the cinema halls show less than 50 percent occupancy. This makes one wonder if our present day heroes have a stamina of justthree days?! 


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