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Mega Family on a National Mission

Mega Family on a National Mission

The only way to expand profits in film business is to gain as much as possible or the maximum market available. Telugu cinema some time ago was constrained only to Andhra Pradesh and few centers of remaining neighborhood states. But now, we are seeing a gigantic growth in film trade with Digital Prints crossing the oceans. In the same way, this is also the right time for regional cinema to expand the roots into National arena.
Rightly, Mega family seems to be taking the lead in this standing as a front runner. Yes, we know that Chiranjeevi was one of the first heroes not only to raise the commercial bar of Telugu films but also to step into Bollywood doing hit projects like ‘Pratibandh’ and ‘Aaj Ka Goondaraj.’ Now, Pawan is traveling in the same line and is all set to rock Mumbai with a high budget flick under the production house of Konda Krishnam Raju. On the other side, ramcharan is already in Mumbai with ‘Zanjeer’ and of course proven his market in Tamil. Perhaps, Allu Arjun is considered a top star in Malayalam as his movies easily cross 1 Crore business. The newly coming Allu Sirish has also jointly targeted the Kolly and Tolly BO with ‘Gauravam.’ Do we require any more proofs to convince the expanding roots of Mega Family? They are on a mission to prove ‘Telugodi’ Stamina at higher levels and let us wish that they will be victorious. Coincidentally, Chiru's trials of entry into Central Cabinet can also be regarded as a part of this mission


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