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Today Balakrishna, Tomorrow...?

Today Balakrishna, Tomorrow...?

What could be the situation, if the treatment given to ‘Srimannarayana’ is repeated for any other star heroes films coming in near future. One should obviously agree that, there will always be shortage of theatres during the festive or holiday seasons with a bunch of big films booking their own required number of screens. When a big hero like balakrishna finds no value in the market with theatres in Andhra Pradesh under the hold of very few men, what is the guarantee that same will not be repeated for any other big hero?
A solution for this kind of severe issues will be found only when these leased theatres in the hands of few distributors will go back to Exhibitors. While big heads like Dasari, Tammareddy and others are working towards such permanent solution, Fans of Big Heroes should maintain cool headedness.


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