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Low chances of Prabhas, Rajamouli project

As Eega from rajamouli is taking very long time because of its multi lingual nature, our macho Prabhas has got an endless Rebel with Lawrence that might take more and more time to complete. Actually Prabhas had the plan of completing Rebel by November and then kick start his dream project with rajamouli with in this year. Inner sources say that, nothing seems to have worked as per their plan and the highly discussed new film might get postponed only to early next year.
Even a member close to Eega says that, film is shaping up very well getting ready for release by Sankranthi season. So, Jakkanna might not risk with Prabhas till everything about Eega comes out up to his satisfaction. Though not a totally clarified conclusion but early indications from both the camps raise doubts on happening of rajamouli, Prabhas combo project only in next year.


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