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'Bezawada'- No Kamma Kapu At All

The heat is picking up each day over the film ‘Bezawada’. Though the title has been cut short, the excitement and anxiety over this has not reduced. Now, looking at trailer many eyebrows are raising.

The talk is “In the Bhavani Maatha song, Naga Chaitanya has acted. It is known that the Devineni family is big devotee of Bhavani Maatha. So, Chaitu must be essaying the role of Devineni. On the opposite side, Abhimanyu Singh is shown. Then he must be Vangaveeti Ranga.”

With this speculation, the Kapus are all angry and have begun making plans to stop the film. However, the unit members reveal “There is no Kamma- Kapu element at all and no caste topics. This is taken on a total different backdrop.” Though the denial is there, even the title song which goes ‘Kamma’naina navvu navvi kaththi pedithey ..’kapu’ kasi gonthu kosi kalaraayaraa…’ has got few references.

But then, producer Ram Gopal Varma made it clear that these are just words and no meanings should be taken. But people are finding it hard to believe. The film is scheduled for a release in Diwali so it remains to be seen what firecrackers will explode that time


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