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Deal between Mahesh Babu and Allu Aravind

Mahesh Babu,who is currently riding high with back to back blockbusters, is gearing up for atleast another couple of releases by the year end.He is already busy with SVSC shooting and projects with Sukumar and Krish are in pipeline.While his calendar is busy atleast for next one and half year, there are some crazy rumors in the internet about his future assignments.It is rumored that Mahesh Babu has signed a huge deal with Allu Aravind.Deal involves a contract of three high budget movies and Mahesh Babu is paid around whopping 15 crores for each movie.
It was reported that deal has already reached Mahesh babu from Allu Aravind, and the superstar is yet to sign it.However official sources confirm that there is no such deal signed between the mighties."Read a funniest news abt Mr.Allu Aravind's future project, I think those news were supposed to written on April 1st but they posted earlier " said the close associate of Mega Family in his micro blogging.
When Mahesh is currently busy with too many assignments, the deal of three big movies remains impracticable atleast in the near future."Rumor mongers should make sense when they CREATE news.They should have atleast said one movie to make it more plausible, three movies and that too with 15 crores remuneration sounds really stupid and unconvincing" said a movie buff.
Only time will tell who is correct and who is wrong, untill then let's believe in official sources.


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