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Item Girl sexually harassed by Producer

nisha yadav is a Bhojpuri heroine made an entry into B-town with films like 'Item girl' and Shaitan. She met a Tamil producer named Ramnath in a Mumbai party and exchanged the phone number knowing that he is producing a new film with Rajinikanth, Ramya Krishna and Priyamani. From the very next day, Ramnath is reported of harassing her sexually with vulgar crank calls asking for sexual flavors.
He called me and started demanding for sex to give me a role in his film. When I enquired about Ramnaths track record, I was shocked to know that he is not even remotely connected with films. Then I stopped receiving his calls. Few days ago, a person claiming Ramnaths representative called on Sunday night and threatened me to agree the terms of Ramnath. He even addressed himself as man belonging to Chota Rajan gang, Nisha said. Well, cases similar to Nisha have become quite natural in glam industry.


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