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Rajini's Robot is Flop????

Rajnikanth-Aishwarya Rai starrer ‘Robot’ was an utter flop. Yes, hearts go down knowing this. It was publicized wrongly all these months stating that it’s a hit. It’s a lesson for many film makers who are shelling out money keeping ‘Robot’ as bench mark.

All these months, Karunanidhi was in power and hence none dared to reveal this secret or protest in the way that this secret will be known to public.

Now the exhibitors have complained to the police seeking repayment of the deposits they paid to Sun Pictures to screen the movie. It is almost 1.5 Cr, they stated in complaint.

This is the first film of the firm where they were popular with distribution earlier. Had Karuna was in power, things would have been easier for Marans, the owners of Sun Pictures, to silence the exhibitors! After all, Rs 1.5 Cr is not a big deal at all for them, but this protest has revealed the dark secret that ‘Robot’ incurred heavy losses every where.

The movie was released with such hype that it occupied almost all the screens and no other film was allowed to screen along with that. The exhibitors have gone to complain to police after series of requests and even after the involvement of Tamil Film Exhibitors Association that turned futile.

The movie was released last October 1 and the exhibitors screened it on a percentage basis. That’s the sad dark story of ‘Robot’.


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