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Nanna Telugu Movie Review


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Tollydownload Rating of this movie is 3 out of 5

Behind the Movie Naanna: Versatile Vikram has come this time as mentally retarded gentleman to show his creative performance. With Anushka and Amal Paul in female leads, although a dubbing flick there is enough enthusiasm from a section of audience for Naanna. Let us see, how lovable is this Dad?
In the Movie Naanna: Krishna (Vikram) is a man mentally retarded in growth. He behaves like five year old boy though in his middle age working in a chocolate factory near by Ooty. As his wife passes away delivering the cute baby girl, Krishna takes the duty to raise the girl naming her as Vennela (Baby Sarah) helped by neighbors. The bond between father and daughter is heartwarming.
On one day, Krishnas father-in-law (Sachin Khedkar) forcibly takes away Vennela from her father with a reasoning of Krishnas inability in growing the child. She now gets into the custody of her mothers sister Swetha (Amala Paul). Then comes lawyer Anuradha (Anushka) taking up the case of Krishna promising to bring back Vennela into his custody helped by senior advocate Bhashyam (Naazar). How did Krishna show his fatherly love on Vennela, how Anuradha dealt the case, did they win the case? form rest of story.
Values of the Movie: Vikram is the show stealer yet again. His portrayal of Krishna is a tough task which was done with perfection. His variation of face expressions, body language in funny and emotional scenes is outstanding. The way Vikram rendered dialogues with modulations and sudden breaks is the quality of true performer. Exactly adding to Vikrams screen presence is Baby Sarah who steals your hearts. Rapport between this father and daughter has immensely worked out. In fact they drove the movie forward sharing pain and joy. The role of Anushka is better one in her recent times. Comedy episodes of Anushka with sub-ordinate are fine. Naazar is best fit and you cant assume anyone else. Amala Paul, Sachin Khedkar, Surekha Vani, Santhanam have given their best.
Technicalities wise three cheers to director Vijay AL and cinematographer Nirav Shah. Story is emotional yet it is very thin. Rest depended upon Vijay to weave a tight script and pack the entire film with necessary twists to keep audience engaged high on emotion. He almost achieved it except few patches here and there. Vijay brought out almost 100% of the acting prowess in lead artists. Music from GV Prakash helped the flavor of film stay intact. Especially background helped the scenes to emote well. Songs wise okay. Producers Suresh Kondeti and Malla Vijay Prasad should be appreciated for bringing this kind of movie.
Out of the Movie Naanna: Sensitive films always have a chance of winning the BO, if directors execute them well. Along with Vijay, it is Vikram, Sarah and Anushka who took the burden of giving us a wonderful treat. First half is totally used to plot a strong emotion on the kind of affection Vikram and Sarah shared. We will enter into a different mental state feeling the sufferings of father and little daughter. This is where director scored maximum marks helping generate optimum output in final court episodes which are actually the core strength for movie where the drama worked. Entire second half runs pacy compared to first half. Instead of slow narration some times, Vijay was on job.
Director took liberty in unanswering a question like how did a child attitude Vikram gave birth to baby. Though this does not hamper the movement of story yet few feel this as defying logic. One who loves to enjoy the value of sentiment with tears dropping and heart aching will enjoy Nanna to the maximum. For others it is just an average treat
With the effect of clash of release with Kanchana, it is predicted that Naanna will have weak openings. In spite of the rival film, positive mouth talk will give more publicity for 'Naanna.' Irrespective of A, B or C centers, this film might fare well (may not be a super hit).
Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Naanna: Sensible, Stimulating & Approved for Families


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