Why is Shriya Stripping Clothes?

Why is Shriya Stripping Clothes?

Tempting sensation Shriya Saran is stripping to almost nude these days in order to get a full attention. They say that the 30 year old ravishing seductress is giving a final treat to her fans before retiring from the cine circuit.
With a face so innocent and a body so wicked, Shriya Saran is surely melting all the solid content inside the bodies of men. The seductress is setting the desire in youths ablaze with her toned waist and a perfectly raised pound of flesh around that deep navel. Coming to that black bra covering her shapely assets, the feel stops only at the things below that cloth piece.
In the last one month, Shriya has given not only her full body treat to the audience but a mercury raising lip-kiss treat too. In her latest movie 'Midnight Children' she gracefully licked the lips of her hero in the name of natural acting.

There might be no producers to take this bomb-shell into films, but there are many youths who are printing a permanent passport of Shriya in their hearts. Still, the question why she is stripping to almost nude is something no one can answer except the spicy beauty.

Here are the pics from a recent photo shoot of her in Maxim Magazine. If someone can control their heat inside after gazing at them, no doubt they are statues!


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