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Who will reprise Chiru in Hindi Tagore?


Despite achieving grand success big time with his first Bollywood film with Aamir Khan, Ghajini, AR Muragadoss did not make a second Hindi film over the years.  It seems he has finally decided to make an attempt to recreate the magic by remaking the successful Tamil film Ramana (which was remade by VV Vinayak in Telugu as Tagore).
Most expectedly, he will make the film on the lines of the Telugu version because it is a film that has all the ingredients of a typical entertainer - songs, comedy -  not to forget a happy ending.  On the other hand, Ramana, starring Vijaykanth, had a tragic climax where the hero is awarded a death sentence.
The big question now is, who will reprise the role of Chiranjeevi in Hindi?  Murugadoss made suitable changes when he re-interpreted Ghajini in Hindi and made it a monster hit.  He is no ordinary talent to not know the pulse of the Hindi movie-goers.
He might well make it into a more mature film whose hero wages a novel battle against the biggest crooks in various government departments.  In these times of anti-graft mood in the country when a 74-year old Gandhian crusader has galvanised the popular mood, will he go for an old superstar?  Will it be the 69-year old Amitabh Bacchan?


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