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Balakrishna's sudden shift is utter comedy !

Its been more than 35 years Balakrishna has made his debut into Telugu Film Industry.Starting from his first movie to latest movie Sri Rama Rajyam, he always relied on formula movie making.He never really believed in the word experimentation, that carries a social message intent.Infact there were very few experiments in his entire career, namely Aditya 369 Bhairava dweepam(leaving out socio fantasy movies).After facing a series of flops after Bobbili Yudham, he got a huge break with faction story Samarasimha Reddy and then again continued his flop streak untill Narasimha Naidu.The story repeated untill recent hit Simha.
If you carefully analyse all his hits and flop through out his career, it is very clear that Balakrishna never had any conscious attempt to make movies, that can carry a proper social message.He accepts whatever subject comes his way.
When asked about the quality in Balakrishna movies, an analyst quipped "First thing to note is Balakrishna is pure director's hero.In recent times Mahesh might have said this many number of times, but the term 'Directors Hero' can be properly inferred from the Balakrishna's movies.He will not question any nonsensical dialogues, mindless graphics in the stunts and illogical sequences are always part of Balakrishna movies.Even with more than 30 years of acting experience, he never goes against any director and result is pure mockery of Telugu movies.Those who support director's hero argument, he can be a best counter argument. "
With not so great movies under kitty, Balakrishna understood that it is right time to take up 'sensible social responsibility' related roles in the wake of upcoming general elections in 2014.In a mad rush he announced his Kalki, which is later changed to Srimannarayana, under Samanyudu fame Ravikumar Chavali and CM(Common Man) under Krishna Vamsi.Even a child will tell you that this shift has got to do with Balakrishna's political 'arangetram'.
"Chiranjeevi  on the other hand has definitely made some very good roles such as Rudraveena, Swayam Krushi, ShankarDada MBBS, Tagore even  before he was concrete on entering politics.But Balakrishna's deliberate moves to impress people for upcoming election is utter comedy.Actor who relied on nonsensical movies through out his career, the actor who bagged Nandi awards for most ridiculous roles ever, is making big fool of himself with this more than obvious shift. " added the critic.
Critical arguments aside, there are few sensible movies such as Lakshmi Narasimha from Balakrishna's career basket.But it would have been lot better, had Balakrishna planned his transition very smooth rather than making it look so desperate for vote banks.


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