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Tanish Upset with Nani Comments

Tanish, who earned recognition after his debut film “Nachavule” gets some good reviews with Ride. Though many films coming from this young hero continuously, audiences are still to digest the fact that this young-boy became an adult. Tanish is that so called boyish looking hero of Tollywood to face a tough situation at Box Office.

However, many comments are made on this child actor regarding his hot moves with the heroine of the flick 'Kodipunju'. Critics went on commenting that the pair looked like an young boy involving in a 'secret temptation' with a matured lady. Adding spice to that, another young hero Nani preferred calling Tanish with same kind of stuff.

The other day, Nani stated that he loves to call Tanish still a child. No one really knows the exact reason behind this, while speculations are on that Tanish has taken these words seriously. With no one calling him a complete man, Tanish is busy finding ways to prove that he is a 'hero'.


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