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Comedy on 'Dookudu' Collections

Comedy on 'Dookudu' Collections

Director Bheemaneni Srinivas Rao has taken a route of targeting direct satires on all the so called records of Telugu films. Particularly, the kind of controversy created by the opening collections of ‘Dookudu’ is still remembered by all. ‘Sudigaadu’ starring Allari Naresh and Monal Gajjar in lead role has got the first trailer released and it’s a stomach breaking experience which is worth watch-able.
Trailer starts off with ridiculing of ‘Dookudu’ collections intended to expose the truth. Even the kind of Telugu font (same as ‘Dookudu’) used by Bheemaneni to read their ‘Sudigaadu’ collection as Rs.350 Crores on first day is quite appreciable. Then ‘Sudigaadu’ trailer goes at a whirlwind speed attacking all the young star heroes. Looks like, they are having a safe hit film in their hands and Allari Naresh is of course always a minimum guaranteed hero.  


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