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Mahesh Movies Producers Facing Troubles!

Maybe co-incidentally or sentimentally, the producers of Mahesh Babu's recent flicks 'Dookudu' and 'Businessman' are facing some problems for strange reasons. We have reportedly heard that the producers of 'Dookudu' movie had to face I.T.raids in connection with the shares announced by them publicly. 

Now it seems it is going to be the turn of 'Businessman'. As per the story, Central Board of Film Certification(CBFC) gave the clearance to the title, 'The Businessman' but not 'Businessman'. Also, the Andhra Pradesh Film Chamber of Commerce(APFCC) cleared the registration of the film which titled as 'The Businessman', on 1st January, 2011. Since it has been confirmed that the producers have intentionally avoided the word, 'The' from 'The Businessman', the producers may be sent to jail, as per the laws. 


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