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Heroine is Not a Big Deal for Pawan Kalyan!

After Panjaa miserable failure, Pawan fans started a rigorous introspection of what exactly went wrong with the movie.Interestingly, there were few strange discussions that are making rounds in the internet.They quote that the choice of Pawan's heroines as one of the reason behind Pawan's straight failures.So what is the effect of heroines in Pawan movies? Is heroine a big deal for top hero like Pawan Kalyan? His success and failure graphs provide us required answers.
All through his career, Pawan Kalyan mostly worked with either new or less popular heroines.Be it Devayani, Keerthi Reddy, Renu Deshai, Ameesha Patel,Preethi Jinganiya;In most of the successful movies, he romanced with low profile heroines, who are not capable of adding any extra zing.It is just Pawan Kalyan's dynamism that fetched him the powerstar status.For that matter not only Pawan Kalyan, lately all in big heroes movies heroine role is mostly restricted to songs and few namesake scenes.Even we think a top heroine with a meaty role will have significant positive effect in Pawan movies, chemistry between Trisha and Pawan Kalyan worked really well in Theenmar and it did not a ensure any hit.
The choice of heroine is again into limelight with the selection of Kajal in 'Cameraman...Rambabu'.So even if it is Kajal Agarwal, we cannot take anything for granted because only a sensible story and powerful narration will be soul for the movie.


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