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Ram Charan gets into Pawan's shoes

Ram Charan gets into Pawan's shoes

Ram Charan has successfully imitated Chiranjeevi in Racha and that has worked wonders for him. Even though others commented that he doesn't have any original flavor, fans are happy that he could pull off a mass film in Chiru style. Charan is going to throw them another surprise in Nayak.

If the buzz is to be believed, Ram Charan will be imitating Pawan Kalyan in few scenes. Vinayak, who likes Pawan's style, asked Charan to do them in that style as fans would love it. Pawan has a typical style of dialog delivery and Charan too loves to act in his Babai's style which is one of the main reasons that made him the darling of youth.

Nayak is an out and out commercial entertainer with high tones of action and comedy. Vinayak's previous film Badrinath didn't do well and he is looking forward to strike back with a bang. Vinayak's movies are always lapped up by masses and Nayak too is targeted at them. As per the sources this is going to be another commercial mass masala fare for fans.


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