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When will Pawan do TELUGU film

When will Pawan do TELUGU film
Neither shocking to hear not there is a new point to talk about. We know that style of Pawan Kalayn in selecting the films will be different from other heroes. Most of the times, Power Star tried and will keep on trying to concentrate on non Telugu backdrops for his film stories. All the way from Khushi with Bengal backdrop via Johnny with Mumbai,Teen Maar with Spanish and now Kaali(tentative title) with Kolkata, Prince of Peace with Jerusalem backdrops, it is still a mystery as what will be the situation for Gabbar Singh because title seems to be having no connotation with South names.
Even it is to be observed that, majority of his films made with pure Telugu backdrop didnt work out at BO. Call it the thirst for creativity or his inner zeal to extend the horizons, pawan kalyan still keeps on varying the subjects and body languages. Thanks to his dedicated set of Fans who continuously respect this ideology. Let us see, when a film likeThammudu or Suswagatham with pure Telugu nativity will be done


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